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Outdoor Cafe Cahirs

Durable outdoor furniture

Outdoor cafe chairs are robust and durable enough for commercial use without sacrificing style or comfort. Our outdoor cafe tables and chairs come in a wide range of plastic and metal designs in classic black and white or colourful, bright and cheerful, red, blue, green and orange chairs, with matching cafe tables in modern and industrial styles.

Stacking chairs with a 5-year warranty

Choose from lightweight outdoor cafe chairs, stacking outdoor chairs, mark resistant seats and sun fade resistant colours for outdoor seating that looks great for longer. Easy to clean and store and all with the added comfort of a 5-year warranty.

  • All plastic yellow retro cafe chair

    All Outdoor Chair


    Retro-style all plastic outdoor chair in seven colours. This comfortable compact chair is very high quality.
    42w | 46d | 77h | 44.5h seat cm

  • Ara black cafe chair

    Ara Outdoor Cafe Chair


    Scratch resistant outdoor chair in white, black, dark grey, grey, blue, green, brown, sand, orange & red.
    60w | 56d | 83h | 46h seat cm

  • Black outdoor cafe chair

    Babila Black Tub Chair


    Economical & stylish black chair with seat in white, black, beige, grey, red-orange & yellow. Matching stool & table.
    55w | 52d | 46h seat cm

  • Booki red blue and white designer cafe chairs

    Book Stacking Cafe Chair


    Polypropylene stacking chair in white, beige, orange, black and blue. Aluminium leg matches seat colour. Outdoor stacking chair.
    53w | 52d | 80h | 46h seat cm

  • White Chair with Holes in the Seat

    Book White Chair with Holes


    Polypropylene stacking chair in white, beige, orange, black and blue. Aluminium leg matches seat colour. Suitable for outdoor use.
    53w | 52d | 80h | 46h seat cm

  • Dom red and yellow cafe chair with arms

    Dom Yellow Cafe Chair


    Stacking outdoor & indoor chair in white, black, red, yellow, light grey, dark grey & green. Optional arms and perforated seat/back.
    52w | 53d | 81h | 46h seat cm

  • eames red blue grey and black cafe chairs

    Eames Stackable Cafe Chair


    Plastic chair with a polypropylene seat in black, red, white, blue, grey or cream. Stacking base in chrome or silver.
    47w | 55d | 41h seat cm

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  • grace curvy orange and white designer cafe chairs

    Grace Cafe Chairs


    Colourful plastic indoor and outdoor chair. Seat comes in black, red, white, orange or lime green.
    55w | 53d | 76.5h | 46h seat cm

  • Intrigo green curvy cafe chair

    Intrigo Aluminium Outdoor Chair


    Aluminium outdoor aluminium chair in white, light grey, orange/red, dark red, brown, dark green, black & green.
    59w | 53d | 80h | 46h seat cm

  • Mya outdoor white cafe chairs

    Mya Outdoor Cafe Chair


    Hard wearing outdoor chair in black, red, white, sand or dark grey. Base comes in same colour as seat or aluminium.
    47w | 55d | 79h | 45h seat cm

  • Nolita red and yellow steel cafe chair

    Nolita Slatted Metal Cafe Chair


    Colourful metal outdoor chair in white, yellow, orange-pink, red, brown, dark grey & blue.
    55w | 53d | 78h | 46.5h seat cm

  • panton green grey red white and orange modern cafe chairs

    Panton Retro Chair


    Stacking S-shaped polypropylene shell with a scratch resistant seat in black, white, ice grey, tangerine, red or moss green.
    50w | 61d | 83h | 41h seat cm

  • pop red blue green orange cafe chair

    Poly Colourful Cafe Chair


    Economical outdoor stacking chair in white, lime, cream, yellow, orange, red, sky blue, royal blue or grey polypropylene.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • pop yellow modern cafe chairs

    Poly Yellow Chair | Sir John Cass Hall


    Stackable yellow chair that is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • 100% Recycled Plastic Chair

    Remind 100% Recycled Cafe Chair


    100% recycled chair made form 50% domestic & 50% commercial plastic waste.
    49w | 52d | 82h | 46h seat

  • Black stacking chair

    Remind Black Chair with Armrests


    Outdoor french style stacking chair in black, grey, beige, sand, mustard, red & green.
    58w | 56d | 81h | 46h seat cm

  • Green Outdoor Cafe Chair

    Remind Stacking Chair in Green


    Smart cafe chair that is stackable, hard wearing & suitable for outdoor use.
    49w | 52d | 82h cm

  • Snow colourful outdoor cafe chairs

    Snow Outdoor Cafe Chair


    Outdoor stacking chair in black, white, grey, sand, red, orange, lime or blue scratch resistant polypropylene. Matching table.
    47w | 55d | 81h | 45.5h seat cm

  • Red Outdoor Chair

    Tribeca Blue Outdoor Chair


    Comfortable outdoor chair with a flexible outdoor seat and power coated frame. Choose from 7 modern colours.
    53.5 w | 54d | 76.5h | 46.5h seat cm

  • Green Outdoor Bench

    Tribeca Outdoor Bench Seat


    Bench style seat which is suitable for outdoor use. Comes in white, light brown, green, dark brown, pink/orange, red & blue.
    120 w | 65.5d | 70h | 43h seat cm

  • Orange Outdoor Lounge Chair

    Tribeca Outdoor Lounge Chair


    Lounge chair suitable for outdoor or indoor use in a cafe or canteen area. White, light brown, green, dark brown, pink/orange, red or blue frame.
    120 w | 65.5d | 70h | 43h seat cm

  • Volt red + blue cafe chair

    Volt Blue Stacking Cafe Chair


    Simple & cost effective chair in white, black, dark grey, beige, blue, yellow, red & orange.
    51w | 53d | 78h | 46h seat cm

  • Volt high back cafe chair in blue, orange and black

    Volt High Back Cafe Chair


    Stacking outdoor & indoor chair with a high back.  White, black, dark grey, beige, blue, yellow, red & orange.
    51w | 55d | 84h | 46h seat cm



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