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School Canteen Furniture

For canteen furniture that gets top marks from everyone at the table, check out our extensive range of canteen benches, tables and chairs for schools, colleges and university cafes.

Our school canteen furniture come in bespoke heights and will seat up to 12 adults or 14 children, with table and bench options for ultimate flexibility. Our modern, hard wearing and wipeable canteen furniture comes in loads of colours and finishes to suit all educational or office interiors, and the majority of our canteen chairs are stackable so you can maximise the use of your canteen or cafe space outside of mealtimes.

We’ve been top of our class in school canteen furniture since 2006, and all our furniture comes with the added comfort of a 5 year warranty and UK wide installation service.

  • air black red and white plastic cafe chairs

    Air Outdoor Cafe Chair

    Stacking chair in polypropylene with added glass fibre for extra durability. Orange, fuchsia, green, green, white and black.
    49w | 51d | 77h | 47h seat cm

  • anno colourful red plywood cafe chairs

    Anno Red Cafe Chair

    The Anno chair is a stylish comfortable cafe with a chrome leg. White, black, red, grey, blue, yellow, charcoal, olive, lime and pink.
    51w | 50d | 81h | 46h seat cm

  • anno zabrano veneer cafe chairs

    Anno Zebrano Cafe Chair

    The Anno chair is a stylish comfortable cafe chair. Plywood seat comes in maple, birch, oak, cherry, wenge, walnut or zebrano veneer.
    51w | 50d | 81h | 46h seat cm

  • avanto red green pink modern bar stools

    Avanto Colourful Stool | Bishop Ramsey school

    Lacquered seat in white, black, red, grey, blue, yellow, charcoal, grey blue, olive, lime and pink.
    64h | 80h seat cm

  • bold black tables with yellow cafe chairs

    Bold Black Table | Sir John Cass Hall

    Black round top with the optional anti-fingerprint finish. Suitable to seat two or four people.
    60Ø | 70Ø | 80Ø | 90Ø cm

  • deja vu black bar stools

    Deja-vu black bar stools

    The stool is available in three height options & is finished in black, red-purple, sand & polished aluminium.
    50h | 66h | 76h cm

  • Red stool closeup

    Dom stool

    Simple and cost effective stacking stool in black, dark grey, light grey, white & red.
    44w | 42d | 65 or 76h seat cm

  • edge green rectangular cafeteria table and chairs

    Edge 8 Person Cafe Table

    Long eight person top with a thick edge in green, red, orange, white or black.
    180 x 70 | 230 x 70 cm

  • tellow edged top

    Edge Cafe Table with a Black Base

    Modern 2cm think top with rounded corners & colourful edge.
    70 x 70 | 90 x 90 cm

  • edge colourful square chrome cafe table

    Edge Chrome Cafe Table

    Thick table top with rounded corners & colourful edge in green, red, orange, white & black.
    70 x 70 | 90 x 90 | 140 x 70 cm

  • Red + black plastic chair

    Flx Stacking Cafe Chair

    Simple chair with a colourful or plain seat. The Flx is stackable 4 high and there is a matching stool.
    54w | 48d | 79h | 46.5h seat cm

  • Blue high stools

    Flx stool

    Simple stool with a colourful or plain seat. The Flx is stackable 4 high and there is a matching chair.
    58w | 48d | 97 or 107h | 64 or 74h seat cm

  • gliss lime black tranlucent designer bar stools

    Gliss sled bar stools

    Plastic seat comes in clear, dark grey, lime and solid white or black. Matching cafe chair.
    53w | 55d | 65h or 77h seat cm

  • gliss sled base bar stools

    Gliss Upholstered Bar Stool

    Fabric upholstered bar stool on a chrome sled base. Fabric and vinyl seat comes in various bright colours.
    53w | 55d | 77h or 65h seat cm

  • grace curvy orange and white designer cafe chairs

    Grace Cafe Chair

    Colourful plastic indoor and outdoor chair. Seat comes in black, red, white, orange or lime green.
    55w | 53d | 76.5h | 46h seat cm

  • jb 4leg walnut canteen tables

    JB-Bosa 12 Person Canteen Table

    Long 12 person table with a solid wood leg & edge. Top comes in over 100 colourful or wood grain finishes.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • school green red pink and white canteen table and benches

    JB-Waldo Canteen Bench Seating

    Long green, orange & pink tables and benches with a solid wood edge. Choose your bespoke size.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • jb white high canteen tables

    JB-Waldo High Canteen Table | Bishop Ramsey

    High long table in white with a solid oak edge. Top colours include white, red, lime, purple, blue & green.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • jb red school canteen table and benches

    JB-Waldo Red Table for Bishop Ramsey School

    Red tables & benches with a solid wood edge in oak, walnut, ash, beech or maple.
    180w | 230w | 285w

  • sir john cass hall long yellow benches

    JB-Waldo Yellow Table for Sir John Cass Hall

    Long yellow tables with a solid wood edge. Over 100 hard wearing laminates colours to choose from.
    180w | 230w | 285w

  • jb45 high canteen table

    JB-Waldo45 Standing Table

    High & long wall table. Same as the JB range but with a 45 degree join.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • jb45 light blue laminate canteen table and benches

    JB-Waldo45 Table for Kings College

    Monaco green laminate table & benches with a solid oak edge. Colours include red, orange, lime and light blue.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • Kuadra white stacking bar stool

