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Corner reception desks

Explore our extensive selection of corner reception desks, designed to optimise space and efficiency in any office setting.

Our collection of modern reception desks feature a variety of styles, from modern and minimalist like our Lina glass desk to classic and traditional like our Era desk, ensuring a fit for every aesthetic.

Each desk is crafted to maximise the utility of corner spaces, providing ample workspace while maintaining a streamlined look. With a range of materials and finishes, from sleek metals to rich woods, our corner reception desks or l-shape reception counters are both functional and stylish.

Our collection is designed to cater to diverse work requirements. The adaptability of corner desks makes them ideal for both individual workstations and collaborative spaces.

Their robust features ensure long-term durability, making them a practical investment for any office environment.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


xWhat are the Benefits of Corner Desks?

What are the Benefits of Corner Desks?

Corner desks or curved reception desks offer several benefits, making them a popular choice for both office and home environments:

  • Space Efficiency: One of the primary advantages of corner desks is their ability to efficiently utilise space. They fit snugly into corner spaces, which are often underutilised, freeing up the rest of the room for other purposes.
  • Ample Workspace: Despite their space-saving design, corner desks often provide a generous amount of work surface. They allow for a larger desktop area in a compact space, ideal for multitasking or setting up multiple monitors.
  • Reduced Clutter: Many corner desks like our Vale curved desk can come with built-in storage solutions, like shelves and drawers, which help in organising and reducing clutter on the desk surface.
  • Ergonomic Design: Corner desks can be more ergonomic, especially those designed with a curved centre. This shape allows for easier reach to different parts of the desk, reducing strain during long hours of work.
  • Enhanced Focus: Being positioned against two walls, a corner desk can offer a more private and focused work environment, minimising distractions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Corner desks can add a stylish and modern look to an office or school. Their unique design can complement various interior decor styles and can be a focal point in a room.
Why Should I Choose a Corner Reception Desk From Spaceist?

Why Should I Choose a Corner Reception Desk From Spaceist?

Our range of office furniture is specifically designed to cater to all public-facing spaces. This includes versatile L-shaped reception desks and stylish reception counters, perfect for enhancing office reception areas.

We also offer comfortable reception chairs and sofas, ideal for creating a welcoming environment in various settings like doctor's waiting rooms, colleges, and universities.

Each piece in our collection is crafted to blend functionality with style, ensuring your space is both inviting and professional.

When you buy a corner desk with us you get:

  • Space-Saving Designs: Our corner desks are crafted to make the most out of every square inch, ensuring a spacious yet organised reception area.
  • Variety of Styles: From sleek and modern to classic and elegant, find a desk that suits your business's aesthetic.
  • High-Quality Materials: We use durable, premium materials that withstand the demands of a busy reception area.
  • Customisation Options: Our bespoke reception desks allow you to tailor your modern reception desk to your specific needs with options for size, colour, and additional features like built-in storage and cable management.

Corner Reception Desk FAQs

How do I calculate the size of desk I need?

Measure the space you have and draw a quick sketch with and details like wall plugs and heaters. Once you have completed the drawing there are some tips below to help you decide what will be needed.

  • Allow a space of 100-120 cm per receptionist
  • Leave a gap of 100 cm between the edge of the desk and the wall behind. If you have storage with doors behind the desk allow a space if 150 cm instead.
  • Decide if you want the corner on the left or right hand side.
  • Add a low table on the return or front of the desk for wheel chair or seating visitors.
  • Calculate what size matching storage you need.
  • Add power and USB sockets.

Once we have a rough sketch of the corner reception desk we can provide a quote, drawing and 3D visual showing the actual size and shape.

Can L-shaped reception desks be made to a bespoke size?

Yes they can!

  1. For really hard to fit spaces, consider having a L-shaped reception desk made to order - to your own individual specifications.
  2. Bespoke reception desks are surprisingly affordable and allows you to get more from even the most complex layouts and awkwardly shaped rooms.
  3. As well as being incredibly practical, our corner reception desks are as stylish as the rest of our office furniture ranges, with a wide selection of designs to choose from.
  4. We believe that making the most efficient use of space never means having to compromise on aesthetics.
  5. Complete the look of your l-shaped reception desk with matching storage and chairs from our extensive range of office and reception furniture.

What do I need to think about when placing my reception corner desk?

  1. We all know that commercial space is expensive and that every square inch counts, but ideally, reception desks shouldn’t be wedged into small spaces.
  2. Make sure yours is open and accessible to visitors. It might need to be placed in a seemingly awkward area, for example: between an entrance door and an internal lift or directly in front of a waiting area made up of mixed seating and standing areas.
  3. Our extensive range of corner desks brings you practical, great looking solutions for all spaces, with L-shaped reception desks available in right and left-hand configurations, as high or standing desks and with lower access points too, for maximum accessibility.

How long do corner reception desk take to order?

  • Standard sizes: All our reception desks are made to order to your exact specification so please allow 6 weeks for manufacturing
  • Custom sizes: Some custom sizes and details can take a little longer but are usually don take more than 8 weeks
  • Quick delivery: If you have a current project deadline we can check with the factory if we can deliver on time

Please call our experts on 020 8840 6298 for more information

Can Spaceist help me with other types of reception furniture?

Yes we can, as commercial and reception furniture experts (we’ve been supplying companies like yours since 2006), you can trust us to advise you on so much more than just L shaped reception desks. We have a large range of colourful office sofas and waiting room chairs in many styles and sizes.

Space planning

We also supply everything from space planning services to colour matching to intelligent solutions for commercial chairs that can make all the difference to busy spaces. Like cable management to keep trailing wires away from staff and visitors and even soft furnishings with built-in charging points.

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