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Every cafe, restaurant and bistro will want a different kind of style and ambience, and with Spaceist’s great range of bistro and cafe tables for sale, you can find the perfect cafe furniture to set the scene.

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Cafe Tables FAQ

What types of bistro tables do we offer?

We offer a wide range of different tables for cafes and restaurants. From folding and stackable tables to really maximise the space that you have, to marble and rectangular tables that make a statement on your cafe’s elegance, we have it all.

From metal, wood and plastic, we offer a wide variety of different cafe tables in an array of different shapes and styles.

How big are standard café tables?

There is no typical size for our standard restaurant tables - depending on your needs they can accommodate a wide range of people. We offer small 2-seater folding cafe tables, 4 seater cafe tables and tables that accommodate over 8 people - making these perfect for special events and occasions.

If you can’t find the perfect cafe table to accommodate all your guests, you can push two tables together to temporarily create a massive dining table, if needs be.

What is a bistro table?

A bistro table is a small cafe table that’s typically associated with French bistros but they are now commonly seen in many different restaurants and cafes across the world.

Bistro tables typically have a 24” (60cm) across round top and a height of 30” (76cm). Check out our bistro tables for sale above!

How can I clean my cafe tables?

It’s easy to clean cafe tables and chairs - simply wipe them down with a damp and non-abrasive microfibre cloth. There’s no need to use anything harsher than a mild cleaner like diluted washing up liquid.

If you need to clean a glass table, you can use a proprietary glass cleaner to remove any finger marks and stains.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, simply dry off your restaurant cafe tables with a soft cloth and it’ll be ready for the next customer.

Can you fold and stack Spaceist’s bistro cafe tables?

If you opt for a modern bistro table with a folding top, you can easily fold and store these types of tables. There will be a large hinge fixed to the table top and the base, and this will allow you to tilt the table at a horizontal angle, once you have pushed a button or a lever.

This will then allow you to push the tables together, enabling you to easily store and stack your bistro cafe tables. You can easily create more space in your cafe when you want to put your small round bistro tables away.

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