    Kuadra white stool

    Simple and economical bar stool with a white seat & chrome frame.
    51w | 55d | 92h | 77h seat cm

  • kurdra wood veneer bar stools

    Kuadra wood stool

    Stacking wood veneer bar stool in wenge, bleached oak, zebrano & ebony.
    (77h seat) 51w | 54d cm

  • contemporary madi grey square cafe tables

    Madi Square Cafe Table

    Square cafe table with a hard wearing laminate top. Base comes in chrome, black, white or over 60 colours.
    60 x 70 | 70 x 70 cm

  • ondo green orange modern bar stools

    Ondo bar stool

    Bright coloured figure of 8 shaped seat in over 30 colours including red, lime, purple, yellow, pink and orange.
    64h | 80h seat cm

  • ondo yellow blue pink canteen chairs

    Ondo cafe chair | Weatherhead School

    Bright coloured figure of 8 shaped cafe chair in over 30 colours including red, lime, purple, yellow, pink & orange.
    47w | 48d | 83h | 46h seat cm

  • ondo red green blue orange plywood modern cafe chairs

    Ondo Plywood Cafe Chair | Immanuel College

    Bright coloured figure of 8 shape chair in over 30 colours including red, lime, purple, yellow, pink & orange.
    47w | 48d | 83h | 46h seat cm

  • pop red blue green orange cafe chair

    Pop Colourful Cafe Chair

    Economical outdoor stacking chair in white, lime, cream, yellow, orange, red, sky blue, royal blue or grey polypropylene.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • pop yellow modern cafe chairs

    Pop Yellow Chair | Sir John Cass Hall

    Stackable yellow chair that is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • Standing Canteen Table

    Sled High Canteen Table

    High canteen table in a large range of colours & sizes.
    140w | 180w | 220w cm

  • Long Canteen Table

    Sled Long Canteen Table

    Long canteen table to seat twelve adults or students comfortably. Available in a large range of colours.
    360w | 80d | 74h cm

  • White Canteen Table

    Sled Metal Canteen Set

    New canteen set in three sizes to seat four to six people in a large range of top & base colours.
    160w | 180w | 200w cm

  • soft bench blue grey vinyl canteen table and benches

    Soft-bench Canteen for Oxford High School

    Blue & grey long cafeteria seating. Bench in lime, red, orange, grey, pink, purple & over 60 vinyl colours.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • soft-bench canteen table green vinyl bench

    Soft-bench Canteen Table | Chrome Base

    Long soft upholstered canteen bench in lime, red, orange, grey, pink, purple and over 60 vinyl colours.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • trend plywwod bar stools

    Trend bar stool

    Veneer bar stool in wenge, bleached oak or zebrano veneer. Matching cafe chair.
    49w | 52d | 65 or 75h seat cm

  • tx round leather bar stools

    TX Upholstered Bar Stool

    Round upholstered bar stool with a 79 or 50cm high seat. Over 8 fabric colours.
    40w | 40d | 50h or 79h seat cm

  • xt44 plywood bar stools

    TX44 bar stool

    Wood veneer bar stool with a 78cm seat height. Veneer seat comes in zebrano, wenge, bleached oak & ebony.
    40w | 40d | 78h seat cm

  • High staff stool with back rest

    Weet Bar Stool | Sled Leg

    Glossy & stacking high stool for cafe, breakout & public areas. Choose from 7 colours including red, orange, black & white.
    57w | 54d | 110h | 75h seat cm

  • yipsilon silver outdoor modern cafe tables

    Ypsilon Folding Silver Cafe Table

    Y-shaped outdoor cafe table with a silver, black, white or polished base. Top colours are white, black or stainless.
    50Ø | 60Ø | 70Ø cm


“We are very pleased with the furniture. The tables and chairs look great in the new cafe; very happy with the design and quality.”

ENGLISH HERITAGE – David Brown | Project Manager


Outdoor canteen furniture.

These days all space is precious, so why not look to expand your canteen area outside? Turn lunchtimes into picnic times with robust and hardwearing outdoor cafe chairs and tables, suitable for mealtimes, breaks, lessons and more. As well as being robust enough to stay looking good in all weather, our outdoor chairs and tables are designed to create flexible ‘cafe style’ seating arrangements that can easily be reconfigured and rearranged as required, and even more easily simply stacked away for cleaning, in bad weather or when you just need to use the space for something else. A range of modern designer styles and colours means that these outdoor cafe tables and chairs look good enough to bring indoors when needed, and robust, hard wearing finishes means they’ll stay like that for longer too.


Long canteen tables and benches.

A typical school or college canteen or dining room needs to feed large crowds at speed without sacrificing comfort, cleanliness or style. One of the easiest ways to accommodate large groups of all ages and sizes is with long canteen tables and matching benches. Our benches and tables are designed specially for busy group dining spaces which means that they are hard wearing enough to withstand high traffic and regular spillages, are super easy to clean and come in a huge range of colours which makes them suitable for all ages and spaces.


High stools and bar stools.

Space saving and extra stylish, our colourful bar stools are versatile enough to make the most of all eating spaces and look great as well. Whether you go for bright colours in plastic or fabric finishes or the classic robust metal bar stool in polished black aluminium, there’s a look to suit every dining room. Some stools even come with matching chairs in brights or classic wooden finishes to give you the widest range of seating options in your canteen or dining hall.

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