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Modular Cubes

Seating cubes & modular cube seating

Stay flexible, with customisable modular seating cubes for all spaces. Modular seating cubes and made to order modular furniture allow you to create your own bespoke combinations of furniture cubes seating and cube space office furniture, as seating cubes can fit into any size or shape of workspace.

Modular seating cubes for maximum movability

No more dragging heavy furniture out of the way to accommodate impromptu meetings or group activities. It's simple to split modular seating cubes into smaller or quiet areas when required - easily change your cube seats around whenever you like.

Cube seats colours & configurations

Fabric cube furniture and cube seats are designed for high use areas. Cube seating furniture comes in a huge range of colours and configurations. Modular cubes and cube fabric furniture combine to create modern booth seating, benches and curves.



Modular Cube FAQs

Can I order the seating in a fabric to match my other furniture?

As long as the material is suitable for this range of school and cafe furniture and is still available, this should not be a problem.

We will just need the name of the fabric company who makes the material and a colour or reference code. We then ask the factory to double-check the suitability.

Have you used the cube seating in schools and colleges?

We have supplied approximately 30+ schools and colleges with this modular cube seating range over the last 14 years.

The main selling points for customers is that the seating is wipe-clean, modular and can be added to at a later date. The seating is made in Sweden using high-quality upholstery materials, foam and wood structure.

If I need a bespoke size, does this hugely increase the price?

Not necessarily, the modular cube seating as standard is made to order so to make a few adjustments to the width or depth usually does not increase the price by a massive amount.

If you need to increase the back height, this can affect the cost because you are changing the design and structure.

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