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Modular Cubes

Seating cubes & modular cube seating

Stay flexible, with customisable modular cube seating and hardwearing seating for schools. All our module cube seating is made to order to allow you to create your own bespoke combinations of furniture seating and cube office furniture. The modular classroom seating cubes can fit into any size or shape of workspace.

Modular seating cubes for maximum movability

No more dragging heavy furniture out of the way to accommodate impromptu meetings or group activities. It's simple to split modular seating cubes into smaller or quiet areas when required - easily change your cube seats and soft seating for schools around whenever you like.

Cube seats colours & configurations

Fabric cube furniture and school booth seating cube seats are designed for high use areas. Our cube seating furniture and school reception seating come in a huge range of colours. Modular cubes and cube fabric furniture can be combined to create modern booth seating, benches, curves and even a sofa suitable for schools.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Key Features of Modular Cubes

1. Suitable for use in schools, offices and workplace canteens

2. Large range of standard and bespoke cube sizes

3. Compact size compared to other seating

4. Modular cube shapes include straight, corner and curved

5. Hard wearing vinyls and fabrics in a large selection of colours

6. Modular cubes can be connected together or left free standing for easy rearranging

7. Select cubes with and without backs

8. Feet styles include black, chrome, wood and wheels

9. Optional power and charging sockets

What shapes do the Modular Cubes come in?

What shapes do the Modular Cubes come in?

Straight cube shape

Straight cube seat

  • Ideal for use along a long wall
  • Bespoke cube sizes are available to fit your space perfectly
  • Can be connected to any other cube shape with a metal bracket
  • The straight cube seat comes in 42 and 82 cm widths

See images and details of the fabric straight cube seat being used

Long cube shape

Long cube seat

  • Long cube sizes are 102 and 122 cm in length
  • Bespoke sizes can go up to 300 cm if required
  • Optional backrest which is 72 cm in height
  • Can be connected to any other cube from the range

See images and details of the long cube seat showing the 285 cm length

Corner cube shape

Corner cube seat

  • To create any sort of configuration including booths to U-shaped layouts you will need at least one corner cube
  • Available as a left or right handed cube (the short end on the left or right hand side)
  • With a back the size of the cube is 112 cm long and 82 cm in depth which is the same length as the straight cube

See details of the corner cube seat being used in a booth seating layout

Curved cube shape

Curved cube seat

  • A curved corner seat can make modular seating more interesting than the usual square corner unit
  • The over all size is 82 x 82 cm which is the same width as the straight cube
  • Any cube with or without a back can be connected to a curved cube

See the vinyl curved cube seat being used in IPAs breakout area

Square cube shape

Square cube seat

  • Ideal seat for a flexible seating layout were the seating needs to be moved around regually
  • The 42 cm square cube has the same seat depth as all the cube units so can be connected
  • Available with and without (shown) a backrest
  • Small and large cube sizes include 32 x 32 cm and 60 x 60 cm
Round cube shape

Round cube seats

  • Standard round cube with the seat height the same as the rest of the modular cube shapes
  • Available in a 38, 45 and 50 cm diameter
  • Comes with a range of feet styles including wheels

See the round cube seats shown in black and grey wipeable vinyl

Need more help selecting the right modular cubes for your space?

Need more help finding the right modular cubes for your space?

We have years of experience advising customers on which modular cube arrangements will work. We have designed modular cube layouts for the Arts University in Bournemouth, Immanuel college and Oxford College. All three of these breakout area layouts where individually designed to fit the space perfectly whilst maximising the seating and improving the overall look of the rooms.

The different arrangements available are vast so you will probably need more help to decide what modular cube options will work in your school, office or breakout area. Please contact us so we can help you select the right furniture for your space.

Modular Cube Seating FAQs

Can I order the seating in a fabric to match my other furniture?

As long as your upholstery material is suitable for this range of school booth seating and modular furniture and is still available, this should not be a problem.

We will just need the name of the fabric company who makes the material and a colour or reference code. We then can ask the factory to double-check the suitability for use on our modular classroom seating.

Have you used the cube seating in schools and colleges?

We have supplied approximately 30+ schools and colleges with this modular cube seating range over the last 16 years.

The main selling points for customers is that the seating is wipe-clean, modular and can be added to at a later date. The seating is made in Sweden using high-quality upholstery materials, foam and wood structure.

If I need a bespoke size, does this hugely increase the price?

Not necessarily, the modular cube seating as standard is made to order so to make a few adjustments to the width or depth usually does not increase the price by a massive amount.

If you need to increase the back height, this can affect the cost because you are changing the design and structure.

Can the cube seating be made in a two-tone colour?

Yes, the modular seating back and seat can be made in a two-tone colour. You can also specify different materials including fabric and vinyl on the back and seat. Using vinyl on the modular seating can extend the life of the furniture because it is wipeable and stain resistant.

Is the modular seating suitable for secondary schools?

Yes, the modular seating is designed especially for canteens, libraries and breakout areas in a secondary school. We have been supplying this range to schools for over 16 years and will last the daily rigours of a busy school environment. For extra durability choose the wipeable vinyl material.

Can the seating be made without a back?

  • Yes, if you require matching benches which can be made in any size up to 300 cm long
  • This style of seating is very suitable for areas like libraries and study rooms
  • The benches can be made in a matching brand colour or a contrasting colour in vinyl or fabric

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