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Why choose a round meeting table?

Round meeting tables allow everyone to collaborate equally. These space-efficient tables allow everyone around the table to see each other clearly and communicate more easily.

Round office table finishes & matching chairs

Choose a round office table, conference or round boardroom table with glass, wood or hard-wearing laminate top with matching meeting room chairs and credenza storage units to match all office styles, from classic to modern. We can even incorporate UK plug sockets and USB points.

What size round meeting table for 6?

You will need a 150 cm or 160 cm diameter round office meeting table to seat six people depending on the width of the chairs.

What size round meeting table for 4?

For a circular meeting table for 4 you will need a circular table with a width of at least 120 cm, for an executive table 140 cm is more comfortable.

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Are round tables available with standard legs?

Are round tables available with standard legs?

Our round meeting tables are available with standard legs in a variety of solid wood, laminate, metal or coated steel finishes as well as central cone and trumpet style bases, so there’s always an option to perfectly match your London interior design scheme.

What is a cone style round table base?

What is a cone style round table base?

A cone style base is a solid central base for a circular office table that tapers from bottom to top. Central bases can be a great solution for helping to create extra legroom.

What is a trumpet style base?

A trumpet style base is another style of circular meeting table base like the cone base, but instead it is curved like the bell of a trumpet.

A round meeting tables allow for a much more slender central base which, as well as looking more elegant, gives extra space around a large round conference table for legs, feet and bags.

Can plug sockets be incorporated into my round meeting table?

Can plug sockets be incorporated into my round meeting table?

Look beyond the table top and add a little extra style and comfort to your meeting spaces.

Power unit options:

  • 2, 3 or 4 UK sockets
  • USB charging sockets
  • Ethernet sockets
  • HDMI sockets
  • Power units are made to your exact specifications. Choose one of each or have all the sockets the same. 

As experts in office furnishings, we’ve thought about the bottom of the small round office table as well as the top, with good looking and creative cable management solutions that keep tangled cables and trailing plug sockets out of the way of feet and chair legs.

Round Meeting Room Table FAQs

How do I calculate how many people I sit at a round table?

  1. Multiply the diameter by 3.14 to calculate the circumference of a round meeting table.
  2. 80 cm is the average space you should allow per user at a round meeting room table so divide the total by 80 centimetres. Increase this if the chairs are larger than the average chair.
  3. Example: 210 cm diameter circular boardroom table / 210 cm x 3.14 = 659.4 cm circumference / 659.4 cm ÷ 80cm = 8.24 / 8 people can be seated comfortably at this table.
  4. For a round meeting table for 6 people you will need a 160 cm diameter.

What is the largest round boardroom table you sell?

The Eames round boardroom table has a diameter of 210 cm and can seat eight people comfortably. In our white meeting table range, the Forty5 circular office table can seat 12 people. Both come with the option of cable hatches or power sockets.

Are your round tables suitable for schools?

We have several suitable circular meeting tables and chairs for use in schools, colleges and other high impact areas. The Ark table comes with a solid laminate top and strong steel frame. The Jura table has the same type of top but with a solid wood edge.

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