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April 12, 2017
Crotchet Whoa Studios

Spaceist Playground

  As part of our #spaceistoutdoors theme, we take a look at three unconventional play parks that each use extraordinary materials.  Playing is an essential part of development. It improves co-ordination, strength, interpersonal skills and problem solving among many other…
March 17, 2017

Are ‘Cool Offices’ the future?

Inventionland in Pittsburgh USA encompasses both a work space designed to fuel and inspire creativity but also a visitor attraction. It houses manufacturing capabilities that include metalworking, woodworking, molding, laser cutting, prototyping and circuit board construction. Inventionland in essence is…
April 29, 2016

Noble design for the masses: 4 seating ranges by Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci

    Having worked together since their days as Architecture students in the early 1980’s, Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci found they shared a joint passion for products aimed at the end user that offered quality design at an affordable…
April 21, 2016

Robust & versatile Plastic: 5 meeting room chairs for the modern workplace

    The first designer to use plastic or polypropylene for furniture was Robin Day with the ‘Polyprop’ chair; a stackable and highly versatile chair still being made and sold around the world today. Polypropylene chairs present a range of…
March 15, 2016

The Edge table range: versatile & customisable options for any space

  The key to an adaptable product for contract interior spaces, alongside providing a highly durable quality, is the flexibility and the range of multifaceted options it presents. From cafe spaces to areas in the workplace such as breakout areas,…
March 10, 2016

Clean, modern aesthetics combined with innovative manufacturing: the Nao and Weet ranges by Marc Saddler

  Working with a range of high-end European manufacturers allows us to present some of the best in contract furniture available, from iconic cafe chairs ranges to distinctive breakout furniture. We are able to present a dynamic range of products…
March 4, 2016

One chair, four ways to style: the Catifa chair

Spanish design studio Lievore Altherr Molina presented the sleek Catifa 46 chair range, designed to offer optimal use in a wide range of contract applications. Known for combining functioning and practical qualities and modern design, the design studio run by…
February 17, 2016

Creating a cohesive sixth form common room interior

  A versatile environment that caters for learning, socialising and dining, the sixth form common room is a place for ad-hoc interactions, personal study and growth. Delving into our archive of projects dealing with common room furniture, we present a…
February 3, 2016

Exploring tables: 8 high tables for creating variation

  Alongside creative and interesting seating options, a café, restaurant or bar area needs to present users with a choice of dining areas. To create variations, whether it is to address spatial constraints or to simply add some bar-height options,…
February 1, 2016

One Table, Four ways to style: Ark table range

  This week we have a look at a range of table products that offer flexibility and versatility for use in workplace, education or café and restaurant settings. The first range we explore is the Ark table range, which includes…
January 7, 2016

Five ways to create a supportive agile working environment

With shifts in the performance dynamics of a company, technological advancements and changes in staffing patterns and workplace satisfaction, there has been an increase in agile workplace design, according to research from US based workplace publication Tradeline. The publication suggests…
November 25, 2015

Four Interiors Inspired by the Outdoors

From concrete to wood, interior spaces are often inspired by their surroundings and the environments around them, whether it be a workplace or restaurant. The combination of materials and furnishings are vital to creating a truly outdoors-inspired space, inside whether…
November 17, 2015

4 Trends in Workplace Design countering changes in Workforce Behavior

Recently, online design magazine Dezeen covered an article highlighting how companies in Australia are increasingly re-thinking workplace design in order to attract the best talent (Dezeen 11/2015). From investments firms to IT companies, workplace design is becoming a priority in…
November 13, 2015

Wood works: Four Tech offices with wooden interior elements

Some of the leading companies in the world are Tech based, ranging from Twitter to Facebook to more innovative and service led firms like GoCardless and Yelp. Here we delve into the workplace design of four tech companies and explore…
October 21, 2015

Break the Mould: Six Seating ideas with a difference

Designing interesting and attractive spaces for work, collaboration and study is vital for both user satisfaction and for the creation of comfortable and user-friendly spaces. Modular seating ranges offer a high level of flexibility and provide the option of creating…
September 7, 2015

Too Cool for School: Top picks for a modern school interior

For most schools and colleges in the UK, this week marks the first week of a new academic year. With numerous school and college projects under our belt, Spaceist we ensure our products present a diverse collection of furniture suited…
August 16, 2015

Four different & inspiring breakout spaces

This week we return to the workplace by presenting inspiration for creating breakout spaces through a look at some inspiring interiors from four very different workplaces. The breakout space is a vital communal space creating synergy between formal and informal…
August 7, 2015

Tea Houses: Traditional to modern transformations

Along with coffee, the consumption of tea is regarded as a highly social activity. It is said that tea originates from the Chinese Shang dynasty and was used for its medicinal qualities. During the 17th Century, tea became highly popular…
July 24, 2015

Eat out: Four impressive interiors shows how Indian eateries are taking it up a level

According to a survey by take away service Just Eat, the top 10 dishes still includes the classic chicken tikka masala. Gone are the days when your local Indian restaurant was merely a small family run place, where food definitely…
July 23, 2015

Five office interiors show how to complement bare bricks

For an optimised interior aesthetic, along with exposed ceilings, original bare brick walls really add contemporary appeal creating a stylish and characteristic interior. Converted office spaces are presented with this opportunity allowing modern workplaces to experiment with the architectural fabric…
July 10, 2015

