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School library furniture

Our selection of school library furniture is designed with the unique needs of students in mind, from ergonomic library seating to comfortable school tables that encourage group discussions and reading.

We make sure that our school library furniture provides sturdy options such as modular sofas with hard-wearing fabric or vinyl, ensuring that each piece can withstand the busy atmosphere of a bustling school environment.

Transform your school library into a dynamic and inviting space where students can both collaborate and find their own quiet corner to delve into the world of books and learning.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Modular School Library Sofas

Modular School Library Sofas

Our modular sofas offer versatile seating options. With sofa sizes ranging from 80, 120, to 180 cm, including corner seating units, you can tailor the arrangement to fit various spaces.

Additionally, there's a wide selection of colours available to suit your preferences and interior design needs.

Durable Study Tables for Students

Durable Study Tables for Students

You can select from long tables designed to accommodate up to eight individuals or opt for small desks tailored for solo use. These tables come with a minimum width of 100 cm and offer optional screens for added privacy.

Our study desks also feature integrated power sockets to facilitate electronic device usage, along with height-adjustable chairs for personalised comfort.

Lightweight School Library Chairs

Lightweight School Library Chairs

Our lightweight school library chairs are designed for comfort and convenience. These chairs are easy to move around and perfect for flexible learning spaces.

With ergonomic features and durable construction, they provide comfortable seating for students of all ages. Available in a range of vibrant colours to brighten any library setting.

Library Furniture FAQs

Why use expert school library furniture suppliers?

In many educational and commercial settings, space is precious and expert school library furniture suppliers can help you to maximise seating and make best use of budgets. The best library furniture is robust and can multi-task as required.

Are Spaceist library furniture suppliers based in the UK?

We are contract library furniture suppliers based in the UK and can provide expert guidance in space planning. As experienced primary school library furniture suppliers and library furniture vendors we understand the particular requirements of both educational and commercial furniture spaces.

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