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Meeting Room Tables

Modular meeting tables

If you’re a typical London business, you’ll know that there’s no such thing as typical modern conference room table. That’s why our extensive selection of modular meeting room tables has something for everyone.

To ensure that all of your boardroom inspire effective communication and showcase your brand, whatever your meeting room looks like.

Types of tables

Whether you’re looking for modern meeting furniture, classic executive boardroom tables, white meeting tables or a modular, flexible or flip-top conference tables that will allow you to repurpose space for boardroom and training, we can help.

Table size guide

Start by using our free guide to work out what size meeting room table you need and see how to make the best use of available space.

As boardroom table specialists we offer expert advice on everything from design and durability to integrating technology and cable management, to matching meeting, conference and boardroom chairs and office desks.

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  • AC-Folding Table


    Simple & economical folding table which is suitable for commercial interiors. Top in white, oak, maple & walnut.
    100w | 120w | 140w cm

  • Green tilt top conference desk

    AC-Folding Table | Colours

    Colourful office table with a cable hole & cable basket. Power sockets can also be added.
    100w | 120w | 140w cm

  • Architec glass meeting and boardroom table

    Architec Glass Boardroom Table


    Designer glass table with aluminium legs. Top colours include frosted, white, black & blue glass.
    320 x 120 | 480 x 120 | 483 x 160 cm

  • white conference table with red chairs

    Ark 10 Person Meeting Table


    Minimalist meeting table with a long cable slot. 5mm hard-wearing laminate top with a powder-coated steel base.
    300 x 120 | 360 x 120 cm

  • square conference table with red chairs

    Ark 8 Person Square Office Table


    Large square table to seat eight people with a white or black top and a white, black or bleached oak base.
    139 x 139 cm

  • black table with oak wood legs

    Ark Black Meeting Table with Oak Legs


    Minimalist black meeting table with black or oak legs. Top is made from 5mm hard wearing laminate.
    240 x 120 | 300 x 120 cm

  • Ark high black meeting table to seat 6

    Ark Black Office Table


    High black office table with a black laminate top & powder coated steel leg.
    200w | 80d | 107h cm

  • Black Square Meeting Table

    Ark Black Square Meeting Table


    Black square table to seat eight people with a white or black top and a white, black or bleached oak base.
    139 x 139 cm

  • Large Height Adjustable Meeting Table

    Ark Height Adjustable Meeting Table


    Height adjustable table in seated or standing height. Laminated top with a steel frame.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 | 74-114h cm

  • White canteen table

    Ark Office Table with Oak Legs


    Table with a solid oak trestle type leg & top in solid 5mm laminate.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 240 x 120 cm

  • Round meeting table with oak legs

    Ark Round Office Table with Oak Legs


    Circular office table available in 140 and 160cm diameter. The base comes in solid oak or steel coated in black or white.
    140Ø | 160Ø cm

  • Ark standing white meeting table

    Ark Standing Office Table


    Standing office table with a laminated top & powder coated steel leg. Matching meeting table.
    200 x 80 | 107h cm

  • Round conference table with green chairs

    Ark White Round Meeting Table


    Round table in white, black or with a solid wood leg. The Ark table seats 4, 5, 6 or 8 people.
    130Ø | 140Ø | 160Ø cm

  • Walnut table

    Art Walnut Boardroom Table


    Modern styled boardroom table with a solid oak or walnut leg.
    240 x 100 | 360 x 140 cm

  • Square Standing Desk

    Atelier Collaborative Table


    Black collaborative meeting table comes in black with the choice of three sizes.
    162.5w | 140, 100 or 55 cm deep

  • Stylish meeting table black

    Babila Black Meeting Table


    Black table with a Fenix anti-fingerprint top & black painted solid wood leg. The Babila meeting table seats 4, 6 & 8 people.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • Babila white meeting table with a tapered wood leg

    Babila Office Table with Wood Legs


    Modern office table with solid ash tapered leg. 5mm thick hard-wearing laminate top.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • Bond 14 person conference table

    Bond 14 person Meeting Table


    Large conference table to seat fourteen people. Laminate top colours include white, grey & oak.
    360 x 120 | 475 x 120 cm

