Stackable Cafe Chairs

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Stacking Cafe Chairs

If you need to transform your commercial space during the day or just need a flexible room, commercial stackable chairs are an ideal solution. We have selected a range of commercial stacking chairs in plastic, wood and metal which are all suitable for all day and everyday use.

Stacking chairs for commercial use come with an anti-scratch plastic seat which are wipeable and has been charged with fibreglass for extra strength. Most of our quality plastic cafe chairs are ECO-friendly and certified GOLD by GreenGuard.

Our light-weight stacking chairs start at 3.8 kg and go up to 5 kg and can be stacked 8 to 12 chairs high. For easy movement by one person and storage, we recommend a metal stacking trolley with wheels.

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


About our stackable cafe chairs

About our stackable cafe chairs

  • With all our stackable cafe chairs the materials used are of high-quality and are suitable for every day use in busy high street cafes, museum cafes and art gallery cafes.
  • The use of commercial high-quality materials is even more important when the cafe chairs are stackable.
  • When chairs are stacked on a daily basis for floor cleaning or if the chairs are moved indoors overnight the materials need to be strong to withstand the knocking of the chair legs on the seat etc.
  • All stackable cafe chairs have special pads on the under side of the seat to prevent damage to the chair seat below when stacked.
  • This is especially important when there might be 8 chairs stacked on top of the bottom chair.
The best material for stacking cafe chairs

The best material for stacking cafe chairs

Plastic is probably one of the best materials for stacking chairs. Plastic cafe chairs are fairly light and easily to move compared to chairs with a metal frame and wood seat. Most plastic chairs are charged with fibre-glass to add extra strength which increases longevity.

Easy Storage

Easy Storage

Stackable cafe chairs can be easily transported and stored. Additionally, stackable chairs are a great asset when it comes to cleaning. Whenever you need to do a regular floor clean, it’s so easy just to stack up our comfortable cafe chairs and place them out of the way so you can do a thorough clean.

Ideal for Floor Cleaning

With our stacking cafe chairs, there’s no need to constantly shift everything around while cleaning. Your commercial chairs can work with you to ensure that the cleaning can be completed hassle-free.

Your Choice of Finish & Colour

We offer a wide range of different finishes and colours in our stackable cafe chairs and stackable restaurant chairs range, and you’re bound to find something that suits your cafe's existing decor.

Optional Space Planning Services

If you need help understanding how to maximise your business’ cafe space, we can also offer Space Planning services. We can walk you through all your options, and you can discover how commercial stacking chairs can transform your space.

Bespoke Options Available

If you’re interested in purchasing stacking chairs, but you haven’t quite found the best fit for your cafe or bistro - don’t worry. We also offer a bespoke furniture service at Spaceist.

Customer service

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our comfortable seating and we’ll work closely with you and your brief to find the best stacking dining chairs for your cafe.

Stacking Cafe Chairs FAQ

What kinds of material are our stacking chairs available in?

Our cafe stacking chairs are available in a wide variety of different materials. We offer metal stacking chairs, plastic and plywood stacking chairs.

We even supply a 100% recycled model - our Remind 100% Recycled Cafe Chair - so your business can look great while caring for the planet.

What colours are our stackable chairs available in?

Our stackable chairs are available in a wide variety of different colours - from more traditional black, white and natural wood options, we also offer some more avant garde colours too.

For your commercial chairs, choose from bright oranges, blues, greens, greys and reds to make a statement in your cafe.

How can I transport stacked chairs safely?

Our stacked chairs are very easy to safely transport. We would recommend stacking no more than 4 chairs if you want to transport them, 6-8 chairs if the dining chairs are going to remain stationary.

We would also recommend utilising a stacking chair trolley for the safest transport of the stacking chairs as possible.

Can chairs be left stacked for a long time?

As long as you ensure that you don’t exceed the weight and height limit when stacking your commercial chairs, our stacking chairs can be left stacked for a long period of time. We especially recommend stacking your cafe chairs over the winter months.

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