Round meeting tables

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Round meeting tables

Explore our selection of round meeting tables that come in different sizes, finishes and colours. Choose from a range of bespoke sizes with power and USB-C sockets and more.

With their inclusive design and spacious surface, our circular meeting tables provide a conducive environment for brainstorming sessions and team meetings.

Your new round table can be carried in to your office by our delivery experts, assembled in the room of your choice and installed so the table is ready to use.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Modern office tables

Modern office tables

As one of the leading office furniture supplier in the UK, Spaceist has more than 16 years of specialist experience in the commercial furniture industry and can help you find the perfect circular meeting table for your business.

Choose from our range of circular meeting tables and transform your meeting room area today. Request our price list

Our round office table range includes cutting edge modern styles, classic Eames designs, executive and budget-friendly options. Don’t forget to ask us about matching meeting chairs, stackable chairs and stools too.

Why choose a round meeting table?

Why choose a round meeting table?

Choosing a round meeting table over a rectangular has several advantages for your staff wellbeing, time spent in meetings and the outcome of any meeting.

  1. The first advantage being everyone at the table is facing each other and will feel included in any discussions and everyone will feel equal.
  2. The second being that because there is feeling of inclusion disagreements or conflicts are less likely to happen.
  3. The third is any printed information or design plans can be easily viewed compared to a rectangular table. Not sure if a round meeting table is the right choice for you please contact Spaceist.
Round office table finishes & matching chairs

Round office table finishes & matching chairs

Choose a circular office table, conference or round boardroom table with glass, wood or hard-wearing laminate top with matching meeting room chairs and credenza storage units to match all office styles, from classic to modern. We can even incorporate UK plug sockets and USB points into the top of a round office table.

Round Meeting Table FAQs

Standard round office table sizes:

Number of People Diameter (cm)  Calculation Example  Notes
4 120 120 cm x 3.14 = 376.8 cm; 376.8 cm ÷ 80 cm = 4.71 Standard size for 4 people
5 140 140 cm x 3.14 = 439.6 cm; 439.6 cm ÷ 80 cm = 5.50 Standard size, more comfortable for 4 people
6 160 160 cm x 3.14 = 502.4 cm; 502.4 cm ÷ 80 cm = 6.28 Standard size for 6 people
8 200 200 cm x 3.14 = 628.0 cm; 628.0 cm ÷ 80 cm = 7.85 Standard size for 8 people
10 250 250 cm x 3.14 = 785.0 cm; 785.0 cm ÷ 80 cm = 9.81 Standard size for 10 people
12 300 300 cm x 3.14 = 942.0 cm; 942.0 cm ÷ 80 cm = 11.78 Standard size for 12 people

Additional Information:

  • Custom Sizes: Tables can be made to order for specific needs.
  • Modular Options: Modular circular office tables are available for flexibility.
  • Space Calculation: Use the formula Circumference=Diameter×3.14\text{Circumference} = \text{Diameter} \times 3.14Circumference=Diameter×3.14 and allow 80 cm per person. For example, a 160 cm diameter table has a circumference of 502.40 cm, comfortably seating 6 people (502.40 cm / 80 cm ≈ 6.28).

How do I calculate how many people I sit at a round table?

  1. Multiply the diameter by 3.14 to calculate the circumference of a round meeting table.
  2. 80 cm is the average space you should allow per user at a round meeting room table. Divide the total by 80 centimetres. Increase this if the chairs are larger than the average meeting chair.
  3. Example calculation: 160 cm diameter circular boardroom table - 160 cm x 3.14 = 502.40 cm in circumference - 502.40 cm ÷ 80cm = 6.28 - So the 160 cm makes a comfortable 6 person conference table or round office tables for 6.

What is the largest round meeting table you sell?

The largest round meeting table we sell is the Jura table which has a diameter of 300 cm and can seat 12 people comfortably. The average round top size is closer to 160 cm like the Ark table range.

Can plug sockets be incorporated into my round meeting table?

Look beyond modular tables and add a little extra style and comfort to your meeting spaces with a round meeting table.

Power unit options:

  • 2, 3 or 4 UK sockets
  • USB charging sockets
  • Ethernet sockets
  • HDMI sockets
  • Power units are made to your exact specifications. Choose one of each or have all the sockets the same. 

As experts in office furnishings, we’ve thought about the bottom of the small round office table as well as the top, with good looking and creative cable management solutions that keep tangled cables and trailing plug sockets out of the way of feet and chair legs.

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