Feast your eyes: Five remarkable interiors

Many restaurants prefer the main focus to be on the food and to spend minimal time on the design of the interior. Although this does not rule out the fact that the space will have a less then appealing interior…
June 19, 2015

Solid Details: Six Concrete Creations

Gone are the days when concrete was only applied for construction. From lighting to furniture, concrete is even being used for jewellery. Affordable, low-maintenance, and easily available, concrete is a versatile material that has become the choice material for many…
June 17, 2015

10 Iconic designer furniture making an On-screen appearance

Iconic designer pieces have become the ideal choice for set designers as they offer a link to a specific era in time and enhance the interior value of the scene by creating visual cues that would be recognised for their…
June 12, 2015

Cool and the Gang: Our pick of five trendy offices from around the world

We are all accustomed to seeing images and reading about the amusing and creative office’s designed for Google headquarters all over the world. However, beyond those swings, slides and highly themed offices, there lies a range of modest but highly…
May 28, 2015

Five different approaches to Office Lighting Design

Lighting is a major part of office design and plays a key role in how comfortable the workplace environment is. For various tasks there are different styles of lighting options to suit. In areas where natural lighting is either unavailable…
May 8, 2015

Double Take: Spaceist Presents Indoor Tables for use Outdoors

With the warmer weather drawing in, outdoors spaces be it in cafés, restaurants, art gallery spaces or workplaces are taking advantage of any outdoor space they may have. Choosing furniture that incorporates properties making it suitable for outdoor use is…
May 7, 2015

Five stimulating and abstract office interiors

To further enhance the workplace environment, designers are adapting a highly imaginative style and introducing artistic and creative elements into the interior design of the office. The advantages of this that the most subtle features make a big difference and allow…
May 1, 2015

Industry Focus: A look at Fitness brand Headquarters

According to leading market intelligence researcher Mintel, the fitness and gym industry was recorded to be worth around 2.5 million in 2010. High tech gadgets, specialist clothing and footwear and accessories have become vital essentials for getting into shape. Delving…
April 28, 2015

Rolling with the times: Six office task chairs

The task chair forms an essential part of the workplace. The ideal chair makes demanding hours at the desk flow with a little less tension providing seamless support through a range of adjustments and mechanisms. It has become a vital…
April 22, 2015

Industry Focus: The workplace dynamics of an Architect firm

  One of the most demanding workplace environments is within the architecture and construction industry. These companies must present a supportive working environment for their staff, who work long hours generating and developing new ideas and concepts for clients. As…
March 27, 2015

Wine down Friday: Five Modern Wine Bars

Whether you are a fan of red, white, dry or sparkling, you do not need to be an expert to enjoy a good glass of wine. Specialising in wines from all over the world, specialist and rare wines and organic…
March 26, 2015

Lets Take this Outside: Unconventional Street Furniture

The streetscape, the urban landscape or the urban space is where people have been meeting, socialising and conducting business for centuries. The external spaces between buildings present just as many opportunities for serendipity and collaboration as our interior spaces. Street…
March 19, 2015

Table Tuck: Five Folding tables for Flexible use

The modern office uses certain space for multiple activities, with informal meetings and interactions taking place daily. Schools present a constant flow of learning in new environments, with the use of study and recreational spaces flowing into one. To match…
March 13, 2015

8 Modern meeting room chairs to get you Talking

A vital part of working in teams and groups is communication. Meetings, however they hamper a busy schedule are a vital part of any organisation. To create a space that is both comfortable and practical, selecting the adequate furnishing can…
January 14, 2015

All In One: Integrated Offices take Workplace Design into 2015

The start of the new year has seen many predictions for upcoming trends in office design. Fortune magazine recently published a piece online predicting the acceleration of 2014 trends in office design into 2015. It highlights the findings of a…
January 9, 2015
Paypal boston writeablewalls

Off the Wall: Cool White and Black Boards

Ideas can sprout at any time, not just when in a brainstorming meeting or space. With the creation of flexible and multipurpose office spaces, the use of walls in a modern office setting has become just as vital. The developments…
December 11, 2014

Small Reception Areas: Considerations for Creating a Stylish Reception Area

Creating highly functioning and attractive reception spaces when confronted with limited space can create a range of challenges. In order to meet the various shapes and sizes of reception areas, we supply a wide range of modern, high quality and…
December 4, 2014

8 Practical and Stylish Plastic Cafe Chairs

Polypropylene chairs, or plastic chairs are versatile and present a range of qualities that makes them applicable to a selection of interior and exterior settings. Durable, hard wearing and non-deformable, these chairs come in a wide range of shapes, sizes…
December 3, 2014

Five Offices with Creative Recreational Spaces

Along with breakout spaces, areas where staff can unwind and recharge are seen as just as important for staff morale. From yoga classes to office gyms and infamous games tables, these recreational facilities allow staff members to take a well…
November 28, 2014

Architectural Structures Transformed into Stunning Pieces of Furniture

Chinese architect and designer Naihan Li has ventured into the mindset of the Chinese and their desire to own large, statement pieces of furniture in the home. Her work stems from traditional paintings that encompassed large scenes created onto a…