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  • spaceist 55 colourful reception chairs

    55 library chair

    High quality library chair with supporting high back. The seats can be joined together in banks or laid out individually. Over 100 colourful fabrics or vinyl.
    Size cm – 55w | 80d | 79h | 33h seat

  • Red stool closeup

    Dom stool

    Simple and cost effective stacking stool in black, dark grey, light grey, white & red.
    44w | 42d | 65 or 76h seat cm

  • edge green rectangular cafeteria table and chairs

    Edge long table | chrome trumpet base

    Long canteen table with a coloured edge in green, red, orange, white & black.
    180 x 70 | 230 x 70 cm

  • tellow edged top

    Edge table – thin | yellow

    This table is part of the Edge table range but with a 20mm thick top instead of 38mm. Edge colours include yellow, blue, red, orange & black
    70 x 70 | 90 x 90 cm

  • jb white high canteen tables

    JB-Waldo High Canteen Table | Bishop Ramsey

    High long table in white with a solid oak edge. Top colours include white, red, lime, purple, blue & green plus over 100 colours.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • jb45 high white study tables

    JB-Waldo45 high study table

    High library study table with hard wearing 3mm thick laminate top and solid wood edge.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • jb45 blue study bench kings college

    JB-Waldo45 Study Table | Kings College

    Library study bench with hard wearing 3mm thick laminate top and
    solid wood edge. Cable slots or rotating cable and data points can be added.
    180w | 230w | 285w + specials

  • oxford college u shaped booth grey cubes

    Modular Common Room Cubes | Oxford College

    U-shaped grey hard wearing wipe clean vinyl. Shown with vinyl round cubes and white round table.
    82cm cube | 122cm cube | 1/4 circle cube

  • red grey mod university bar seating

    Modular Cubes | Arts Uni Bournemouth

    Modular Cubes upholstered in red and silver grey leather. Large number of shapes plus vinyl and fabric colours.
    82cm cube | 42cm corner cube | corner cube

  • orange modular cube school booth seating

    Modular Cubes | booth seating

    Hard wearing vinyl cubes in over 60 bright colours. Shapes can be made into many different arrangements.
    82cm cube | corner cube

  • circle modular cubes in brown vinyl

    Modular Cubes | circle seating

    Modular bar circle seats in hard wearing vinyl. Large number of shapes and vinyl colours to choose from.
    82cm cubes | 1/4 circle cubes | white shelf

  • wavy vinyl modular cubes

    Modular Cubes | curve bench

    Multi-coloured curvy cubes. Shown upholstered in vinyl with white dividing shelves and white trumpet tables.
    1/4 circle cube | white shelf

  • red and grey modular cube seating

    Modular Cubes | Immanuel College

    Red and dark grey booth seating covered in wipe clean vinyl in red, blue, orange, pink, black or white.
    82cm cube | corner cube | 38cm round cubes

  • pink fabric modular sofa

    Modular Sofa | pink | low back

    Pink modular sofa also in red, orange, green, blue or purple and many more fabric and vinyl colours.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • nimrod colourful library chairs

    Nimrod library chair

    Retro style library chairs in orange, green, yellow or purple wool fabric. Plastic shell comes in a white scratch resistant finish.
    62w | 86d | 80h | 40h seat

  • ondo green orange modern bar stools

    Ondo bar stool

    Bright coloured figure of 8 shaped seat in over 30 colours including red, lime, purple, yellow, pink and orange.
    64h | 80h seat cm

  • pop red blue green orange cafe chair

    Pop cafe chair

    Economical outdoor stacking cafe chair in white, lime, cream, yellow, orange, red, sky blue, royal blue or grey polypropylene.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • pop yellow modern cafe chairs

    Pop cafe chair | Sir John Cass Hall

    Stackable cafe chair in white, lime, cream, yellow, orange, red, sky blue, royal blue or grey polypropylene.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • soft bench blue grey vinyl canteen table and benches

    Soft-bench Cateen Table | Oxford High School

    Blue & grey long cafeteria seating. Bench in lime, red, orange, grey, pink, purple & over 60 vinyl colours.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

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