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White Meeting Tables

All meeting tables are definitely not the same. Ours can be modern white conference tables, or white modular tables, tables on wheels, folding meeting tables or tilt-top tables.

Table shapes

Choose a white meeting table from our range of large round, square, oval and D end shaped tables to seat from 4 to 24 people.

Sizes & options

Choose from 240cm, 320cm and 400 cm table lengths with white, wood or chrome legs and integrated plug and USB sockets and cable management. We even offer height adjustable table tops and custom, made to order sizes.

Expertise & furniture warranty

We’ve been in the London furniture business since 2006, and are experts in quality, value and style. Our white meeting room tables are covered by our 5 year warranty and delivered anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

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  • white conference table with red chairs

    Ark 10 Person Meeting Table


    Minimalist meeting table with a long cable slot. 5mm hard-wearing laminate top with a powder-coated steel base.
    300 x 120 | 360 x 120 cm

  • square conference table with red chairs

    Ark 8 Person Square Office Table


    Large square table to seat eight people with a white or black top and a white, black or bleached oak base.
    139 x 139 cm

  • Large Height Adjustable Meeting Table

    Ark Height Adjustable Meeting Table


    Height adjustable table in seated or standing height. Laminated top with a steel frame.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 | 74-114h cm

  • White canteen table

    Ark Office Table with Oak Legs


    Table with a solid oak trestle type leg & top in solid 5mm laminate.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 240 x 120 cm

  • Ark standing white meeting table

    Ark Standing Office Table


    Standing office table with a laminated top & powder coated steel leg. Matching meeting table.
    200 x 80 | 107h cm

  • Babila white meeting table with a tapered wood leg

    Babila Office Table with Wood Legs


    Modern office table with solid ash tapered leg. 5mm thick hard-wearing laminate top.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • Bond 6 person meeting room table

    Bond 8 Person Meeting Table


    D-shaped end table with a tubular base. Laminate top colours include white, grey & oak.
    240 x 100 | 360 x 120 | 475 x 120 cm

  • six person contract white meeting room table

    Contract Classic Meeting Table


    Classic Eames meeting table with a melamine top & black edge & chromed or aluminium base.
    213 x 107 | 240 x 120 cm

  • disc oval white meeting room table

    Disc Oval Meeting Table | Cogapp


    Oval table with a chrome disc-shaped base. The base also comes in 60 RAL colours.
    180 x 100 | 220 x 110 cm + specials

  • Eleo large oval table in white

    Eleo 10 Person D-end Conference Table


    Large oval table with a star-shaped base & beveled edged top. Seats 8 & 10 people.
    250 x 121 | 300 x 131 cm

  • Writable foldable table

    EX Large Foldable Table to seat 10

    Very large foldable table to seat 10 people in comfort. Top finishes include white, anthracite, oak & walnut laminate.
    280w | 300w | 320w cm

  • large round white meeting room table

    Forty5 Large White Round Meeting Table


    Large round table to seat 6, 8, 10 or 12 people comfortably. Includes aluminium cable hatch & cable management.
    150Ø | 200Ø | 250Ø cm

  • 45 white meeting room table

    Forty5 White Conference Table


    A long simple table to seat 6, 8, 10 & 12 people. Comes with an aluminium cable hatch & cable management.
    300 x 120 | 360 x 120 cm

  • Frame whiteexecutive meeting table

    Frame Boardroom Table


    Elegant executive table with a laminate top & painted base. Shown with matching chairs.
    240 x 105 | 295 x 120 cm

  • Hub industrial style square meeting table on castors

    Hub Meeting Table with Wheels


    Square table with or with-out castors. Top comes in white, grey, lacquered chipboard or herringbone.
    165 x 165 cm

  • jb white meeting tables

    JB-Waldo Meeting Table | Agency Inc


    Meeting table with a solid wood edge in walnut (shown), oak, ash, beech or maple.
    180 x 90 | 200 x 100 | 230 x 100 cm

  • 8 Person Meeting Table

    Join 8 Person White Meeting Table


    Office table to seat 6, 8 & up to 14 people. Optional power points & cable management.
    240 x 120 | 320 x 100 cm

  • join long white meeting table

    Join Large Boardroom Table


    Large table with a trestle style metal base. Melamine top comes in white or light oak with a matching edge.
    320 x 120 | 400 x 140 cm

  • 8 person joyn white meeting table

    Join Large Conference Table


    Office table with a trestle style base & melamine top in white or light oak.
    240 x 120 | 320 x 100 cm

