Long canteen tables

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Long canteen tables

Flexible long canteen tables

Long canteen tables aren’t just for canteens. They also work brilliantly flexible in breakout spaces, as group study desks, library tables and even temporary bench desks.

Easy to clean & contract worthy

But they’re designed for the original purpose of eating and drinking, which means that they should be easy to wipe clean, easy to move and formed from tough, contract standard materials that can withstand heavy daily use and constant cleaning.

Different tables heights for adults & children

When choosing a long canteen table it’s good to think about intended users. Different designs may work better for adults, students or primary age children. Consider different table heights and don’t forget cafe seating options.

High canteen tables with high stools

Built-in benches are an easy and space saving option, whereas high stools paired with high tables work well as informal dining and study spaces for older students.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Tips for buying long canteen table

  1. If a canteen table needs to be moved regularly consider a light weight table like the Waldo table which has a hollow construction.
  2. A canteen table and benches will seat more people than a table with canteen chairs.
  3. Choose lighter coloured tops because these do not show up marks and fingerprints as much as darker colours.
  4. Only choose a maximum of two colours on a table like the Waldo45.
  5. Add a seat pad to the benches and canteen chairs to improve comfort.
  6. Consider adding charging points like USB and UK plug sockets to your new canteen furniture.

Furniture services we offer

Furniture consultancy, space planning & delivery options

Expert furniture consulting

  • Our expert furniture consultants will guide you through all the options
  • Options include styles, sizes and custom furniture
  • Design advice on colours and furniture arrangements

Furniture space planning

  • We can provide scaled plans of your school or breakout space
  • Space plans includes colours and furniture styles
  • Several furniture arrangement options can be shown

Delivery, assembly & installation

  • Furniture delivered to your door
  • Carried into the room of your choice
  • Full furniture assembly service
  • Installed to plan
  • Packaging removed and recycled

Long Canteen Table FAQs

What is the best material for a canteen table in high-traffic areas?

For high-traffic areas, we recommend long canteen tables made from laminate which has a durable finish like a kitchen work top. This material is designed to withstand heavy use, are easy to clean, and are resistant to stains and heat. The Waldo table with its laminate top and solid wood edge is an excellent choice for such environments.

What is the longest table and how many people can it seat?

The longest table we have is the Camp canteen table which can be made to a size of 440 x 100 cm which can seat fourteen people comfortably using the Weet cafe chair which is 54 cm wide.

Can I seat more people at a table with chairs or benches?

  • You will be able to seat more people on benches rather than chairs.
  • So if you have limited space always choose a 285 cm long canteen table and benches which can seat 10 people.
  • To utilise even more space use the Waldo canteen benches so you can add a chair at each end.

What size canteen table with chairs do I need to seat 8 people

You need to allow a space at the table of around 60 cm per person. This can vary depending on the size of the chair.

If you use the Volt cafe chair which is 51 cm wide the following sized tables will be suitable:

  • 240 or 230 cm table seats 8 people 
  • 180 cm table seats 6 people
  • 140 cm table seats 4 people

Suitable tables include:

What materials are long canteen tables made from?

Most canteen tables like the Waldo table and Ark table are made using laminate which is wipeable, stain and heat resistant. The Waldo laminate top is bonded to a solid wood edge and the Ark table is fixed to a steel powder coated frame.

  • The Ark table is made using a 6 mm thick laminate top
  • The Waldo uses a 3 mm thick top.

How are the canteen tables delivered?

All tables apart from the Waldo45 are delivered flat and are carried into the building and to the room of your choice. The tables are then unwrapped, assembled and installed to plan so they are ready to use. The packaging is then removed and recycled.

If you need a versatile solution for various settings, consider our range of long canteen tables which can adapt to different environments. Whether you need a canteen table for a dining area, a study space, or a meeting room, our selection has you covered.

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