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Designer office furniture

Looking for the perfect designer office furniture with drawers? Look no further. We have everything from a white office desk, classic wood and leather executive desks. Cable management to commercial office desks to colourful workstations and bench desks that can seat 2 - 14 people.

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What design options are available for modern desks?

What options are available for designer office furniture?

Depending on the designer office furniture price if you’re looking for something really modern our range of modern white office desks includes sleek white, vibrantly coloured and designer glass office desks.

Modern office desks

Our range of modern office desks work well in the most commercial contemporary office spaces but are equally at home making a cutting edge design statement as well as in a more traditionally furnished space.

Glass office desks

Ultra polished surfaces and glass tops bring a real feeling of spaciousness to even the smallest of workplaces, and these modern office furniture finishes are super hard-wearing too.

Should I consider Height Adjustable and Standing desks?

Should I consider height adjustable and standing desks?

  1. There’s more to good ergonomics in the workplace than an annual checklist and an adjustable office chair. Take better care of your teams by giving them the option of height adjustable workstation or even standing office desk.
  2. With the average office worker spending up to 90% of their day at an office table in front of a screen, making sure that they have the option of creating a perfectly balanced workspace for their individual needs is more important than ever.
  3. Adjustable office furniture also helps you to ensure that your company is accessible, helping you to attract and retain the best employees with classic office desks.
What are the benefits of larger desks for sharing?

What are the benefits of larger desks for sharing?

In our modern workplaces we’re much more open to the idea of working collaboratively and it’s likely that most open-plan offices will benefit from an office table that can seat two or more people.

Bench desks for up to 14 people

Perfect for creative duos, small teams and making the most of precious city centre spaces, our shared modern office desks with cable management can accommodate up to 14 people in comfort, with matching bench seating.

Do your desks come with matching chairs and storage furniture?

Do your desks come with matching chairs and cabinets?

We have a wide range of designer office desks and chair sets and storage furniture specially curated to match, contrast and complement our contemporary and classic office tables. Browse the website for luxury office furniture or ask for more details.

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