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Bespoke office sofas sizes & brand colour matching

They come in standard and bespoke sizes for a perfect fit - from 2 & 3 seater office reception sofas to corner seating, U shaped, L shaped and high back booths. We even offer office sofas in bespoke sizes and brand colour matching - so your new seating will blend seamlessly with your space.

Modern office sofas with modern styling

Modern reception furniture needs to maximise space, look great and be super durable. Our modern office sofas are good looking and hard wearing.

How much space do I need for a 3 seater reception sofa?

A 3 seater modern reception sofa is 200 cm to 250 cm wide and you need to leave at least 20 cm at each end. The total space is between 240 cm & 290 cm.


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What types of office sofas are there?

What are the different types of office reception sofas?

1. Corner or L shaped

Familiar to most people from the home environment, ultra-flexible corner reception sofa is designed in an L shape configuration which can have an arm on the left or right-hand side of the reception sofas, according to the shape of the room.

2. Straight

A traditional sofa for office reception seating where people sit in a row. These come in two, three and four-seat configurations allowing you to furnish small and large spaces easily. They can be mixed and matched - try one four-seater modern office sofa design against one wall or two smaller seats facing each other.

3. High back or booth

This type of modern seating is perfect for multi-use areas and breakout spaces. High back seating or chairs can create extra privacy and quiet spaces in open-plan workspaces and allow people to make phone calls or conduct meetings without disturbing others.

4. Modular

The most flexible option, modular seating arrangements can be customised to fit the space. They can be used to create interesting shapes, configured for the tightest of spaces and easily moved to allow multiple groups to make efficient use of the same space.

5. Modern office sofa set

A matching modern office sofa set can include one or two chairs and can be covered in the same fabric colour or a contrasting colour depending on your reception interior. Sofas sizes range from a small 2 seater up to a large 3 seater.

6. Curved reception sofa

This is a fairly new style of reception sofa. The curved corner sofa can make a reception or waiting room an interesting place to be. It will stand out compared to the normal rectangular or standard corner sofa.

Office Reception Sofa FAQs

Office Reception Sofa FAQs

Can I match my brand colours?

Yes! There is a library of 1000s of fabric colours available in reds, greens, blues, oranges and greys which means colour matching should be possible for almost every office reception sofa. Ask our furniture experts for help with colour matching and colour swatches - call 020 8840 6298.

What fabric colours are available?

Office sofas are large pieces of office furniture that need to work with your existing decoration. Whether you want to go for a subtle match or a bright contrast, we’re happy to tell you that almost every colour you can imagine is possible, from red, blue, green, grey, black, white, purple and orange.

What is the standard seat height?

40cm is the standard seat height of an office sofa set. If the seating will be used for a meeting a 45cm height is more comfortable.

How much space do I need for a corner office seating?

Small, four-seater corner reception sofas starts at 227 x 227 cm and gives you the equivalent of 2 two-seater and a corner seat. We recommend that you leave at least a 20cm gap at each end which means that you need to allow a total space of around 260 x 260 cm.

  • Consider modular seating for extra flexibility now and if you’re planning to move in the future. Corner units do not suit all receptions because the corner seat rarely gets utilised unless serval people are seated.
  • Consider replacing the corner seat with a low coffee table to reduce the cost and make the unit more usable.

What is the hardest wearing fabric for waiting room seating?

  1. Faux leather or vinyl office sofa

    Stylish faux leather is the hardest wearing reception sofa material - it is stain resistant and wipes clean. Remember on an office sofa that a synthetic commercial grade fabric can have a rub test rating of 250,000.

  2. Leather office sofa

    A leather office sofa is also a good option because if the leather is looked after it can look better with age. Remember to clean any spills of with a dry cloth and if you have time treat the leather with a conditioner.

Domestic seating fabrics

Domestic seating fabrics have a rub rating of only around 25,000 which makes them unsuitable for workspaces.

Can I order without armrests?

Armrests are a popular feature and with good reason, they’re comfortable and practical. But in modern commercial premises space is often an issue, as well as access.

Removable armrests

  • Not having armrests can allow you to almost double up on office sofa seating where space is really tight or make better use of space with L-shaped or modular seating options.
  • If access is an occasional problem, some specific types of seating can be specially made with removable arms to solve this issue.

Free colour swatches

A swatch service for an office furniture sofa is available to help you decide and we can even help with colour matching - perhaps you’d like to match your logo design?

How does our new seating arrive?

At Spaceist we aim to make the ordering and delivery process of your office sofa as simple as possible for you. Our teams of specially trained fitters will deliver, unpack and position your furniture in the location of your choice so it’s ready for use immediately.

Out of hours delivery

This service is also possible outside normal office working hours for minimum disruption - so useful to consider in busy spaces like reception. Please note: the majority of our orders will arrive fully assembled.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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