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Leather Executive Chairs

Our selection of leather executive chairs includes a wide range of different leather chairs in a wide range of models and colours. When crafting our premium leather executive chairs, we prioritise creating comfortable and durable chairs.+ Read More


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Can’t find the executive leather office chair you want?

Can’t find right executive leather office chair?

We know how important it is to get the look and feel of your office exactly right. If you haven’t found the best executive leather office chairs for your business yet, we offer a bespoke furniture design and manufacturing service.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the end result are the executive leather chairs that they envisioned, while also fitting into their budget.

Leather Executive Chairs FAQs

What are the benefits of using a leather executive chair?

Leather chairs are often used in office settings due to a wide range of benefits. Leather is also a very durable material, so a leather executive office chair is likely to last for a long time. Additionally, leather is a luxurious fabric that can add a touch of sophistication to any office space.

Can leather executive chairs improve posture and ergonomics in the office?

Leather executive office desk chairs can help promote good posture and they are comfortable to boot, reducing strain on the back and shoulders.

Are there different styles of leather executive chairs available?

Yes, we stock many different styles of leather executive chairs. Some leather executive office chairs have a traditional look, with a high backrest and armrests, while some are far more modern and minimalist in design.

Some leather executive chairs are designed to be especially comfortable, with features like built-in lumbar support or padded headrests, while others are more focused on providing a professional, high-end look.

Are leather executive chairs available in different colours?

You can choose the colours and the finishes for your executive leather office chair, and you can make sure that the finished chair best suits your office’s style and decor. Leather colours include black, grey, white, blue, green and tan colour. You can also match the colour of your leather office sofa to your leather executive chairs.

What makes executive leather office chairs different from regular office chairs?

Executive leather chairs are different from regular office chairs in design in that they will tend to have a more imposing seat design with higher backs and larger arms, both of which will likely be padded for extra comfort.

Do executive leather office chairs provide adequate back and neck support?

Executive leather office chairs should be ergonomically designed to provide more than adequate back and neck support as they are designed with the assumption that one person will be sitting in them for long periods of time. Optional lumbar support and a head rest can be added.

Are the features of an executive leather office chair customisable to fit my needs?

Many executive leather office chairs will feature adjustable heights and armrests. All models are likely to be available in a range of finishes and colours so they can be customised to suit. A chair may also come in a choice of leather or faux-leather.

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