Modular reception desks

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Modular reception desks

Discover our extensive range of modular reception desks, we provide unrivalled flexibility to help you create your ideal reception area. Our modular desks come in many configurations and colours like white, grey and light wood finishes, these versatile desks effortlessly adapt to your unique space and business or school needs.

Add accessories like power and USB sockets, integrated storage, LED lighting, monitor shelves and lockable cupboards. For wheelchair and seated visitors integrate a low table at any location along the length of the desk.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Suppling Modular Reception Desks for over 16 years

Suppling modular reception desks for over 16 years

As one of the leading office furniture supplier in the UK, Spaceist has more than 16 years of specialist experience in the commercial furniture industry and can help you find the perfect modular reception desk for your business or school.

We have worked with hundreds of clients such as National Maritime Museum, Brighton College and the City of London and can help with supply businesses and organisations with commercial furniture. Request a price list or contact us for a quote on 020 8840 6298.

Custom modular reception desks

All our reception desks are made to order so the process of making a custom desk to fit your exact measurements is not an issue. First please provide the desired size, product and colour for the modular reception desk. We can then calculate the cost and supply a drawing and a 3D visual so you can see exactly what the reception desk will look like.

Modular Reception Desk FAQs

How to choose the right modular reception desk?

Finding a suitable modular reception desk can take a bit of planning and time. You need to measure you reception area, work our how much space you have and then decide what exactly the receptionist/s need to complete their job easily. Remember always allow around 100 to 120 cm space for each receptionist plus the space between the desk edge on the wall behind needs to be at least 100 cm (if you have two receptionists 150 cm is more suitable).

What size modular reception counter do I need?

The size of modular reception desks can vary but when calculating the length should always be based on the amount of people that need to use the modular reception counter. Please allow around 100 to 120 cm per person when deciding on the reception desk size. You can use a smaller size office furniture when the reception area space is at a premium.

How can I customise a modular reception desk?

A modular reception desk is easy to customise. The large desks are made in sections and can be easily adjusted in length and height depending what you need. Simply measure your reception area and decide what sized desk you need and we can do the rest.

Can you supply a desk in sections?

Yes, a modular reception desk can come in sections so if you need to add or extend the reception desk at a later date this is usually possible. Just choose the reception desk size you need for your reception area and the factory can produce the office furniture to suit.

Is there a modular reception desk with storage?

Yes, a modular office reception desk is available with matching office storage that can sometimes be integrated or be placed behind the reception desks for easy access. High storage can also be used at the back of a modular reception counter as a room divider. If the back of the receptionist is very close to the storage consider a sliding door cabinet.

What materials do modular desks come in?

A reception desk is usually made from laminate which is the same hard wearing material as a kitchen work top. Laminate is available in many colours from white, grey and wood finishes like oak and walnut. Laminate is wipeable, scratch and stain resistant. Other material options include glass, metal and fabric panels.

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