Great product from IdeaPaint where you can cover any meeting room wall, office desk top or surface with their special paint then use marker pens to write on the surface and wipe off with a special cloth and cleaner.

Places to use IdeaPaint:

In the conference room – Create a collaborative ideation space that can accommodate your big ideas! Paint all four walls from floor to ceiling, even the conference table – our new CLEAR would look great! Get your co-workers on their feet working and exploring as a team.

On your desk – Do away with post-its and scratch pads. Use IdeaPaint to jot down notes during calls, keep track of your action items, and brainstorm new ideas.

In your breakout room – Make use of dead space by painting a wall or a counter to create a fun and interactive space to communicate with your team.

In hallways – The hallway sees more foot traffic than anywhere, which makes it the ideal place to communicate with IdeaPaint. At the iSchool in NYC, painting the hallways increased student interactions and made an instant impression on visitors to the school.

On old surfaces – Use IdeaPaint to breathe new life into your existing work surfaces, like whiteboards or chalkboards. Resurfacing with IdeaPaint is both cost effective and environmentally responsible.

On doors, columns, cubicles and hallways – Any surface can become a message center! Add functionality to unexpected places and create new spaces for people to communicate.

In every meeting – Engage your audience! IdeaPaint helps you infuse energy into a static presentation, turning any session into a dynamic and collaborative experience.