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Office breakout furniture

Breakout areas have become an essential element in any commercial space, providing a much-needed oasis for relaxation. Recognising the importance of these spaces, our collection of breakout furniture is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into various environments, including offices, schools, and bustling staff rooms.

Each piece in our collection is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to endure the frequent use characteristic of busy break areas. Our range includes a variety of furniture options to cater to different needs and preferences.

Our modular sofas, such as the Arti corner sofa, offer both versatility and style. These sofas can be arranged in multiple configurations, making them ideal for spaces that require flexible seating solutions. We also offer other types of modular seating perfect for breakout spaces including our fun multi-height hexagonal style modular seating inspired by the the Giant’s Causeway.

In addition to break room seating, we offer unique accessories like our Ana ottoman, which features an integrated plant pot. This innovative design not only provides additional seating but also brings a touch of nature into the room, creating a more serene and inviting atmosphere.

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


What is a Breakout Room?

What is a Breakout Room?

An office breakout room is a dedicated space within a workplace or school designed for various purposes outside the usual work-related activities. Here are its key features and functions:

Relaxation and Informal Interaction:

  • Provides a casual environment for employees to relax and unwind.
  • Encourages informal interactions and socialising among others.

Alternative Work Setting:

  • Offers a change of scenery from the typical desk setting.
  • Suitable for less formal, collaborative work or individual tasks requiring a quieter environment.

Meetings and Brainstorming Sessions:

  • Ideal for informal meetings or brainstorming sessions.
  • Often equipped with whiteboards or screens for presentations.

Employee Well-being:

  • Contributes to employee well-being by offering a space for mental breaks.
  • Can include comfortable seating, plants, and other elements to reduce stress.

Versatile Design:

  • Often features modular seating for flexible use of space.
  • Designed to be inviting and stimulating, sometimes with creative or vibrant decor.

Enhances Productivity:

  • Provides a space for employees to recharge, potentially boosting overall productivity.
  • Can be used for casual work discussions that might not fit in a formal meeting room.

Multipurpose Use:

  • Can be used for various activities, from lunch breaks to casual client meetings.
  • Sometimes doubles as an event space for office gatherings or celebrations.

In summary, office breakout rooms are multifunctional spaces that support relaxation, informal collaboration, and employee well-being, contributing to a more dynamic and flexible work environment.

How Can I Create an Accessible Breakout Space?

How Can I Create an Accessible Breakout Space?

When designing a layout for your office breakout area always consider accessibility for staff members and visitors.

If you include employees in the breakout furniture design process they will be able to advise you on their preferred access requirements - for example, height adjustable tables and lounge chairs with easy to reach plug sockets can make daily tasks easier for physically disabled employees. Some other things to consider are:

1. Walkways

When planning any breakout seating furniture walkways should be a minimum of 90 cm with at least 150 cm passing place so that a wheelchair user can easily pass someone coming in the opposite direction.

If you have an employee who uses a wheelchair, take their advice first - wheelchairs come in many different shapes and sizes, with some being easier to manoeuvre around breakout furniture than others. For example, tub chairs might not be as suitable as breakout chairs with no armrests.

2. Quiet & private spaces

Arrange office breakout furniture so that all staff or visitors can easily eat, drink and join groups and conversations without feeling isolated but also have equal opportunities for privacy. Employees with hidden disabilities may benefit from access breakout area seating in quieter spaces.

3. Sofas & soft seating

For breakout area furniture soft seating consider using modular sofas with one arm with at least a 45 cm high seat. For eating areas make sure the ends of tables have a sufficient overhang of 70 cm for wheelchair users.

Breakout seating with eating tables should be at a minimum height of 72 cm. Consider staff breakout tables with rounded corners like our Edge round break table, there are no sharp angles and they include brighter colours around the edges to help any partially sighted users navigate the breakout room furniture more easily.

Breakout Area Furniture FAQs

What size is a breakout sofa?

A 2 seater is 120 cm and a 3 seater is 180 cm. This is a breakout seating sofa and lounge seating without armrests so these can be pushed together to create one long sofa with a large seat. This type of breakout room furniture can also be made in the colour and bespoke size of your choice.

Do high back sofas reduce noise?

If the backs and/or the sides of sofas and breakout chairs are above user head height then yes, they can certainly help to reduce noise on breakout area furniture from a reception area.

  1. High breakout furniture does this by ‘cocooning’ people and providing an acoustic buffer - ideal in busy open plan breakout areas where noisy conversations and phone calls can bounce off hard surfaces.
  2. The high-backed breakout furniture also helps to increase privacy and reduce distractions when using shared breakout chairs, work canteen furniture, social space furniture or reception area.

Will I need power sockets in a staff lounge?

Is there anywhere in modern breakout areas where people don’t need power sockets in office furniture? People need to charge phones, laptops and other devices, whether on their breaks or in meetings staff lounge areas will normally also be used as quiet spaces for work or to make calls using office furniture.

Integrated power points

Breakout chairs, lounge chairs and office furniture with usb ports and power and data sockets can be incorporated into most officer breakout area furniture from sofa and chair armrests, work canteen tables and side table tops.

How do you arrange a breakout room?

Always arrange a breakout room in areas. These areas should include a soft seating or sofa area, cafe style seating and tables and an area for social games like ping pong.

Divide these areas with fabric screens, shelving or plants to clearly separate the different spaces.

How big should breakout rooms be?

A breakout room should comfortably sit at least 50% of your staff. People take breaks at different times and some will leave the office at break times. For 50 staff you should allow 150 sq meters of space when using the different types of breakout furniture. For help planning your space please contact Spaceist.

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