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White Office Desks

Modern office desks

The future is here - and it’s white. Bring your workplace firmly into the 21st century with clean, fresh and thoroughly modern white office desks.

Desks to seat 2, 4 or 6 people

Our large range of long white office desks includes options to suit all businesses, from 2, 4 or 6 person desks to a large white desk and corner desk. There are even height adjustable, folding and standing desk options.

Matching cabinets & chairs

Keep your new minimalist white office furniture clutter-free with matching white office cabinets and office task chairs for the ultimate in clean lines and flexibility in your modern work space.



Why should I buy a white bench desk or long desks for my team?

Why should I buy white extra long desks for my team?

Seating arrangements that centre around shared extra long desks or long desks can be a great way of enabling teams to easily work together while still allowing them sufficient individual modern white office desks with storage space for their own needs.

Our long white office desks and benches are also ideal for flexible co-working and hot desk arrangements and work beautifully as multifunctional workstations in any interior space.

Why should employee-focused businesses invest in white standing desks?

Why should employee-focused businesses invest in standing desks?

The benefits of standing desks are well known - with enthusiasts claiming that they can help with everything from long-term back problems to increased productivity. People of all ages and abilities see the flexibility to choose between seated and standing positions over the course of the working day as real benefit.

White desks

Standing white desks are now being requested and offered as part of employee wellness packages as employers start to understand that accessible workspaces are good for everyone.

Height adjustable desks

Luckily, if you’re thinking of investing in standing or height-adjustable desks you don’t have to sacrifice style. Our range of white standing desks are as beautifully designed as all of our office furniture and will complement any workspace design.

How can a simple white desk solve my white office storage problems?

How can a minimalist white desk with storage solve my office storage problems?

A white desk with storage can be tricky, especially when people need to allocate space for ease of access or security reasons.

The days of having space for banks of minimalist filing cabinets and dedicated staff to organise them are long gone for most offices, but even in workplaces that use minimum paper, there will be a requirement for personal storage.

White office storage

When you’ve carefully planned and decorated your workspace it’s essential to incorporate storage solutions that work seamlessly with your office furniture and keep clutter out of the way. Our clever white office cabinets give you a desk and a dedicated storage area - in one beautifully designed unit.

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May 2022

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