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Corner office desks

Modular corner desks with storage

Our ‘frame based’ modular corner desks with storage are thoughtfully designed to incorporate storage options, allowing you to create personalised executive and team workspaces within a unified design theme.

Cable management options for corner office desks

Start with a frame corner office desks and add cable management to create bespoke modular work solutions - consider sound-reducing (sound absorbent) back panels, solid or clear perspex dividing screens, modesty panels and a choice of matching high and low storage including shelving, cabinets and a corner desk with storage.



Corner Office Desk FAQs

What’s the difference between an L-shape desk and a corner office desk?

Right angled-desks mean more space to work.

Wondering how a standard office corner desk with storage differs from an L-shaped desk? Technically, a corner office desk will fit into the corner of a room and its L-shaped cousin is similarly designed but the angles allow you to benefit from a greater working area.

Are corner desks only for executives?

Corner desks can work in any part of the company.

Solid wood corner desks are available in a wide range of materials and sizes and are suitable for every workspace, from the solid oak corner desk in the executive desk suite to the hard-wearing laminate wood corner desk that maximises space in a busy office.

How can I maximise my workspace with a corner office desk?

Separate areas make task-switching simple.

Use the space to switch between tasks easily. A computer or phone could take one side, giving you the space to spread paperwork out freely on the other. Consider a corner desk with shelves or drawers to maximise off-table storage.

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