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White Meeting Tables

Folding white tables

All meeting tables are definitely not the same. Ours can be modern white meeting tables, or white modular tables, tables on wheels, folding meeting tables or tilt-top tables.

White meeting room table shapes

Choose white meeting room tables from our range of large round, square, oval and D end shaped tables to seat from 4 to 24 people.

White meeting tables sizes & options

Choose a white meeting table in 240 cm, 320 cm and 400 cm lengths with white, wood or chrome legs and integrated plug and USB sockets and cable management. We even offer height adjustable table tops and custom, made to order sizes.



What if I want a white table but I don’t want white chairs?

What if I want a white office table but I don’t want white chairs?

  • A white conference table and chairs are durable and will stay looking like new for as long as you need them too.
  • But you may want to be more flexible or practical with your office seating designs.
  • Enhance your office meeting table with toning or contrasting brightly coloured chairs, benches and storage options.

These are the finishing touches that allow your new white boardroom table with cable management to seamlessly blend into any space, allowing you to rebrand or change the look of a space completely without time-consuming redecorations.

What are reception desks made from?

What shapes and sizes do your meeting tables come in?

If you have your heart set on a white meeting table with cable management or white conference tables, we can supply a table that will fit. From sleek modern modular designs, to easy-to move and store folding and tilt-top designs, there is a size and shape for every room - even made to order custom sizes.

Seat up to 20 people

We have classic and cutting edge designs in square, oval and round table shapes that will seat from 4 to over 20 people, available in a variety of lengths and widths with matching or contrasting legs.

White Meeting Table FAQs

Are white tables easy to clean?

  • The white conference room table tops are manufactured from laminate which is similar to a kitchen work surface. The surface on a white meeting table is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and is wipe clean.
  • To minimise glare, the tops come in an off-white laminate which is only noticeable if you put a white sheet of paper next to the top.

Can I push two white boardroom tables together?

Most white meeting tables come with a high impact edge and are suitable to be arranged side by side to create one large white meeting room table. Some white boardroom tables also come with the option of connecting brackets so the tops will not move apart over time.

Can I add power sockets?

Yes, you can. Most of our white meeting table with cable management can be adapted to take plug sockets. These can be inset or placed on the top of the table.

Options include:

White conference tables can include wireless charging, USB charging, video and ethernet sockets. To run cables from the top to the floor, don’t forget to add a cable sock or cable spine.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

June 2022

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