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Cafe tables

Discover Spaceist's wide selection of cafe and bistro tables, each designed to bring a unique style and ambiance to your dining space. Our range includes everything from compact, foldable tables ideal for small cafes, to elegant wood or square options that comfortably seat four.

We understand that every cafe and bistro has its own character, and our furniture is crafted to enhance that individuality. Our square cafe tables are not just about looks; they're built to last and handle the daily hustle of a busy dining environment. Whether you're updating your current setup or starting fresh, our collection offers versatility and style.

In addition to a variety of styles, we focus on quality and functionality, ensuring that each table is a worthy investment for your business or home. Our goal is to help you create a space that's not only visually appealing but also comfortable and inviting for your guests.

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


What Types of Cafe Tables are Available?

What Types of Cafe Tables are Available?

Deciding what kind of table would work best for your cafe or bistro can be a challenge with so many options available, we offer a range of round, square and rectangular tables all in a range of designs, sizes and colours.

Here’s a breakdown of our collection to make it easier:

1. Folding and Stackable Tables:

Each table in this collection is designed for easy movement and are easy to store, saving you extra space.

Our folding stackable cafe tables feature a range of indoor tables that are also suitable for outdoor use, like our Ypsilon table, available in a range of colours and sizes.

Stackable tables are also a great way of saving space, you can stack them in a corner for easy cleaning access or put them away in a storage cupboard for extra room. Our Jump table offers a perfect mix of style and functionality, choose from round, square or rectangular shapes all available in a range of colours and sizes.

2. Central Base Tables

Central base tables feature a centre base instead of traditional legs instead of table legs, allowing more room for your cafe chairs.

Our concrete cafe table is a great option for an industrial look, it features a concrete base and a round laminate top.

This cafe table is suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor use, making it a cost-effective and versatile option and perfect addition to your existing outdoor furniture.

3. Marble Cafe Tables

Marble cafe tables are a great choice if you’re looking for a modern design. Choose from a range of shapes like our round table Inox design, perfect for more intimate seating.

Our square table options like our versatile Laj table are easy to fit together to accommodate more guests.

We also offer a rectangular table in our Inox design, perfect for a 4-seater option and easily pushed together to allow additional seating.

What are The Most Popular Cafe Tables?

What are The Most Popular Cafe Tables?

  • Folding Cafe Tables: Our range of folding cafe tables is a blend of practicality and style. Designed in both wood and metal, these tables can be easily folded flat, making them perfect for space-saving storage. They are an ideal choice for event spaces where flexibility and convenience are key.
  • Bistro Tables: Add a touch of elegance to your cafe with our classic bistro tables. Available in round, square, and rectangular shapes, these tables feature luxurious marble tops with brass trims and come with bases in brass, bronze, or copper. They're perfect for bringing a sophisticated vibe to any cafe setting.
  • Designer Cafe Tables: For those seeking a more upscale look, our designer cafe tables, like the industrial-style Ark range, are a perfect match. These tables are not just suitable for cafes but also for galleries, bars, and restaurants, offering a blend of sophistication and informality. Durable, affordable, and available in over 60 colours, they're designed to suit a wide range of decor styles.
Complete Table Top and Base Options

Complete Table Top and Base Options

Complete table top and base options are very flexible because most table tops will fit on any table base. The table tops can be round, square or rectangular and still fit a wide range of bases like our brass, copper and black tables.

The only thing that changes with complete table tops is the size of the base because it needs to be able to support different sized tops. A table base for a 70 cm round table tops is much smaller than a base for a 90 cm round table top.

To design your perfect cafe table contact Spaceist with the size and style you are looking for so we can then combine a top and base to suit your space.

Cafe Table FAQs

What are the standard cafe table sizes?

There is no typical size for our standard modern tables - depending on your needs they can accommodate a wide range of people.

  • We offer small 2-seater folding stackable cafe tables, 4 seater metal tables and tables that accommodate over 8 people - making these perfect for special events and occasions.

If you can’t find the perfect cafe table and chairs for year round use to accommodate all your guests, you can push two modern tables together to temporarily create a massive dining table, if needs be.

What is a bistro table?

A bistro table is a small cafe table that’s typically associated with French bistros but they are now commonly seen in many different cafe's across the world.

Bistro tables for year round use typically have a 24” (60 cm) across round top and a height of 30” (76 cm). Check out our huge range of bistro tables for sale and modern tables above!

How do you stack commercial bistro tables?

  1. There is a large hinge fixed to the table top and the base
  2. Push the button or a lever on the underside of the top
  3. Then fold the bistro table top to a vertical position
  4. Bistro tables like the Nolita can then be stacked together for storage
  5. Repeat this process to return the top to a horizontal position

We have a range of folding stacking cafe tables If you opt for a modern bistro table with a folding top, you can easily fold and store these different shapes of tables. You can easily create more space in your cafe when you want to put your small round commercial bistro tables away.

How can I clean my bistro tables?

  1. It’s easy to clean cafe tables and cafe chairs - simply wipe them down with a damp and non-abrasive microfibre cloth.
  2. There’s no need to use anything harsher than a mild cleaner like diluted washing up liquid on coffee shop furniture.
  3. If you need to clean glass coffee shop tables or wooden cafe tables, you can use a proprietary glass cleaner to remove any finger marks and stains.
  4. Once you’ve finished cleaning, simply dry off your metal tables or barista tables with a soft cloth and it’ll be ready for the next coffee shop customer.

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