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Longi high-back office sofa in grey fabric

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and privacy with our acoustic seating. Designed to enhance concentration and reduce noise distractions, our seating options such as acoustic seating pods, acoustic booth seating and high back sofas, provide a peaceful retreat in any busy environment.

As with all our made to order office sofas you can choose a size and colour of your choice. Whether you have a small corner or need several high back sofas in a line the options are endless. If brand colour matching is important our fabric library is sure to have an option. For advice on sizes, colours and options call our experts on 020 8840 6298.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


16 years selling high back sofas

16 years selling high back sofas

As one of the leading office furniture supplier in the UK, Spaceist has more than 16 years of specialist experience in the commercial furniture industry and can help you find the perfect corner reception sofa for your business.

Discover the ideal seating solution for focused work or relaxation at Spaceist. Request our price list

Acoustic sofas

High back office seating

Combine form and function effortlessly - with high back office reception sofas that create quiet havens for conversation in busy and bustling open-plan areas like breakout spaces and receptions.

Compact sizes

Compact size high back seating

These high back office sofas look fantastically modern and bring a real sense of designer style to any space. Some of our high backed sofa chair range is available in clever, compact sizing, giving them a smaller footprint that works anywhere.

Hard wearing & warrantied high backed sofas

Hard wearing & warrantied acoustic office seating

Private conversations can stay private, and noise disturbance can be reduced. Like all of our soft furnishings, our high backed sofa chair ranges are hard wearing and available in hundreds of colours. Plus some if them are made in London and all come with a 5 year warranty.

High Back Sofa FAQs

What is a high backed sofa?

High backed sofas are any acoustic sofas where the back and sides are higher than head height. This gives the user a quiet and private area in any busy office area. The fabric material on the high back office sofa also helps in reducing ambient noise and any sound from the user.

What factors should I consider when choosing high backed office seating?

Factors to consider when choosing acoustic office seating include the normal use of the space - will people be using the space to work quietly on their own, for group meetings or for making calls without disturbing other workers? Or all of these?

Other factors to consider:

  1. Avoid vinyl or leather these materials do not absorb sound as well as a wool fabric
  2. Make sure the sofa back height is over normal head height
  3. Consider adding a top to the sofa to make a pod style seating
  4. For extra privacy and noise reduction use two sofas facing each other

What are the benefits of acoustic seating pods in office environments?

The benefits of acoustic seating pods in office environments include:

  • Providing quiet or private spaces within open plan offices
  • They can quickly create spaces that help workers to concentrate and focus on their tasks or spaces for meetings or group work
  • Acoustic sofas take up a lot less office space than a tradition room
  • The over all cost is much less than a glass partitioned room
  • The sofas are flexible and can be moved around

Can high back seating pods be customised to fit different office layouts and designs?

Yes, high back seating pods can be customised to fit different office layouts and designs, depending on the space. You could consider individual areas for quiet work as well as areas for collaboration and seating with high or low backs.

What colours can I choose?

All the high back sofas that are made for use in the UK come in a selection of standard colours which include reds, blues, greens and greys. If you need to match a logo or brand colour we have a material library that contains 1000’s colours.

View some of the commercial fabrics available.

Can I add power sockets to a high sofa?

Yes, you can. There is an office reception furniture range of single and multiple plug socket options that can be placed into most of our high-backed office sofas. Choose from a single power with two USB points or just USB charging sockets. These come in a variety of colours from silver, white and black.

View sofa plug sockets

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