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Office desk chairs

Get the perfect office chair to elevate your workspace comfort and style. Our diverse range of ergonomic office chairs and modern desk chairs prioritises your wellbeing during long hours seated at a desk.

Office chairs with adjustable features, breathable mesh desk chair options, and customisable designs, you'll find the ideal chair to match your office decor while promoting a healthy posture.

Explore our collection to find the best office chair solution for your commercial or home office needs.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


What types of reception desks are there?

What Should Be Considered Before Buying an Office Chair?

When purchasing an office chair, several factors should be considered to ensure comfort, support, and productivity. Here's a detailed guide to help you make your decision:

  1. Ergonomics: The chair should have solid lower back support to prevent slouching, which can lead to back pain. Adjustable features are a must – things like lumbar support, armrest height, seat tilt, and backrest angle. This helps you sit comfortably and maintain a good posture.
  2. Comfort: Comfort is key. A good desk chair should have enough padding that's neither too hard nor too soft. The material matters too – it should be breathable, like mesh, to prevent you from getting overheated.
  3. Size and Space: The chair needs to fit both you and your workspace. Make sure it's the right size for your body, with room to move around, and that it fits well in your office space without cramping it.
  4. Adjustability: An office chair that lets you adjust more stuff is generally better. You want to be able to tweak things like seat height, backrest, armrests, and seat depth to fit your body perfectly.
  5. Wheel and Swivel Base: Wheels and a swivel base are extremely helpful for moving around your office desk without having to get up. It's all about making things easier and more convenient.
    Durability and Quality: Durability is a key factor. You want a chair that's built to last, especially if you're going to use it a lot. Check the build quality – a sturdy frame, high-quality materials, and solid construction are what you're after.

We meticulously consider every detail outlined in this guide to ensure you're getting the most out of your office seating. A prime example is our Max operator chair.

Crafted for ultimate comfort, it features a breathable mesh back, perfect for those long hours at the desk. It's also loaded with ergonomic features designed to adapt to your needs, including:

  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Optional Headrests
  • Height Adjustment
  • Automatic Weight Tension Adjustment
What types of reception desks are there?

Are Office Chairs Easy to Maintain?

Office chairs are pretty easy to maintain, but it does depend on the type and material of the chair. Here are some general tips for keeping your office chair in good shape:

  1. Cleaning: Regularly clean the chair to remove dust and dirt. For fabric chairs, use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment. For leather or vinyl chairs, a damp cloth with mild soap works well. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the material.
  2. Wheels and Swivel Base: If your chair has wheels, they can collect hair and debris, especially if you're in a carpeted area. Regularly check and clean the wheels. A damp cloth or a pair of tweezers can be useful for removing debris.
  3. Tighten Screws and Bolts: Over time, the screws and bolts in your chair might get loose. Check and tighten them every few months to ensure the chair remains stable and secure.
  4. Lubrication: If your chair has any metal moving parts, like in the swivel base or adjustable arms, they may need occasional lubrication to keep them moving smoothly.
  5. Avoid Excess Weight: Don't overload the chair beyond its weight capacity, as this can lead to wear and tear or even breakage. Consider office storage solutions to avoid using your chair as a DIY storage option.
  6. Sunlight and Heat Exposure: Try to keep the chair away from direct sunlight and heat sources, as these can fade and damage some materials over time.

Spot Treat Stains: If you spill something on the chair, try to clean it up as soon as possible. Use appropriate cleaning solutions based on the material of your chair.

By following these maintenance tips, your office chair can last a long time, staying comfortable and functional.

What types of reception desks are there?

How Do I Order Office Chairs?

  1. Product name
    Please double-check that the product's name is correct and share the relevant link with us. This will speed up the process, particularly for chair ranges that offer various options.
  2. Quantity of Chairs
    Clearly specify the quantity of chairs needed and let us know if you would like to include any additional options, such as seat pads or armrests.
  3. Colours & Finishes
    Please make sure that both the colour name and code are correct, and don't forget to specify the required leg finish if applicable. If you have particular preferences and want to guarantee an exact colour match, feel free to request a colour swatch.
  4. List Required Ad-Ons
    Let us know if you would like to add armrests, seat pads, or stacking trolleys with wheels to your order.
  5. Details Needed for Invoicing
    Invoice address
    Delivery address if different
    Delivery contact name and number
  6. Accepted Payments
    We accept the following payment types:
    Credit card
    Debit card

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If you have questions about our commercial office furniture or are interested in discussing custom options, we'd love to hear from you! Our team is ready to assist with any inquiries you have.

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Office Desk Chair FAQs

What is the best office chair?

The best office chairs meet your specific needs, preferences, and budget. When choosing a good office chair, it's essential to prioritise ergonomic chairs with adjustability, and comfort to ensure a healthy posture and minimise strain during long hours of sitting.

What are the benefits of office chairs?

The main benefits of using a high-quality office chair include:

  • Improved posture and reduced risk of musculoskeletal issues
  • Increased comfort during long sitting sessions
  • Enhanced productivity and focus
  • Reduced risk of chronic health problems
  • Customisable fit for individual needs
  • Versatility for various work tasks and environments
  • Durability and long-term value
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced physical stress and improved mental well-being

Office chairs VS mesh desk chairs

The main differences between high quality office chairs and mesh desk chairs is their materials, breathability, cushioning, style, and maintenance.

Mesh desk chairs feature a breathable mesh backrest, which promotes air circulation and keeps you cool, while office chairs are usually upholstered in fabric or leather.

Can modern office chairs be functional enough?

If you choose from our extensive range of modern office desk chairs, they can. With features like adjustable height and lumbar support, tilt features and optional armrests, our modern office chairs come in a wide range of colours and fabrics so there really is something to match any interior design.

  • Employees rarely complain about desks, but grumbles about an uncomfortable or badly designed modern office chair continuously top the list of workplace furniture issues.
  • Good employers know they have a responsibility to provide functional and flexible seating for their teams, but this doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style.

Do colours matter when choosing office chairs?

Yes they do! Aesthetics matter - how often have you seen a traditional, wood-panelled, heritage style office unhappily teamed with modern mesh chairs in black and grey metal finishes?

And surely the most cutting-edge designer workspaces packed with quirky features and modern artworks deserve comfortable contemporary office chairs to match? The right office desk chairs can look great and keep people happy.

Can you match my brand colours?

Our custom design is the simplest way of ensuring both style and function are covered. Not only can you choose from hundreds of colours, but we also colour match you modern desk chair in your brand or logo colour, meaning there’s something unique for every workplace.

We have a huge selection of finishes for all our chairs, from leather to brightly upholstered fabrics to chrome frames.

Are your office chairs suitable for commercial use?

Yes they are! The most essential element of the modern office chair supports long periods of time spent at the office desk.

  1. With our adjustable office chairs, including fully adjustable lumbar support, your employees will have a seat that fits their individual body, making their working day more comfortable.
  2. All of our modern office and swivel chairs are long-lasting as well as beautifully designed.
  3. They even come with coordinating office desks so your workplace will look fantastic.
  4. Our chairs are made in the EU and come with a five-year warranty as standard.

What about informal seating and chairs for multiple users?

We also have a wide range of modern office desk chairs for a more flexible workplace. Whether you’re creating a workspace within a hospitality setting or setting up for a short stay hot-desking, our range of colourful chairs will have something to fit.

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