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No upfront costs

No major upfront costs or cash outlay – your payments are broken down into financed monthly rental payments.

Flexible payment structures

Flexibility of payment structure to suit client’s needs. You can select a manageable payment schedule to fit with your cash and financial projections.

Tax benefits

Lease payments fall under operating costs and are therefore 100% allowable against pre-tax profits. This gives you a tax benefit against a conventional outright purchase. A lease company can provideillustrations to demonstrate the tax savings of lease furniture.

VAT payments

VAT is paid as each payment falls due rather than all upfront as with conventional outright purchase. Breaking down the VAT expenditure in this way provides a cash flow benefit.

Fixed rental costs

Rental costs are fixed meaning with inflation the real cost of leasing reduces over time. As you near the end of your lease term the relative cost of payments goes down in an inflationary economy.

New businesses

Specialist arrangements for start up and new businesses. Many lease companies are particularly well set up to offer lease facilities to new companies and companies without sufficient credit history. A furniture lease arrangement allows start ups to achieve a stylish and attractive interior and conserve cash for other business investments.

Cost calculator

A leasing company can supply you with a cost calculator to illustrate your monthly payment according to the size of furniture order. This way you can decide in advance a manageable and affordable agreement.

Already have a leasing company

There are many finance companies offering packages for office furniture leases. Your lease company will correspond with us directly once the order is placed.

For detailed information on furniture leasing see our partner below:

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