Outdoor cafe chairs

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Outdoor Cafe Chairs

If you're getting ready for the summer and want to enhance your cafe or bistro, our collection of outdoor cafe chairs is the perfect choice.

Our range includes a variety of designs like our Book stackable chairs, designed not just to upgrade your outdoor space but also to make the most of it. Whether you have a small patio or a large terrace, our outdoor cafe seating is crafted to fit in seamlessly. Our outdoor cafe chairs are ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

We understand the importance of durability in outdoor bistro chairs. Our Dom cafe chair is made from high-quality weather-resistant plastic and is easy to clean.

These materials are chosen for their ability to withstand daily use, guaranteeing a long-lasting addition to your outdoor cafe seating.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Durable Outdoor Cafe Chairs

Durable Outdoor Cafe Chairs

Crafted with resilience in mind, our outdoor cafe chairs are available in premium plastic and aluminium materials, guaranteeing durability against the elements. These chairs are designed to resist wear and tear from weather exposure, providing a lasting solution for your outdoor bistro chairs.

Types of Outdoor Cafe Chairs

Our extensive range of outdoor cafe chairs features a variety of styles, colours, and materials to seamlessly align with any outdoor dining space's design theme. From vibrant and bold to subtle and sophisticated, our selection promises to meet diverse aesthetic preferences. Our outdoor cafe chairs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also offer exceptional comfort, ensuring a pleasant experience for your customers.

Bespoke Outdoor Cafe Chairs

If you're having trouble finding the right outdoor chairs for your cafe, coffee shop, or bistro, we're here to offer a customised seating solution designed specifically for your business. We aim to give you the flexibility to personalise your outdoor seating to meet your customers' needs and preferences.

Outdoor Cafe Chair FAQs

What type of outdoor cafe chairs will be the most durable?

If you want your outdoor cafe chairs to last for years, your outdoor bistro chairs need to be made from durable materials such as plastic and metals such as aluminium.

  • Plastic chairs Like the Ara are made using a reinforced glass fibre and are very durable in outdoor conditions
  • Aluminium chairs like the Intrigo are also very durable and resistant to corrosion

Are outdoor cafe chairs easy to move?

  • Light-weight: Yes, our outdoor cafe chairs are light-weight and can be easily transported
  • Lifting: Usually a maximum of four chairs can be carried by one person
  • Trolley: A trolley with wheels will allow you to move more than one piece of outdoor furniture at a time
  • Stacking: Many of our designs of cafe furniture and bistro chairs are stackable or foldable

The chairs below are some of our light weight cafe chairs:

Trolley with wheels: For easy movement consider a trolley with wheels on which 8+ chairs can be stacked. The chairs can be left on the trolley to take outside the next day.

How can I maintain outdoor cafe chairs?

  • Cleaning: The maintain your outdoor cafe chairs use warn water with mild detergent to wipe down the chairs or if you have access to a hose pipe this can be used to wash down plastic chairs
  • Pressure washing: Avoid using a pressure washer on your outdoor cafe chairs because it can cause damage to the surface.
  • Plastic chairs: Consider choosing outdoor cafe chairs in durable materials like plastic and store inside during the winter months

How do the outdoor cafe chairs arrive?

  1. Boxed: All chairs are delivered boxed in a stack of four chairs
  2. Kerbside delivery: The chairs can be delivered to the kerbside which is the cheapest option or we can carry in the chairs unwrap and install
  3. Recycling: We can also remove the cardboard for recycling
  4. Delivery locations: All chairs can be delivered to anywhere in the UK

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