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Staff Breakout Furniture

Hard-wearing & wipe clean

Office breakout furniture is the hardest working furniture of all, from London based staff rooms to school rooms to canteens and public spaces, it needs to be extra hard wearing, easy to clean and easy to move.

Types of breakout furniture

Whether you’re looking for brightly coloured canteen furniture, modular soft sofas and cubes, booths and banquettes, wipeable staff breakout furniture and cafe style breakout table and chairs, or even high tables and matching staff kitchen stools, we’ll have the right office breakout area furniture for your space.

What size is a breakout sofa?

A 2 seater is 120cm and a 3 seater is 180cm. This is a sofa without armrests so these can be pushed together to create one long sofa.

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  • Sofa with Buttons

    46 Brown Breakout Sofa


    Hard wearing breakout sofa in faux leather with buttoned seat detail. Choose from a Chair, 2, 3 or 4 seater.
    171w | 231w | 291w cm

  • Brown Chair with Buttons

    46 Staff Breakout Chair


    Stylish breakout chair with a button seat and back. Choose from over 60 colourful faux-leathers.
    81w | 78d | 60h | seat 36h

  • Orange + black chairs

    Ace Chair

    A modern chair which is suitable for all types of commercial spaces including schools, offices & hotels.
    55w | 51.8d | 77.5h | 48h seat cm

  • Green meeting chair for schools

    Ace Chair 2

    Comfortable chair which is suitable for school, offices & hotel breakout or staff areas.
    55w | 51.8d | 77.5h | 48h seat cm

  • 3 seater sofa

    Ace Staff Lounge Sofa

    Curvy two & three seater staff room sofa with matching chair & side table.
    77w | 128w | 186w cm

  • White Modular Seating

    Aiva Modular Lounge Seating

    Modular seating for students & staff breakout or lounge areas. Choose from fabric or wipe-clean vinyl.
    62w | 124w cm

  • Ottoman with laptop table

    Ana Ottoman with Laptop Table

    Shaped ottoman with a matching laptop table. Choose from fabric or wipe clean vinyl.
    118.4w | 109.2d cm

  • Ottoman with plant

    Ana Ottoman with Plant Pot

    Triangle shaped ottoman with the added feature of a plant pot. Matching laptop table.
    118.4w | 109.2d cm

  • Ana Stool with Wheels

    Low cubes with the option of wheels & fabric or wipe clean vinyl.
    42w | 42d | 45h cm

  • School breakout chair in grey fabric

    Artist Lounge Chair

    Angular breakout lounge chair upholstered in a range of colourful fabrics or vinyl.
    47w |  93.5d | 81.7h cm

  • avanto red green pink modern bar stools

    Avanto Colourful Stool | Bishop Ramsey school


    Lacquered seat in white, black, red, grey, blue, yellow, charcoal, grey blue, olive, lime and pink.
    64h | 80h seat cm

  • Green 4 seater booth

    Booth sofa


    The Booth sofa is available in a two, four or six seat arrangement. Choose from wipe-able faux leather or fabric.
    65w | 125w | 185w cm

  • Catifa 46 pastel colour new

    Catifa-46 Colourful Cafe Chair


    Catifa-46 with a new range of pastel colours & leg finishes.
    56w | 54d | 80h | 45h seat cm

  • edge orange rectangular designer cafe tables

    Edge 4 Person Table | Round White Base


    Four person top with a thick orange edge. Optional white, black or chrome base.
    140 x 70 | 180 x 70 | 230 x 70 cm

  • edge green rectangular cafeteria table and chairs

    Edge 8 Person Cafe Table


    Long eight person top with a thick edge in green, red, orange, white or black.
    180 x 70 | 230 x 70 cm

  • edge square green designer canteen table

    Edge Green Cafe Table


    Two or four person table in green & white. Catifa chairs are pictured.
    70 x 70 | 90 x 90 cm + specials

  • ESH Breakout Chair

    Lounge chair with a mesh back in three sizes for more privacy. Seat in fabric or wipe clean vinyl.
    85w | 180w cm

