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Meeting Room Tables

Meeting room and boardroom tables

At Spaceist, we know how important it is to make a good first impression. Whether you want to impress new starters, clients or business partners, an elegant meeting room table is an ideal place to start.

Boardroom table with cable management

We know that the best meeting room tables marry calm efficiency with comfort and quality design. A boardroom table with cable management will keep your office tables looking smart.

Comfortable office furniture

Choosing a meeting table with Spaceist will guarantee that you can focus on healthy debate and running an efficient business while being surrounded by beautiful and comfortable furnishings.

What size conference table do I need?

These guidelines will help you make sure that your new meeting conference table, office meeting table or office table set is the correct size for your needs. (Measurements refer to rectangular conference tables).

6 person meeting tables:

The minimum size of a modern meeting room tables will seat up to 6 people in comfort and measure 200 x 120 cm.

8 person meeting tables:

For a 8 person meeting room table the table should be at least 240 x 120 cm in length and width.

10 person boardroom table:

A slightly more flexible boardroom table size to accommodate groups of 8-10 comes in at around 300 x 120 cm. For bigger groups there are a couple of useful sizes; for 10 people it’s 360 x 120 cm.

12 person modular conference room tables:

For the large groups, say 12-14 people, we recommend a 400 x 140 cm modular conference table. Need something different? Bespoke table sizes are available for meeting room furniture. Please ask for details on 020 8840 6298.

Table size guide

Start by using our free guide to work out what size meeting room table you need and see how to make the best use of available space.

As grey meeting table specialists we offer expert advice on everything from design and durability to integrating technology and cable management, to matching meeting, boardroom chairs and office desks.

Meeting room table FAQs

What kind of meeting room tables does Spaceist sell?

We sell a wide selection of different meeting room tables, perfect for every business’ needs. Whether you have a small team or your business needs meeting room furniture that must accommodate a large number of staff, we will have the best boardroom table for you.

Modern office meeting tables

We offer both contemporary and modern styles of office meeting tables, from round meeting tables and oval meeting tables to classic executive boardroom tables.

Dedicated boardroom table

Our tables are perfect for companies that need flexible working spaces and for businesses that have a dedicated executive boardroom.

What kind of materials and colours are our meeting room tables available in?

Our meeting room tables are available in a range of different materials and finishes.

We offer traditional wood boardroom tables as well as chrome and glass meeting table finishes. We also offer a wide range of tables in contemporary, colourful colourways such as lime, orange and blue as well as the more standard black meeting tables and white meeting tables.

However you want to present your office furniture, we can help your business shine!

Will my Spaceist table last the test of time?

Boardroom furniture is used day in, day out and over time will see a fair amount of wear and tear. Naturally, you want a conference table that not only is beautiful and functional but also something that will be durable and last for many years to come.

5-year meeting room table warranty

Most of our meeting room tables come with a five-year warranty, and they are incredibly hard-wearing.

Some of our models even come with anti-fingerprint tops and anti-collision mechanisms, and they’re really designed to be as durable as possible, no matter how often you use them.

How high are Spaceist’s Meeting Room Tables?

We offer both static meeting room furniture and meeting room tables with an adjustable height function. Our static meeting tables stand generally 72cm, and our adjustable tables can be set at 72cm or 114cm for standing meetings.

Standing & adjustable tables

Our conference tables with an adjustable height allow the table to be at a comfortable height for standing and for sitting too. Currently, we have three tables that are adjustable tables, and they can accommodate up to ten individuals.

These heights are only a guideline, as they change slightly from product to product.

Can Spaceist’s meeting room furniture accommodate electronics?

Many of our boardroom tables come with cable management. Cable management helps your office tables look tidy while still allowing you to have access to all the electronics and equipment that you need.

Table with cable management

We offer a wide variety of cable management solutions such as cable grommets, cable hatches or trays and power sockets and USB charging points.

This way you don’t have to worry about your laptop losing power during a meeting, but all of your unsightly cables will be neatly hidden away.



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