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No upfront costs

You need your new furniture in a hurry and you want to protect your cash flow. Your new business is just starting and you simply don’t have the time to save up a hefty deposit. Just two of the many reasons you might want to consider financing your new purchases. No major upfront costs or cash outlay – your payments are broken down into financed monthly rental payments.

Flexible payment structures

The leasing companies are the experts and will be able to advise you on the most flexible options and payment structures available for furniture finance. With many different financing options available there’s bound to be a manageable payment schedule to fit with your company cash flow and financial projections.

This will have the added benefit of keeping your existing cash, credit lines and bank or overdraft facilities free to help your future business growth.

Tax benefits

As well as helping to improve your company’s cash flow, making the choice to lease your new office furniture can be very tax efficient. How? Your leasing company can provide the full details, but put simply, lease payments fall under operating costs and are therefore 100% allowable against pre-tax profits when compared to the limited percentage you can offset for capital allowances.

So compared to a conventional outright purchase, this can give you a tax benefit. A leasing company can provide specific illustrations to demonstrate the tax savings of lease furniture.

VAT payments

There’s a good reason that people say cash is king, and that goes double for businesses who rely on healthy cash flow. So how can office furniture leasing help with cashflow and VAT? Well, with lease finance agreements VAT is paid as each payment falls due, rather than all at once upfront as with conventional outright purchase.

So instead of paying all the VAT when you buy, you pay it in instalments. Breaking down the VAT expenditure in this way provides a cash flow benefit to your business.

Fixed rental costs

Choosing a lease agreement for your new purchases allows your business to benefit from the stability of fixed monthly costs that won’t change, so there are no surprises. Rates will be fixed for the entire term of the lease, which can help to make budgeting and cash flow forecasting much simpler.

As rental costs are fixed, with inflation the real cost of leasing reduces over time. How? As you near the end of your lease term the relative cost of payments goes down in an inflationary economy.

New businesses

Take advantage of specialist arrangements for startup and new businesses. Many lease companies are particularly well placed to offer lease facilities to new companies and companies without sufficient credit history. They are also likely to have access to specialist lenders for these businesses.

Also, a furniture lease arrangement will allow your startup to achieve a stylish and attractive interior and benefit from the most up to date office equipment while conserving valuable cash for other business investments.

Cost calculator

A leasing company can supply you with a cost calculator to illustrate your monthly payments, based on your furniture budget or according to the size of your furniture order. This will allow you to understand all the costs and decide in advance on a manageable and affordable agreement.

The calculator will give you a good idea of what your monthly payments could look like, as well as seeing the cost of the finance and any applicable interest payable over the term of the lease.

Already have a leasing company

Smart businesses never tie up their cash unnecessarily – so we won’t be surprised if you already have a finance partner in place. There are many finance companies offering packages for office furniture leases and most will have access to panels of specialist lenders who don’t deal directly with finance seekers.

Your lease company will correspond with us directly once the order is placed, leaving you free to get on with running your business.

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