Meeting room tables

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Meeting room tables

If you're looking to upgrade your meeting room furniture, look no further than Spaceist's premium selection of meeting room tables. Our tables are designed with both style and functionality in mind, ensuring that your meetings are not only productive but also adaptable, catering to your individual needs.

Our variety of sizes is catered to fit the size of your office, and the number of people that need to be seated. We have a range of materials like wood, glass and laminate tops built to last and withstand the demands of daily use.

From sleek modern designs like our Ark white conference tables to functional folding tables like our AC folding table, you’ll find exactly what you need. Browse our collection today and enhance your workspace with our high-quality meeting tables.

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Meeting Room Table Features & Options

What Types of Meeting Room Tables are Available?

Our collection of modern meeting tables is available in a range of options suited to your budget, here is a breakdown of what we offer:

  1. Budget-Friendly Options: Our basic range includes clean, white meeting tables like our Drive adjustable table are budget-friendly. These are available in various sizes, from small to large, catering to different space requirements.
  2. Mid-Range Selection: A step up, these tables feature laminated engineered wood like our Ark conference table. Our mid-range tables are supported by solid wood legs and a sturdy metal frame, offering both style and strength.
  3. Premium Quality Tables: For the highest quality, we offer tables crafted entirely from solid wood and veneer such as our Mits walnut veneer table. These pieces showcase traditional woodworking joints and superior craftsmanship.

Key Features of Our Meeting Tables:

  • Real wood veneer tops are available in light or dark options.
  • Solid wood edging that complements the tabletop.
  • Durable solid wood legs and a structural frame.
  • High-quality brushed metal cable hatches for tech integration.
  • Efficient cable routing inside the table legs.
  • Hidden cable trays for a neat setup.
  • Matching wood veneer storage cabinets for additional functionality.

Bespoke Meeting Tables for Brand Alignment:

If our standard tabletop colours don't align with your brand, we offer custom options. Our AC folding table comes in a range of colours from blues, reds, greens, and oranges to match your company's branding and other office furniture.

What size meeting table do I need?

What Size Meeting Table Do I Deed?

These simple guidelines will help you to ensure that your new meeting room tables fit in your office space seamlessly:

  • 6 Person Meeting Table: The minimum size that our modern meeting room tables can comfortably seat is 6 people, they measure 200 cm x 120 cm.
  • 8 Person Meeting Table: Our 8 person meeting room tables typically measure 240 cm x 120 cm.
  • 10 person meeting table: Our 10 person meeting tables can seat from 8-10 people. For groups of 10 a measurement of 360 cm x 120 cm is ideal.
  • 12 person meeting table: For larger meeting tables that can sit from 12-14 people, we recommend a 400 cm x 140 cm modular table.

Leave at least 100 cm between the edge of the table and the wall behind. Also consider doorways, windows and heaters.

You can also use our size guide for further advice on what size meeting room table you need.

*Measurements above refer to rectangular meeting tables.*

Meeting Room Table FAQs

Why choose Spaceist for your office furniture needs?

The main benefits of a Spaceist meeting room table are:

  1. 5 year warranty
    We are confident on the quality of our range that all tables come with a 5 year warranty to give you that extra piece of mind when deciding on your new furniture.
  2. Bespoke sizes
    Choose a bespoke size to fit your meeting room instead of trying to squeeze in a standard sized table. A made to order table can be produced to your exact measurements and colour.
  3. Small or large tables
    We can supply any size of meeting tables from a small 6 person to large 12 person tables and bigger conference tables depending on the size of your meeting room.
  4. High quality and hard wearing
    Our modern collection of tables have been selected because of the quality, hard wearing and modern features.
  5. Made to order table top shapes
    There are several types of shaped table tops apart from the standard rectangular table. Meeting table shapes include round, oval, D-end (rectangular table with rounded ends), square, boat shaped (the sides are shaped like a boat) and extra long.

How to plan your meeting space?

It is essential to order the correct sized meeting table for your new space:

  1. Start with an A4 piece of paper and a ruler and draw the conference room to scale. For example use a scale of 1 cm for every 100 cm.
  2. Once you have decided how many people you need to seat you will need 80 cm of table per person.
  3. Always leave a minimum of 100 cm of space between the edge of the table and the wall and up to 200 cm between the table and door.
  4. Once you have the size you require and it looks proportional to the meeting space choose from a standard size or a bespoke size.

What is the standard meeting room table size

The standard meeting room table size for most office environments is:

  • 240 x 120 cm for 8 people
  • 300 x 120 cm for 10 people
  • 400 x 140 cm for 12 people

This allows around a 80 cm space per person to sit at the table. For larger chairs this space would need to be increased to 90 cm of space.

How high are Spaceist’s meeting tables?

We offer both static meeting room furniture and meeting room tables with an adjustable height function.

  1. Our static meeting tables stand generally 72 to 75 cm high.
  2. Our adjustable tables can be set at 72 cm or 114 cm for standing meetings.
  3. *These heights are only a guideline, as they change slightly from product to product.

Our conference tables with an adjustable height allow the table to set at a comfortable height for both standing and sitting. Adjustable boardroom tables currently available can accommodate up to ten people.

What is the best table shape for a meeting?

Round table top

A round table is the best shape for a meeting because everyone is facing each other and not one will feel excluded. If the meeting room is much larger and you need to seat ten to twelve people a rectangular or boat shaped is the best shape.

Boat shaped table top

A boat shaped table is similar to the shape of a boat, The ends are square but the long sides are curved so the middle of the table is wider than the ends. This shape does help the people sitting in the meeting see and talk to each other more easily.

What kind of materials and colours are meeting tables available in?

Our office furniture including meeting tables is available in a range of different materials and finishes:

  • Traditional solid wood tables
  • Chrome and glass meeting table designs
  • Black meeting tables
  • White meeting tables
  • Contemporary bright colourways such as lime, orange and blue

Can Spaceist’s meeting room furniture accommodate electronics?

Yes, many of our meeting tables come with cable management and have the option of adding in electronics. The sockets units are modular so UK plug, USB-C and media sockets can be added depending on what you need.

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