  • Bond 6 person meeting room table

    Bond 8 Person Meeting Table


    D-shaped end table with a tubular base. Laminate top colours include white, grey & oak.
    240 x 100 | 360 x 120 | 475 x 120 cm

  • Eames Boardroom Table

    Contract Boardroom Table


    Classic Eames meeting room table. Top comes in white melamine or wood veneer.
    240 x 120 | 274 x 137 cm

  • six person contract white meeting room table

    Contract Classic Meeting Table


    Classic Eames meeting table with a melamine top & black edge & chromed or aluminium base.
    213 x 107 | 240 x 120 cm

  • eames round white meeting tables

    Contract Executive Round Table


    Classic Eames round table to seat 8 people with a white melamine top & black edge.
    110Ø | 130Ø | 183Ø cm

  • disc oval white meeting room table

    Disc Oval Meeting Table | Cogapp


    Oval table with a chrome disc-shaped base. The base also comes in 60 RAL colours.
    180 x 100 | 220 x 110 cm + specials

  • disc round white meeting tables

    Disc Round Office Table | National Gallery


    Round table with a laminate top in white, black, wenge, oak, birch and over 100 colours. Base in chrome, black or white.
    75Ø | 90Ø | 100Ø cm

  • dizzie round white meeting tables

    Dizze Round Office Table for 6 People


    White round table with a 80cm, 134cm and 160cm round top. Base in white or chrome.
    80Ø | 134Ø | 160Ø cm

  • 6 person dna glass meeting table

    DNA Glass Meeting Table


    The DNA top comes in clear glass and legs are polished aluminium.
    180 x 100 | 200 x 100 | 240 x 120 cm

  • Edge folding meeting room table

    Edge Folding Conference Table


    White folding table with a colourful high impact edge. Suitable for breakout, conference and meeting rooms.
    100w | 120w | 140w cm

  • Eleo large oval table in white

    Eleo 10 Person D-end Conference Table


    Large oval table with a star-shaped base & beveled edged top. Seats 8 & 10 people.
    250 x 121 | 300 x 131 cm

  • Writable foldable table

    EX Large Foldable Table to seat 10

    Very large foldable table to seat 10 people in comfort. Top finishes include white, anthracite, oak & walnut laminate.
    280w | 300w | 320w cm

  • large round white meeting room table

    Forty5 Large White Round Meeting Table


    Large round table to seat 6, 8, 10 or 12 people comfortably. Includes aluminium cable hatch & cable management.
    150Ø | 200Ø | 250Ø cm

  • 45 white meeting room table

    Forty5 White Conference Table


    A long simple table to seat 6, 8, 10 & 12 people. Comes with an aluminium cable hatch & cable management.
    300 x 120 | 360 x 120 cm

  • Frame whiteexecutive meeting table

    Frame Boardroom Table


    Elegant executive table with a laminate top & painted base. Shown with matching chairs.
    240 x 105 | 295 x 120 cm

  • Frame cool glass meeting table

    Frame Glass + Aluminium Boardroom Table


    Glass table with a polished aluminium base. Glass top comes in clear, white or black.
    240 x 105 | 295 x 120 | 380 x 120 cm

  • frame clear glass boardroom tables

    Frame Glass Boardroom Table


    Glass table with a polished aluminium base. Glass top comes in clear, white or black.
    295 x 120 | 380 x 120 cm

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  • Adustable Table + TV Screen

    Gravity Standing Meeting Table


    Height adjustable meeting room table with media screen. Choose from black, walnut or elm table top.
    240w | 135d | 75-115h cm

  • Hub industrial style square meeting table on castors

    Hub Meeting Table with Wheels


    Square table with or with-out castors. Top comes in white, grey, lacquered chipboard or herringbone.
    165 x 165 cm

  • icon round white meeting tables

    Icon White Office Table


    Cone shaped white office table with a laminate top in white or black. Base colour matches top.
    130Ø cm

  • bosa colourful laminate meeting tables

    JB-Bosa Red & Oak Meeting Table


    Solid oak & red laminate table. Solid wood leg & edge come in oak, walnut, ash, beech or maple.
    240 x 120 | 300 x 120 cm

  • jb colour meeting tables

    JB-Waldo Green Table


    Green table & benches. Top colours include white, red, lime, purple, blue & green.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

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What styles and sizes do meeting room tables come in?

