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As school library furniture suppliers we have a large selection of the best library furniture, including comfortable chairs. From show-stopping designer retro styles to soft low seating to colourful modular cubes and curves - perfect for primary school library furniture.+ Read More


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Things to consider when buying Library furniture

1. Durability

Your new library furniture should be designed for all day and everyday use so needs to be made from high quality materials.

  • Material like vinyl should be used on soft seating
  • Solid beech or plywood frames should be specified over chipboard
  • The seating should use commercial-grade foams
  • All materials should be wipeable so they can be easily maintained

2. Modular furniture

Your new furniture should be modular so it can be easily rearranged into different configurations for classes, talks and studying.

  • Seating and tables should be easily connected and disconnected
  • Curved shapes should be ordered to make different seating configurations
  • Modular also means if one part of the furniture is damaged it can be easily replaced

3. Seat heights

The size of a library user can vary from primary children to adult users. If you need a specific height for different areas in your library make sure everyone is catered for.

  • The typical seat height for an adult is around 45 cm
  • Lower and higher seat heights can be specified
  • Height adjustable study chairs
  • Height adjustable tables

4. Lightweight furniture

If you need to move your library furniture around daily it should be reasonably lightweight and easy to move.

Types of furniture for easy movement:

  • Modular seating with wheels
  • Folding tables with wheels
  • Study chairs with wheels

The modular seating and tables have locking wheels to make sure they stay in one position when stationary.

5. Fire rating

Unlike domestic furniture, some commercial buildings might have a Crib5 fire rating where any furniture will need to be Crib5 fire rated.

  • Crib5 means the foam and upholstery material have been tested and certified to a certain fire retardancy
  • Crib5 materials include fabric and vinyl
  • Other furniture like tables are not usually fire tested

Types of library furniture

Modular library sofas

Modular library sofas

A modular sofa can be used to make a straight long seat, a corner seat, a U-shaped seat or a wavy or curved seating arrangement.

  • Sofa sizes are 80, 120 and 180 cm with corner seating units
  • Available in different shapes
  • Special sizes to fit different sized spaces
  • Available in a large selection of colours
Library chairs

Library chairs

A library chair should be comfortable with a lower seat height than a normal chair. Can include armrests and details like plug sockets for laptop charging.

  • Can be grouped together or used separately
  • Optional armrests
  • High back for comfort
  • Optional charging points
  • Matching table
Study tables and chairs

Study tables and chairs

Every library needs study tables and chairs so students can complete there prep or homework. these can be long tables to accommodate eight people or small individual desks for one person.

  • Minimum 100 cm in width
  • Optional screens
  • Integrated power sockets
  • Height adjustable chairs
  • Wipeable surfaces

Library Furniture FAQs

Why use expert school library furniture suppliers?

In many educational and commercial settings, space is precious and expert school library furniture suppliers can help you to maximise seating and make best use of budgets. The best library furniture is robust and can multi-task as required.

Are Spaceist library furniture suppliers based in the UK?

We are contract library furniture suppliers based in the UK and can provide expert guidance in space planning. As experienced primary school library furniture suppliers and library furniture vendors we understand the particular requirements of both educational and commercial furniture spaces.

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