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Reception Sofa

Looking for stylish sofas for your office reception? Spaceist has got a great selection for you.

Our sofas are made to be durable and comfortable, perfect for welcoming guests while giving them a nice spot to take a break.

No matter what your reception area looks like, we've got something that will fit right in. Whether you’re looking for modular sofas or corner reception sofas, we can help you elevate your office area.

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Comfortable & Stylish Sofas

Comfortable & Stylish Sofas

Our office sofas are not only built to prioritise comfort and functionality but also come in a range of designs to complement the aesthetic and layout of your office.

Modular Sofas

Modular sofas are made up of separate sections allowing you to move around and rearrange them to fit your space perfectly, making them extremely versatile.

Corner Sofas

These reception sofas are extremely space-efficient. They fit into corners, helping maximise the use of your reception area space, making corner sofas a great choice for smaller rooms.

High Back Sofas

The high back sofa design can create a sense of privacy and space, which is a great option for a breakout room sofa where employees can go and take a break from work or just want some privacy.

How can office sofas be customised?

How can office sofas be customised?

Choose from a range of sizes and customise your office sofa however you’d like:

  • Shapes: available in L-shaped, straight, long and curved
  • Colours: choose from a variety of bright colours like blue or orange to more subtle colours like grey and black
  • Fabrics: decide between Fame, Blazer, Corium vinyl/faux leather
  • Extras: add plug and USB sockets for convenience

Take a look at our range of side tables and reception chairs to compliment your new reception sofa.

Supplying Office Sofas for 16 years

Supplying Office Sofas for 16 years

As one of the leading office furniture suppliers in the UK, Spaceist has more than 16 years of specialist experience in the commercial furniture industry.

We have worked on hundreds of projects with notable businesses such as:

  • The Bank of Tokyo
  • Manchester Airport
  • The National Gallery
  • The National Maritime Museum
  • Brighton College
  • The City of London

Office Sofa FAQs

What is different about our range of office sofas?

At Spaceist, we provide a range of made to order office sofas from standard 2 & 3 seater commercial sofas to corner seating. We also provide sofas in U and L shapes, and we can also offer a high-backed sofa model too.

From a small reception sofa to a large six person sofa, our wide range is extensive, and you will be able to find the model which will perfectly suit your reception area or current office furniture.

We offer a wide range of fabrics, leathers and vinyls so your new furniture can really compliment your office’s existing decor.

How to choose the best office sofa size?

Reception sofas can vary greatly in size and shape so it is important to know how much available space there is for any new furniture especially if the space is awkwardly shaped.

  1. Start by measuring the space and decide where best to add a new sofa.
  2. Most two seater sofas are around 160 cm in length and a three seater is around 200-220 cm.
  3. Try not to cram in the sofa to a small space and alway leave a 20-30 cm space at each end.
  4. Make sure leave a 30 cm space between any wall heaters
  5. Avoid plug sockets that need to be accessed on a regular bases.

If you need more seating but don't have the space use stools and narrow high tables which can also be used as a place to work. Adding multiple pieces of furniture like this where you can use different colours can give the space a more designer look.

Can Spaceist make a bespoke reception sofa that fit your office perfectly?

Yes, while our standard office sofa range is extensive, you might not find quite what you’re looking for, or you have an idea for a commercial sofa that would be perfect for your space. Decide what size sofa that will work and our experts can suggest something that will fit perfectly and complement your current office furniture.

We can even match the colours of the fabrics you choose to match with your brand’s design, so you can reflect your company throughout your office starting with your reception sofas.

What are the benefits of having modular reception sofas?

Like most businesses you will grow over time and will probably move offices several times and every office reception area is different.

  1. The main benefit of modular reception sofas is it can be changed to fit each reception area by removing or adding sofa sections.
  2. The second benefit is that if one section is damaged or stained it can easily be replaced without having to throw out a whole sofa.
  3. Modular sofa are usually only made for the office market for this reason so are made to withstand this type of hard-wearing environment.

What reception areas would benefit from having sofas?

Sofas are only suitable for certain types of reception areas. These areas are usually more casual office spaces like media, film, design and architects. The volume of visitors is fairly low and people do not necessarily need to be separated with individual chairs. Sofas are also easier to maintain than many chairs that need to be rearranged on a regular basis to keep the reception area looking at its best.

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