What styles and sizes do you sell?

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ conference table. Our range of office meeting room tables sizes and styles, including wood, glass, chromes and colourful super hard-wearing laminates, will meet all of your boardroom, conference table set and training room needs.

Can modern boardroom tables work with my period furniture?

Can modern boardroom tables work with my period furniture?

Perhaps you’re looking for a design classic for your boardroom tables, something that has the style and gravitas for your executive team, but doesn’t hark back to the olden days?

Modern boardroom tables

Tend more towards the inspirational and timeless styles like Eames, which complement all interior design themes and can suit both modern and period office buildings.

How can glass tables help to create the illusion of space?

How can glass help to create the illusion of space?

Sleek lines and polished styles will help to make all visitors and attendees feel like they’re in a larger space, especially when you look to combine your office meeting tables with matching meeting chairs and equally well designed boardroom storage furniture for a seamless impression.

  • Glass tables can help to create the illusion of extra space if your conference room isn’t as big as you’d like it to be.
Can I get a folding meeting room table for extra flexibility?

Can I get a folding meeting room table for extra flexibility?

Our folding conference tables are so cleverly designed that you’d never guess that they can be simply flipped up and wheeled away. This allows you to free up precious meeting room space for other uses, or to cater for larger groups of people at a moment’s notice.

Are your tables movable?

Yes our moveable and folding conference tables can be deployed very easily with minimal staff because of the castors or wheels, freeing up resources for other key areas of meeting preparation.

Can Spaceist help me to plan my conference space?

Can Spaceist help me to plan my conference space?

We know exactly how to make modern boardroom tables look great and feel right, whatever your budget. Most of our office conference tables and meeting tables can be made to a bespoke size so are easy to fit into most meeting room spaces.

Conference room table

Our free space planning guides will help you to find the right conference room table and chairs to make all of your staff and visitors feel welcome, comfortable and impressed.

Meeting Room Table FAQs

How do I calculate the size of table I need?

You can calculate the correct conference room furniture size by allowing a set amount of space for everyone who will be seated around the meeting room table.

  • A good guide is to allow approximately 80 centimetres of space at the meeting room table per person. Take into account what they’ll be doing to work out if extra space will be required, for example for computers or paperwork.

Top tip:

Don’t forget that you may need to allow slightly more room for people when using wide meeting chairs or larger boardroom chairs.

What is the standard height of a table?

As with dining tables, the standard height of a meeting room table is 72 cm high but this can of course vary from product to product with some designs coming in slightly higher or lower than others. If the design you like is non-standard it’s a good idea to think about meeting chairs and ensure that your preferred designs work together.

  1. For a high standing table you will need a 100 or 110 cm office table.
  2. These heights can be used for standing or sitting on a high office stool.

Suitable chairs:

Be especially mindful if you’re intending to use larger chairs or chairs with armrests and make sure your boardroom table can accommodate them.

Do you sell height adjustable meeting tables?

We strive to ensure that our furniture ranges are designed to meet the multiple needs of today’s workplace. We have 3 different designs of meeting table that are able to adjust in height from a seated position up to a standing position.

10 person adjustable table:

The Ark Height Adjustable Table is the largest of the three at 300cm x 100cm. It can seat up to 10 people in comfort and can adjust from standard height of 74cm right up to 114cm for shorter standup meetings. Can be ordered as a black meeting table instead of white.

Can I order a table with cable management?

Keeping the office clear of trailing unsightly cables is always important, and never more so than in meeting and conference rooms where investment furniture plays a big part in creating great first impressions to visitors and clients. To order a meeting room table with cable management please call 020 8840 6298.

Cable management options:

Some of these can be set into the top of the desk for easy access or hidden below the top surface with a panel or top which keeps the sockets covered.

How is our new furniture delivered?

Ordering from Spaceist really does take all the hassle out of bulky furniture deliveries. As office meeting tables or boardroom tables can be very large (some 12 person meeting tables are 360cm in length), each item is flat packed, delivered and then put together on site in the location of your choosing.

No need to worry about moving it. Once assembled by our fully trained fitters your new furniture will be ready to use without delay.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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