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Folding Meeting Tables

Whether you’re hosting designated meeting spaces or simply making your existing rooms work harder, flexible and folding conference room tables can be the answer.

Folding conference tables, stackable, wheeled and flip-top meeting room tables are the modern, modular solution for multi-purpose rooms and flexible workspaces.

Our hard wearing designs can easily be moved and stacked, making them suitable for breakout spaces and schools, as well as meeting and conference rooms. Features include rounded corners, built in power outlets and modesty screens. Flip top tables and folding tables on wheels make room changes and setups simple, safe and fast.

Our range of high quality folding meeting tables come in finishes to complement all styles: black, white, oak and walnut veneer and beautiful bright colours. All with matching meeting room chairs.

  • Blade Folding & Stacking Conference Table


    White folding & stacking table with a hard wearing laminate top. Base in black or white + colours.
    140 x 70 | 160 x 80 cm

  • Oak folding conference table

    Blade Oak Folding Conference Table


    Oak folding conference table with a hard wearing laminate top. Folding top comes in oak, cherry, pear & walnut.
    140 x 70 | 160 x 80 cm

  • Edge folding meeting room table

    Edge Folding Conference Table


    White folding table with a colourful high impact edge. Suitable for breakout, conference and meeting rooms.
    140 x 75 | 160 x 75 | 180 x 75 cm

  • Plex folding meeting table

    Plex Black Folding Conference Table


    Elegant black folding table with a solid core laminate top in white. Base comes in white, black, silver or chrome.
    140, 160 or 180w | 60 or 80d cm

  • Plex white folding conference table

    Plex Silver Folding Conference Table


    Lightweight folding table with a laminated top. Base comes in white, black, silver or chrome.
    140, 160 or 180w | 60 or 80d cm

  • Folding Conference Table

    Talent Folding Conference Table


    Folding & stackable conference table with a locking top & castors. Choose from white, oak or chestnut laminate top.
    138 x 69 | 160 x 69 | 180 x 80 cm

  • UR colourful stackable wheeled folding table

    UR Colourful Folding Table


    Colourful folding table with a hard wearing laminate top. Suitable for breakout, school & college areas.
    140, 160 or 180w | 60 or 80d cm

  • Visual conference folding table

    Visual Folding Conference Table


    Simple and economical folding table which is suitable for commercial interiors. Top in white, oak, maple or walnut.
    140 x 80 | 160 x 80 cm

  • White folding table to seat 8 people

    Ypsilon Black Folding Conference Table


    Stacking & folding table to seat 4, 6 or 8 people. The black table top comes with an anti-fingerprint finish for easy cleaning.
    130 x 80 | 160 x 90 | 190 x 100 | 72h cm


“We are very pleased with the furniture. The tables and chairs look great in the new cafe; very happy with the design and quality.”

ENGLISH HERITAGE – David Brown | Project Manager


How can I make meeting room set-up faster and easier?

How can I make meeting room set-up faster and easier?

Make meeting room setups simple - with flexible furniture. These days it’s increasingly rare to have the luxury of unlimited office space, or unlimited setup time. Hiring external venues for training and conferences can often mean hours of wasted time and expense. Ferrying staff to different locations, moving or hiring in furniture, not to mention the additional logistics involved in making the arrangements for everyone involved.

Flexible meeting room tables and chairs give you the freedom to convert existing spaces from boardroom setups to training rooms to conference venues - in minutes. Your staff will love how easy it is to simply flip or roll tables into new formations, as will your cleaners.

A flip top or folding meeting table will allow you to arrange things to suit all of your company needs on a daily basis, and they’re good looking and hard-wearing enough to keep all of your meeting audiences happy.

How can I save money on meeting room furniture?

How can I save money on meeting room furniture?

The cleverest meeting furniture can multitask and save you time and money, however busy your board and training room schedules. For the majority of companies, meeting rooms have to host a wide variety of teams and agendas in constantly changing room set-ups and styles.

Modular folding office tables, meeting chairs and benches that stack, wheel away, fold up or even flip over make it extra easy to rearrange meeting and training rooms on a daily basis, or even more frequently. No more heavy lifting or expensive hires.

Your teams will love having the freedom to host meetings and training sessions that fit around their individual requirements, and it’s easy to put things back into traditional boardroom shape whenever required.

Make all of your visitors and guests feel at home in rooms that have been especially arranged just for them, without odds and ends of mis-matched furniture or empty tables and chairs taking up precious floor space at smaller gatherings.

Why do modern businesses need modern meeting room tables?

Why do modern businesses need modern meeting room tables?

Today’s meetings, conferences and training sessions may have very different agendas, but they’ll all rely heavily on technology, whether that be computers, TV screens, videos and projections, conference calls, whiteboards and more.

It’s a given that everyone in the room will have a laptop and phone as a minimum, and if meetings last longer than a couple of hours it’s likely that everyone at your table is going to require a power source.

A cleverly designed, modern folding conference table can incorporate discreet cable management, USB charging and even plug sockets so that everything is nicely organised, ready to use and safely arranged - with minimum disruption.

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