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Canteen Furniture

Selecting the right flexible canteen furniture is worth the extra time and money. Lunch times are an essential part of the day where your staff can eat, relax and enjoy other peoples company.

Discover our diverse range of canteen furniture in many different styles and colours that will enhance your office breakout, workplace canteen, factory or school dining area. Our durable and comfortable canteen tables, benches and canteen chairs will cater to your companies dining needs.

All our furniture is made in the UK and EU to a high standard using commercial materials and manufacturing technics. If you need help finding the right size, colour or shaped canteen furniture please contact Spaceist.

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Canteen Furniture for Various Settings

We design all of our canteen furniture based on the following principles:

Easy to move & clean

Staff canteen furniture needs to be easy to move, easy to clean and made to last. As with all furniture designed for high traffic areas, it’s crucial to choose the right designs to ensure the most efficient use of space.

Hard-wearing & robust

With modern dining areas now doubling up as work, study or breakout spaces, workplace canteen furniture and canteen benches need to be robust, hard wearing and still look great.

Seating for 12 people

Our office canteen furniture comes in as many varieties as your lunch menus, with flexible seating options including high tables and bar stools, canteen chairs, canteen furniture and office canteen benches seating up to 12 people, all available in hundreds of colour options and all covered by our 5 year warranty.

Types of Canteen Furniture

Best types of Canteen Furniture to use

There are several types of canteen furniture and canteen chairs to choose from depending on the use, how many people you need to seat and what style of cafeteria furniture do you want.

  • For 60-100 people a canteen table and bench system is more economical and easier to keep clean and tidy.
  • For 30-60 people with more comfort in mind long table with canteen chairs might be more suitable because you can seat up to 12 people on the very long tables.
  • For 20-30 people smaller round tables seating 4-5 people will suit smaller canteen rooms and round tables are more sociable for your staff.
Size and Space Planning

Size and Space Planning

Finding the right sized tables is as important as the design or style of the canteen furniture. If the tables are cramped or too far apart the space will look odd and it does not matter how much you spend the room will look a mess. Always put together a scale drawing of the space and set out the tables and plastic chairs until you are happy.

Customisation and Options

Customisation and Options

Customisation your furniture for cafeterias can be a very important option if you have a certain amount of people to seat in and set canteen space. A round, long or high table can be customised to fit around the amount of staff you need to seat.

Contract-grade canteen seating and tables

Contract-grade canteen seating and tables

Investing in quality canteen chairs and tables from expert canteen furniture suppliers like Spaceist means that the cafeteria furniture you purchase will be robust enough to withstand even the heaviest everyday use.

Durability of the furniture

Durability of the furniture

All our furniture and canteen chairs and tables are suitable for commercial use and are durable enough for use in halls, factories, warehouses, hospitals and retail premises. Our range of industrial canteen furniture is made from very hard wearing materials that are wipeable and stain resistant.

We specialise in office canteen furniture and canteen seating furniture solutions for breakout areas and offer an expert space-planning service for canteen tables and chairs as well as a five-year warranty.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Maintenance and Cleanliness

This is the normal everyday issues that need to be considered. The furniture we supply is made from hard wearing laminate which is wipeable and easy to clean with the added feature of being stain resistant.

Durability and Warranty

Canteen Furniture Warranty

As mentioned, these are probably two of the most important things to consider when you are looking at redesigning your canteen area. There is no point in your canteen looking great when in a year or two the furniture starts to fall apart and you have to start the whole process again. Our range of canteen furniture comes with a 5 year warranty.

Canteen Furniture Delivery and Lead Times

Canteen Furniture Delivery and Lead Times

The lead times can vary depending on which piece of furniture you like. There are several ways the furniture can be delivered from a kerbside which is the cheapest up to a full dedicated delivery, assembly and install option. Please note with a kerbside delivery you will need to carry the furniture in from the truck and assemble yourself.

Experienced canteen furniture suppliers

Experienced canteen furniture suppliers

Because we source from specialist canteen tables and chairs manufacturers, every canteen table and chairs we sell is designed for commercial use. This means you can easily repurpose your canteen tables as desks or workstations and be assured that your canteen chairs will be comfortable.

Canteen table and chairs suitable for schools, cafes and offices

Canteen table and chairs suitable for schools, cafes and offices

Spaceist has a large range of modern, hard-wearing cafe furniture and office canteen seating and staff canteen furniture for all spaces and budgets. Our canteen tables and chairs in traditional and modern designs are suitable for schools, colleges, universities, cafes, offices and staff areas - as well as the office canteen essentials including canteen tables and chairs.

Furniture for large canteens and small office break rooms

Furniture for large canteens and small office break rooms

From factories and warehouses to schools and offices, all workplaces will benefit from office canteen furniture that allows employees a dedicated space to eat and take breaks. Our range includes long tables and benches for dining rooms as well as bistro and cafe tables.

Canteen Furniture FAQs

Can I get help organising furniture for our office breakout canteen?

  • Yes, we can guide you through the large selection of canteen tables including sizes, finishes and colours.
  • We have supplied furniture for staff canteen areas, school canteens, and even oil rig canteens and are happy to help with space planning, design queries or colour matching.
  • Spaceist is one of the UK’s leading canteen furniture suppliers with over 16 years of experience in school dining furniture and office canteen seating furniture.

What is the standard size of a canteen table?

It’s important to select the correct size for your canteen tables so that people have enough room to eat and drink comfortably and safely. The sizes below are fairly standard for canteen tables but can be altered to fit adults or school children.

  • For 6 diners - 180 cm long
  • For 8 diners - 230 cm long
  • For 10 diners - 285 cm long

For bespoke sizes please contact us for a furniture quote.

Are the canteen tables available in bespoke sizes?

Yes, all of our workplace canteen and dining tables are made to order, so you are never limited to off-the-shelf sizes. A canteen table and chairs in bespoke sizes (made to fit your exact space) are always available. If space is tight - consider folding canteen tables and chair sets.

Not sure exactly what size you need? Our furniture experts are here to help on 020 8860 6298.

Does canteen furniture come in a range of colours?

You’ll be amazed at the wide variety of colours and designs that our furniture is available in. There is something to go with everything, whatever your decor.

  • Use accent colours or create a whole colour scheme to match your branding
  • For a modern look try classic white, glossy black or subtle grey
  • Add pops of colour and create an atmosphere in canteen spaces with bright laminates in primaries and pastels.

Do you sell easy to clean tables and chairs?

  • Our canteen tables and chairs may look amazing but they are also designed to be ultra-practical.
  • This means they are crafted from contract-grade materials with finishes designed to thrive on daily wear and tear in commercial settings.
  • Our canteen ranges are made using hard-wearing finishes and clean up quickly and easily with just a wipe.

Where is the canteen seating made?

Our canteen seating and other commercial furniture are individually selected by Spaceist for their high quality and design, together with the fact that it is made in the UK or Europe.

How long does it take to order?

All the staff canteen furniture, dining and canteen furniture you buy from Spaceist is made to order to your exact size and colour specifications by our trusted manufacturers. This means that delivery usually takes around 6 weeks, depending on the product and style that you select.

How is the canteen furniture delivered?

  1. The canteen furniture is delivered to your door and carried into the room of your choice.
  2. Once the furniture is unwrapped it can be assembled and installed in any specified arrangement.
  3. This can all be done at a time and date to suit you and your business or school.

Does the furniture come with a warranty?

All our office canteen furniture is covered by a five-year warranty as standard, but the vast majority of our contract-grade furnishings will outlast this period.

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