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Canteen Furniture

Suitable for schools, cafes & offices

Canteen furniture designed for break times and rest areas needs to work hardest of all including canteen chairs for outdoors.

We have a large range of modern, hard-wearing canteen seating for all spaces and budgets, suitable for schools, colleges, universities, cafes, offices and staff areas.

Types of canteen tables

Choose from the widest variety of canteen table and bench options, high, long and round canteen table designs, high table with stools and a range of easy to stack chairs for maximum flexibility.

Colours & wipeable finishes

Our canteen furniture which includes canteen table and chairs come in loads of colours and finishes to suit your education or office interior, and clean up quickly and easily with just a wipe.

We specialise in furniture solutions for breakout areas and offer an expert space planning service and a 5 year warranty.

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  • Ark white high breakout canteen table

    Ark Standing White Table


    White standing table with white or solid oak legs. Shown with the Babila wood bar stool.
    200w | 80d | 107h cm

  • contract school grey canteen tables

    Contract Long Canteen Table


    Classic style chrome leg with a laminate top in white, grey or anthracite.
    140 x 80 | 180 x 80 cm

  • disc round white canteen tables

    Disc Cafe Table for Swakeleys School


    Cost effective round laminate top & matching central base. Seats two or four people.
    50Ø | 60Ø | 75Ø cm

  • dream large round canteen table

    Dream Chrome Canteen Table


    Large round table with a white top & polished chrome base. Base is also available in black and silver.
    90Ø | 110Ø | 130Ø cm

  • eames red blue grey and black cafe chairs

    Eames Stackable Cafe Chair


    Plastic chair with a polypropylene seat in black, red, white, blue, grey or cream. Stacking base in chrome or silver.
    47w | 55d | 41h seat cm

  • edge white rectangular canteen table

    Edge Canteen Table with Rounded Corners


    Long white table with rounded corners with a white top. White, black or chrome base.
    180 x 70 | 230 x 70 cm

  • Gargantua large round picnic table outdoor

    Gargantua Round Picnic Table


    Large round picnic table & bench set. Table is made from hardwood & frame from galvanised steel.
    230Ø cm

  • Large white + wood canteen tables

    Hoop White Picnic Bench


    Large outdoor picnic table & bench with a hardwood table top & steel frame.
    180w | 240w | 300w cm

  • Large White Canteen Table

    Icon White Round Canteen Table


    Cone shaped white round table with a hard wearing top in white or black laminate.
    70Ø | 90Ø | 100Ø | 130Ø cm

  • Inox large canteen table white top

    Inox 6 Person Round Canteen Table


    Large round canteen table with a flat steel base. Base include brushed steel, chrome, white or black.
    100Ø | 120Ø | 130Ø cm

  • jb 4leg walnut canteen tables

    JB-Bosa 12 Person Canteen Table


    Long 12 person table with a solid wood leg & edge. Top comes in over 100 colourful or wood grain finishes.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • jb-4-leg red-long canteen tables

    JB-Bosa Red Canteen Table


    Long red canteen table with a solid wood leg and edge. Top comes in over 100 colourful or wood grain finishes.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • Walnut solid high table

    JB-Bosa Walnut Standing Table


    Standing height walnut table with a solid wood frame & hard wearing Formica laminate top. Can seat 6, 8, 10 & 12 people.
    180w | 240w | 300w cm

  • school green red pink and white canteen table and benches

    JB-Waldo Canteen Bench Seating


    Long green, orange & pink tables and benches with a solid wood edge. Choose your bespoke size.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • jb white high canteen tables

    JB-Waldo High Canteen Table | Bishop Ramsey


    High long table in white with a solid oak edge. Top colours include white, red, lime, purple, blue & green.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • jb red school canteen table and benches

    JB-Waldo Red Table for Bishop Ramsey School


    Red tables & benches with a solid wood edge in oak, walnut, ash, beech or maple.
    180w | 230w | 285w

  • jb walnut canteen benches

    JB-Waldo Walnut Canteen Benches


    10 person table & benches in walnut, oak, dark oak & over 30 laminate wood finishes.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • white and walnut canteen table and benches

    JB-Waldo White Canteen Table


    White refectory table and benches. Top colours include white, red, lime, purple, blue and green plus over 100 colours.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • 8 Person Canteen Tables

    JB-Waldo45 8 Person Canteen Table


    Royal blue table & benches suitable for staff dining, cafes and school eating areas.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • jb45 long green canteen benches and table

    JB-Waldo45 Green Canteen Table


    Same as the JB range but with a 45 degree join. Over 100 colours to choose from.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • jb45 high canteen table

    JB-Waldo45 Standing Table


    High & long wall table. Same as the JB range but with a 45 degree join.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • jb45 light blue laminate canteen table and benches

    JB-Waldo45 Table for Kings College


    Monaco green laminate table & benches with a solid oak edge. Colours include red, orange, lime and light blue.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • spaceist-jura-round-meeting-table-colours.jpg

    Jura Wood Round Canteen Table


    Round table with a solid wood leg and edge. Top in over 100 colourful or wood grain laminates.
    120Ø | 150Ø | 240Ø cm + specials

  • Cool canteen picnic table

    Marina 8 Person Picnic Table


    Marina is a picnic table in its most basic shape and made out of pultrusion fibre glass profiles.
    165w | 220w | 275w cm

  • White indoor canteen table

    Marina White Metal Canteen Table


    Very long white canteen table suitable for cafes, canteens and schools. White is the standard colour.
    195w | 265w | 335w | 405w cm

