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Maximise your outdoor space

These days the concept of heading indoors in the cold weather is becoming a thing of the past. Maximise precious outdoor space with outdoor canteen tables and have it continue to earn its keep throughout the winter by ensuring that you have sufficient outdoor seating for your customers to eat and drink.+ Read More


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


What are the different types of outdoor canteen tables?

Cool canteen picnic table

Traditional style picnic tables

  • The table and bench are connected together with a simple frame
  • Fairly lightweight and can be moved around easily
  • Able to seat 4, 6 or 8 people comfortably
  • Made from materials suitable for all year outdoor use

See the Marina picnic table

Wood outdoor picnic table

Round outdoor canteen tables

  • Round canteen tables are more sociable because everyone is facing each other
  • This is an import feature when wheelchair users are eating
  • Large enough to seat eight people comfortably
  • A large round umbrella will cover all users
  • The Gargantua round table has adjustable seats
Long black wood picnic bench

Permanent outdoor canteen tables

  • The outdoor canteen tables can be fixed to the ground or surface
  • Large and heavy enough so prevent movement
  • All the materials used are suitable for outdoor use all year round
  • Space for wheelchair users

View the Hoop canteen table

Outdoor Canteen Table FAQs

Can I put a solid wood table outside?

  • Yes, you can put a solid wood table outside all year round
  • The wood needs to be a suitable outdoor wood like Iroko or teak alternative
  • The oils in the hardwood wood slow down the rotting process

How tall should an outdoor table be?

The standard height of an outdoor table is around 75 cm. Different products come in slightly different heights. The 75 cm allows enough room for your legs when sitting on a 45 cm high bench or outdoor chair.

If you want to use a high outdoor canteen table these start around 110 cm high and can only be used with seating like outdoor bar stools.

How long do outdoor tables last?

It does depend on what type of material the outdoor tables are made from and how you maintain the furniture.

  1. Galvanised steel tables:
    The frame on Gargantua outdoor table is made from galvanised steel and will last for years. The hardwood top will need to be maintained with the appropriate oil and cleaner.
  2. Powder coated metal tables:
    The powder coated metal steel on the Ark outdoor table will not last as long as a galvanised table but are a cheaper and more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.
  3. Solid wood tables:
    Unlike galvanised and powder-coating an all wood canteen table will need regular maintenance which includes cleaning and oiling.


Metal coated tables require less maintenance than wood tables and are more suitable if you want the outdoor table to be a fixed to the ground or surface. Ideally you would bring wood tables indoors over the winter months.

Can you put outdoor table on grass?

To put an outdoor table on grass in the summer is fine but if you need to use your outdoor tables all year round you will need to place the tables on a hard surface like concrete or a wooden deck.

If you place outdoor tables on grass:

  • You will need to move the tables every time the grass is cut
  • The legs will sink into the ground over winter and will become unusable
  • Wood tables will soak up more water from grass than a hard surface
  • The grass under the tables will wear quickly and become unsightly

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