  • ESH Sofa with Matching Chair

    Lounge seating with a mesh back in three sizes. Choose the 125 cm high for more privacy.
    85w | 180w cm

  • Single study seats

    Forma Chair with Side Table

    Single chair with attached side table which is suitable for schools, offices & hotels breakout areas.
    121w | 182w | 243w cm

  • School breakout seating

    Forma U Shaped Seating

    U shaped seating suitable for schools, offices & hotels breakout or common areas.
    304.5w | 304.5d cm + smaller sizes

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  • Grey Breakout Sofa

    Grey Breakout Sofa


    Large dark grey U-shaped breakout sofa. Choose from 60 fabric or faux-leather colours.
    120w | 180w | 80d | 75h cm

  • High Yellow Sofa for a Canteen

    Hot modular sofa | bar height


    Bar height modular sofa system for breakout, staffroom & office areas. Choose from a range faux leather or fabric colours.
    62w | 120w cm

  • jb-4-leg red-long canteen tables

    JB-Bosa Red Canteen Table


    Long red canteen table with a solid wood leg and edge. Top comes in over 100 colourful or wood grain finishes.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • red school refectory table and benches

    JB-Waldo Red Canteen Table & Benches


    Bright red benches with white tables. Colours include lime, purple, blue, orange, green & grey.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • 8 Person Canteen Tables

    JB-Waldo45 8 Person Canteen Table


    Royal blue table & benches suitable for staff dining, cafes and school eating areas.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • jb45 long green canteen benches and table

    JB-Waldo45 Green Canteen Table


    Same as the JB range but with a 45 degree join. Over 100 colours to choose from.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • White indoor canteen table

    Marina White Metal Canteen Table


    Very long white canteen table suitable for cafes, canteens and schools. White is the standard colour.
    195w | 265w | 335w | 405w cm

  • Break time school cubes

    Modular Breakout Seating | Giant

    Modular breakout seating in a hexagon style shape which is suitable for schools, offices & hotel staff breakout areas.
    66.3w | 52.2d | 44 or 74h cm

  • circle modular cubes in brown vinyl

    Modular Cubes | circle seating


    Modular bar circle seats in hard wearing vinyl. Large number of shapes and vinyl colours to choose from.
    82cm cubes | 1/4 circle cubes | white shelf

  • purple cubes U shape booth

    Modular Cubes | IPA


    Purple rounded booth breakout seating. Vinyl seat colours include red, blue, orange, pink, black or white.
    82cm cube | 42cm corner cube

  • green stripey modular reception sofa

    Modular Office Sofa | Stripey Green


    Stripey green modular system. Colours include red, orange, grey, purple, pink or blue & many more.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • pink fabric modular sofa

    Modular Sofa | staff breakout


    Pink modular break out sofa with chrome base. Seat comes in red, blue, orange, pink plus further colours.
    80w | 120w | 180w + specials

  • stripey banquette cafe seating

    Modular Sofa | stripey bench sofa


    Long stripey bench sofa which can be upholstered in red, blue, orange or pink plus a large selection of fabrics & vinyls.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • Modis dark green long banquette seating

    Modus Green Booth Seat


    Green bench style banquette seating in faux leather with vertical panels. Choose from two height & widths.
    110h | 140h cm

  • ondo green orange modern bar stools

    Ondo bar stool


    Bright coloured figure of 8 shaped seat in over 30 colours including red, lime, purple, yellow, pink and orange.
    64h | 80h seat cm

  • ondo red green blue orange plywood modern cafe chairs

    Ondo Plywood Cafe Chair | Immanuel College


    Bright coloured figure of 8 shape chair in over 30 colours including red, lime, purple, yellow, pink & orange.
    47w | 48d | 83h | 46h seat cm

  • Round good quality outdoor table + bench - Pentagale

    Pantagruel Outdoor Canteen Table


    Stylish large round picnic table and bench set. Table and seat is made from hardwood and frame is made from white or galvanised steel.
    227Ø cm

  • pop red blue green orange cafe chair

    Poly Colourful Cafe Chair


    Economical outdoor stacking chair in white, lime, cream, yellow, orange, red, sky blue, royal blue or grey polypropylene.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • soft bench blue grey vinyl canteen table and benches

    Soft-bench Canteen for Oxford High School


    Blue & grey long cafeteria seating. Bench in lime, red, orange, grey, pink & purple.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials



What is Office Breakout furniture?