  • Black outdoor picnic table with wood top - Pentagale

    Pantagruel Black Outdoor Table


    Designer black large round picnic table & bench set. Table & seat is made from hardwood.
    227Ø cm

  • Round good quality outdoor table + bench - Pentagale

    Pantagruel Outdoor Canteen Table


    Stylish large round picnic table and bench set. Table and seat is made from hardwood and frame is made from white or galvanised steel.
    227Ø cm

  • soft bench blue grey vinyl canteen table and benches

    Soft-bench Canteen for Oxford High School


    Blue & grey long cafeteria seating. Bench in lime, red, orange, grey, pink & purple.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • soft-bench canteen table green vinyl bench

    Soft-bench Canteen Table | Chrome Base


    Long soft upholstered canteen bench in lime, red, orange, grey, pink, purple and over 60 vinyl colours.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • studio walnut modern cafe chairs

    Studio Cafe Chair


    Walnut veneer chairs with a sled base. Seat comes birch, walnut or wenge veneer.
    54w | 54d | 77h | 47h seat cm

  • togo long black canteen tables

    Togo 4 Person Canteen Table


    Long black canteen table with a hard wearing laminate top. Leg finishes include white, black or brushed aluminium.
    140 x 90 | 160 x 90 | 200 x 90 cm

  • oxford college white trumpet cafe tables

    Trumpet White Cafe Table


    White trumpet style base with a hard wearing laminate top. Shown with Daydream blue chairs.
    90Ø | 100Ø | 110Ø | 120Ø cm

  • X large white oval canteen tables

    X Canteen Table for Immanuel College


    D-shaped long canteen table with a white top & base. Shown with colourful Ondo cafe chairs.
    320 x 120 | 400 x 120 cm



How will outdoor canteen furniture allow my business to open up new spaces?

How will outdoor canteen furniture allow my business to open up new spaces?

Make the most of underused spaces by taking your canteen chairs and dining tables outside like courtyards into brand new extra ‘rooms’ that can host meetings, events, workshops and more.

Outdoor staff seating

Staff will love the opportunity to picnic at work and extra outdoor canteen tables and chairs, benches and canteen seating furniture can open up little used outdoor spaces.

Functional canteen tables & chairs

  • Our hard-wearing and functional outdoor canteen furniture doesn't compromise on style, with classic benches, round tables and cafe bar options all available.
  • And they’re all designed to be durable, hard-wearing and easy to clean, so your outside spaces will always look as great as your interiors.
Where can I find the widest selection of canteen tables?

Do you sell a wide selection of canteen tables?

Yes we do!

The Spaceist range of modern canteen tables comes in hundreds of thoughtfully designed shapes and styles, allowing groups of all age ranges to fit comfortably together without ever sacrificing looks or comfort.

1. Long tables & benches

Choose from communal long canteen tables and benches, cosy booth seating or individual cafe style arrangements for more intimate settings.

2. Matching chair & stools

Go high or low, with chairs and stools to match or contrast with your existing decor. Dining separates allow you to easily rearrange everything for ultimate flexibility, with stackable options for ease of cleaning.

I’m not sure what size canteen table I need - can Spaceist help?

I’m not sure what canteen seating I need - can Spaceist help?

  • As a rough guide for space planning, a table and canteen chairs for 6 people is around 180cm, while a table for 10 comes in at around 285cm.
  • Unlike many other manufacturers, all of our canteen tables are made to order so we can easily cater for bespoke sizes.
  • We’re highly experienced in canteen planning and can advise you on layout, table sizes, shapes and colours. And all of our canteen table and chairs are warranted.
How does canteen furniture delivery work?

How does the furniture delivery work?

Because your canteen seating furniture is made especially for you, please allow between 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

Planning for the installation is easy because most of our furniture is delivered flat and assembled on site for you by our fully trained fitting team.

Canteen Furniture FAQs

What size canteen table?

It’s important to select the correct size for canteen tables so that people have enough room on a canteen chair to eat and drink comfortably and safely.

  • For a table for 6 we recommend 180 cm.
  • For 8 people, 230 cm.
  • For 10 people, 285 cm.
  • Bespoke sizes are also available.

Can I get help organising furniture for our breakout canteen?

We are commercial furnishing experts with over 14 years of experience in furniture for staff canteen areas, school canteens and dining rooms and even oil rig canteens.

Space planning

We can help you with planning and supplying great looking layouts, sizes, colours, materials and much, much more.

Are the tables available in bespoke sizes?

All of our canteen and dining tables are made to order, so you are never limited to off-the-shelf sizes - bespoke sizes made to fit your exact space are always available.

Not sure exactly what size you need? Ask our experts to help - 020 8860 6298.

Does the furniture come with a warranty?

Our commercial furniture is individually selected by Spaceist for its high quality and design, together with the fact that it is made in the UK or Europe.

5-year warranty

All our furniture is covered by a 5 year warranty as standard, but most will outlast this period.

How long does it take to deliver canteen furniture uk?

The dining and canteen furniture uk you buy from Spaceist is made to order to your exact size and colour specifications by our trusted manufacturers.

This means that delivery of your canteen table and canteen chairs usually takes from 2-4 weeks, depending on the product and style that you select.

How is the furniture delivered?

  1. Furniture deliveries can be arranged at a time and date to suit you and your business.
  2. To make things even easier, most of our furniture is delivered flat for ease of access.
  3. The furniture is then fully assembled on site for you by our trained furniture fitters.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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