  • Madison white meeting room tables

    Madison Chrome Boardroom Table


    Meeting table to seat eight with a chrome angular steel leg. Matching chairs are shown.
    240 x 110 cm + special sizes

  • Long Table with a Picnic Style Bench

    Marina Picnic Meeting Table


    Meeting table with a picnic-style table & bench.
    360w | 415w | 470w cm

  • Marina white long meeting table

    Marina White Office Table


    Large office table which can seat 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 people.
    195w | 265w | 335w cm

  • Matrix large white meeting table

    Matrix White Conference Table


    Stylish table to seat 6 and 10 people. The hard wearing top comes in white, light grey or wenge.
    200 x 160 | 350 x 160 cm

  • 14 person angled table

    Meeti Angled Meeting Table


    Stylish angled meeting table in a range of 5 colours. This modular table can come in one, two or three pieces to seat 7, 14 & 23 people.
    240 | 480 | 720 cm

  • meta long meeting tables

    Meta Long Meeting Table


    Long table with a melamine top & leg in white, silver or black painted steel.
    240 x 120 cm | 480 x 120 cm

  • meta white meeting tables

    Meta White Office Table | National Gallery


    Economical table with a top in white, grey, graphite, black, mocha and walnut. Silver, white or black leg.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 120 cm

  • White + Oak Meeting Table

    Mix Oak + White Executive Table


    Executive meeting table with a real oak wood veneer top. Suitable for 6, 8 or 10 people.
    240 x 110 | 300 x 110 cm

  • Plano-2 white meeting table with a metal base

    Plano-2 Meeting Table


    The top is made from hard-wearing laminate with a brushed steel or painted base. Optional cable slot.
    240 x 120 | 300 x 120 | 360 x 120 cm

  • Large square office meeting table

    Power Adjustable Conference Table


    Electrical height adjustable table with a top adjustment from 74 to 104 cm. Cable access as standard.
    140 x 140 | 180 x 120 cm

  • trumpet white oval meeting tables

    Venus D-end Meeting Table


    Designer D-end oval room table with a laminate top & chrome base. Shown with a 45-degree edge.
    220 x 100 | 320 x 120 cm

  • trumpet white meeting room tables

    Venus Oval Meeting Table | Space City


    Designer oval room table with a white top & base. Shown with a plywood edge or can be finished in painted lacquer.
    180 x 100 | 220 x 110 cm

  • X large white meeting tables with D-shaped ends

    X White D-end Meeting Table


    D-end conference table to seat 8, 10 & 12 people with the option of bespoke sizes. Colourful Ondo chair is shown.
    240 x 120 | 320 x 120 | 400 x 140 cm

  • XL high meeting table and bench

    XL Collaborative Table with Benches


    High standing table with matching benches. Optional extras include end storage & seat pad.
    160 x 50 | 105h cm



What if I want a white table but I don’t want white chairs?

What if I want a white table but I don’t want white chairs?

  • A white conference table is durable and will stay looking like new for as long as you need them too.
  • But you may want to be more flexible or practical with your seating designs.
  • Enhance your meeting table with toning or contrasting brightly coloured chairs, benches and storage options.

These are the finishing touches that allow your new white table with cable management to seamlessly blend into any space, allowing you to rebrand or change the look of a space completely without time-consuming redecorations.

What are reception desks made from?

What shapes and sizes do your meeting tables come in?

If you have your heart set on a white meeting table with cable management or conference table, we can supply a table that will fit. From sleek modern modular designs, to easy-to move and store folding and tilt-top designs, there is a size and shape for every room - even made to order custom sizes.

Seat up to 20 people

We have classic and cutting edge designs in square, oval and round table shapes that will seat from 4 to over 20 people, available in a variety of lengths and widths with matching or contrasting legs.

White Meeting Table FAQs

Are white tables easy to clean?

  • The white conference table tops are manufactured from laminate which is similar to a kitchen work surface. The surface on a white meeting table is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and is wipe clean.
  • To minimise glare, the tops come in an off-white laminate which is only noticeable if you put a white sheet of paper next to the top.

Can I push the two tables together?

Most white meeting tables come with a high impact edge and are suitable to be arranged side by side to create one large meeting room table. Some tables also come with the option of connecting brackets so the tops will not move apart over time.

Can I add power sockets?

Yes, you can. Most of our white meeting table with cable management can be adapted to take plug sockets. These can be inset or placed onto the top of the table.

Options include:

White conference table options include wireless charging, USB charging, video and ethernet sockets. To run cables from the top to the floor, don’t forget to add a cable sock or cable spine.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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