What is office breakout furniture?

An office breakout area is a place where staff and workers can eat, relax, chat, play games or just have a quiet space to work. Breakout canteen furniture can comprise of sofas and comfy chairs, cafe tables and chairs or canteen tables and benches.

Usually, this furniture is placed in clearly defined zones or even separate rooms.

Quiet & busy spaces

Sofas and chairs work best for chill out or quiet rooms while cafe furniture is useful for busier eating and chatting areas. In open-plan spaces, breakout areas should ideally be separated by staff lockers or room dividers to reduce noise and increase privacy.

Top tip:

Always have a quiet area away from the main entrance door or corridor.

Breakout Furniture FAQs

How many sofas do I need for 60 people?

To seat 60 people you’ll need 30 of our two seater sofas or 20 three seater sofas. In an ideal world you’ll have sufficient breakout seating for all staff, but we understand that you may be limited by space or budget.

  • That’s why our modular sofas are available as slot together ranges without arms to maximise seating space. Ask us about our expert space planning services - you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in.

Do high back sofas reduce noise?

If the backs and/or the sides of sofas and armchairs are above user head height then yes, they can certainly help to reduce noise.

  1. They do this by ‘cocooning’ people and providing an acoustic buffer - ideal in busy open plan spaces where noisy conversations and phone calls can bounce off hard surfaces.
  2. They also help to increase privacy and reduce distractions in shared spaces.

Will I need power sockets in a staff lounge?

Is there anywhere in the modern workplace where people don’t need power sockets? People need to charge phones, laptops and other devices, whether on their breaks or in meetings staff lounge areas will normally also be used as quiet spaces for work or to make calls.

Good to know

Power and data sockets can be incorporated into most breakout furniture from sofa and chair armrests, canteen table and side table tops.

What percentage of tables to sofas do I need in a staff breakout space?

This can vary depending on how you envisage your staff using the space - is it purely for rest periods and breaks or do you need a flexible space that functions as a place to relax as well as an additional work and meeting area?

The ideal ratio for a multifunctional space would be around 40% tables and chairs and 60% soft seating such as sofas.

What’s the best type of seating for a staff kitchen?

  1. A 300cm canteen table and benches will seat the largest amount of people using the smallest amount of space.
  2. For more casual seating arrangements our modular sofas can be moved around or added to at a later date so it is easy to increase the seating as the company grows.
  3. If you are looking for breakout table and chairs for more flexibility and function have a look at our cafe furniture ranges

How should I plan an accessible breakout space?

Always consider accessibility for staff members and visitors when planning any London office space.

If you include employees in the design process from the earliest stages they will be able to advise you on their preferred access requirements - for instance, height adjustable desks and easy to reach plug sockets can make daily tasks easier for physically disabled employees.

1. Walkways

Walkways should be a minimum of 90cm with at least 150cm passing place so that a wheelchair user can easily pass someone coming in the opposite direction.

If you have an employee who uses a wheelchair, take their advice first - wheelchairs come in many different shapes and sizes these days and some are easier to manoeuvre than others.

2. Quite & private spaces

Arrange breakout furniture so that all staff or visitors can easily eat, drink and join groups and conversations without feeling isolated but also have equal opportunities for privacy. Employees with hidden disabilities may benefit from access to quieter spaces.

3. Sofas & soft seating

For soft seating areas consider using sofas with one arm with at least a 45cm high seat. For eating areas make sure the ends of tables have a sufficient overhang of 70cm for wheelchair users.

  • Eating tables should be at a minimum height of 72cm.
  • Consider staff breakout tables with rounded corners rather than sharp angles.

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