Rectangle cafe tables

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Rectangular cafe tables

Maximise seating

It’s increasingly important for cafe, bar and restaurant owners to do all that they can to maximise seating covers. A great way to do this is by thinking about space planning and the shape and size of furniture.

Seating larger groups

For example, round cafe tables are always popular as they allow for flexible numbers of seating and are easy for staff to navigate. But in these days of fixed seating arrangements, more and more eating space proprietors are reverting to traditional rectangular cafe tables for ultimate use of space and the flexibility offered for seating groups of various sizes.

Outdoor dining

Our rectangular table range includes indoor and outdoor designs in large canteen sizes or smaller cafe styles. Even picnic tables. All are crafted from tough, hard-wearing materials like contract laminates, fibreglass and wood and are available in almost any colour you can imagine.

  • angled chrome leg white cafe tables

    Angled Leg Table | English Heritage


    Shown with white laminate top, high impact edge & chrome base. Edge detail matches top colour.
    120 x 75 | 140 x 75 cm + specials

  • ark long college canteen table

    Ark 12 Person Table for Student Halls


    Long 12 person white table with white or solid oak legs. Shown with yellow Pop chairs.
    300 x 100 | 360 x 120 cm

  • Ark high black breakout table

    Ark Black High Canteen Table


    Black anti-finger print top made from solid laminate with a steel powder coated leg.
    200w | 80d | 107h cm

  • Black cafe table seats 6

    Bold 4 Person Black Cafe Table


    Laminate top comes in white, black, wenge, bleached oak or light grey. Suitable for outdoor use.
    140 x 80 | 160 x 80 cm

  • Cafe table in black with T-leg

    Bold Push Together Table


    T-shape legs make it possible to push together to seat four, eight or twelve people.
    120 x 80 | 140 x 80 cm

  • Yellow Cafe Table

    Bold Yellow & Black Tables


    Large six person table with a Y-shaped base in coloured top & base of your choice.
    58.5Ø | 58 x 58 | 70 x 70 cm

  • disc rectangular white cafe tables

    Disc Rectangle Cafe Table


    Four person top with two chrome base units. Shown with our modular cube stools & seating.
    120 x 70 | 140 x 70 cm + specials

  • edge orange rectangular designer cafe tables

    Edge 4 Person Table | Round White Base


    Four person top with a thick orange edge. Optional white, black or chrome base.
    140 x 70 | 180 x 70 | 230 x 70 cm

  • edge green rectangular cafeteria table and chairs

    Edge 8 Person Cafe Table


    Long eight person top with a thick edge in green, red, orange, white or black.
    180 x 70 | 230 x 70 cm

  • Edge canteen table with black legs and edge

    Edge Black & White Cafe Table


    Black round legs with a matching black edged top. All with a satin finish.
    140 x 70 cm + specials

  • Brass Edged Table

    Inox Brass Bistro Table to Seat 4


    Rectangular bistro table to seat four people with rounded corners to make movement around the table easier.
    120 x 80 | 130 x 80 cm

  • red school refectory table and benches

    JB-Waldo Red Canteen Table & Benches


    Bright red benches with white tables. Colours include lime, purple, blue, orange, green & grey.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • jb45 long green canteen benches and table

    JB-Waldo45 Green Canteen Table


    Same as the JB range but with a 45 degree join. Over 100 colours to choose from.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • Jump stacking cafe table rectangular

    Jump Stacking Cafe Table


    Designer outdoor stacking cafe table with a choice of a black, white or grey top. Round & square top options available.
    120 x 70 | 120 x 80 cm

  • kuardo rectanular cafe tables

    Kuardo Glass Cafe Table


    Square chromed cafe table with a clear glass top. Laminate top comes in white, black, wenge or bleached oak.
    120 x 70 | 140 x 80 | 180 x 90 cm

  • Cool canteen picnic table

    Marina 8 Person Picnic Table


    Marina is a picnic table in its most basic shape and made out of pultrusion fibre glass profiles.
    165w | 220w | 275w cm

  • t leg rectangular beech cafe tables

    T-leg 4 Person Booth Table


    4 person table with a laminate top and chrome T-shped leg. Shown with Modular Sofa.
    120 x 70 | 140 x 70 cm + specials

  • togo long black canteen tables

    Togo 4 Person Canteen Table


    Long black canteen table with a hard wearing laminate top. Leg finishes include white, black or brushed aluminium.
    140 x 90 | 160 x 90 | 200 x 90 cm

  • trumpet white canteen table

    Trumpet Booth Table | Arts Uni Bournemouth


    Trumpet style base with a rectangle laminate top in white. Shown with Modular Cube booth.
    120 x 70 | 140 x 70 cm + specials

  • long x cafe table

    X 4 Person Cafe Table


    X rectangle tables with a white top and chrome base. Shown with a 45 degree lacquered edge.
    120 x 70 | 140 x 70 cm + specials



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