Outdoor cafe furniture

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Outdoor cafe furniture

Whether you own a small cafe, a traditional pub or a coffee shop, outdoor cafe furniture can really make a difference to your business. In the warm summer months, customers are eager to enjoy their food and drink in the sunshine, and outdoor cafe seating can boost your business.

Our outdoor cafe tables are suitable for an outdoor area of any size, and our outside cafe tables and chairs come in a range of sizes that can best suit your outdoor space. Invest in some new furniture today to really attract customers over the summer months.+ Read More

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Modern range of Outdoor Cafe Furniture

We have a modern range includes outdoor cafe chairs and tables in a range of material from plastic, powder-coated steel, laminate and aluminium. All the outdoor chairs are stackable and we also have a range of stackable cafe tables.

Eco plastic cafe chairs suitable for outdoor use

Some of our range of Eco plastic cafe chairs are certified GOLD by GreenGuard which means the chairs are either made from recycled plastic or the way the outdoor cafe chairs are made means all certified products are subject to a review of the manufacturing process and routine testing to minimise the impact on the environment.

Space planning your outdoor space

Like all spaces the furniture needs to look atheistic in any outdoor space so it is pleasing to the eye. Space planning is worth the extra effort at the start so you order the right amount of outdoor furniture and don't over-order or under-order. You can also include options for expansion at a later date showing different sized or shaped outdoor tables.

Outdoor Cafe Furniture FAQs

Why should my cafe have outdoor furniture options?

If your cafe or restaurant has even just a small bit of outdoor space, it is important to consider utilising it. In the summer months, sitting outside is very popular, and so if your business offers an outdoor space, your outside cafe furniture or restaurant patio furniture will become very attractive.

Additionally, cafe outdoor seating is a great way to accommodate smokers who, by law, must sit outside to smoke.

What are the typical dimensions of outdoor cafe tables?

Of course, there is no typical size for our outdoor cafe tables - they can be as big or as small as you require. You’ll have different sized groups visiting your venue, so it is wise to have a range of cafe style outdoor tables - suitable for two people 50 or 60 cm diameter, four people 70 to 90 cm and six people 110 cm. These sizes do depend if your customers are just drinking coffee or eating lunch.

If needed, you could push together two smaller square tables to accommodate a larger group. If spare furniture is required try our range of stackable outdoor furniture which can be easily stored indoors.

What types of outdoor cafe chairs and tables are best?

For your catering outdoor furniture, it’s best to opt for something that’s going to be weather resistant. We would recommend looking at aluminium and plastic commercial outdoor seating options.

It’s also important that your outdoor tables and outdoor chairs match your cafe's atmosphere and suit your venue so your street-side seating style flows through the cafe.

How often should I replace my outdoor cafe furniture?

There are a few things that could affect outdoor furniture’s longevity. These include not properly storing your furniture during the night and the winter months and what material the outdoor furniture for cafes is made of.

Typically, if you choose an outdoor table that is weatherproof and made of a robust material, it should last years. At Spaceist, all of our outdoor furniture and al fresco seating is really put to the test to ensure it will be a part of your cafe for years to come.

How much does outdoor cafe furniture cost?

Our wholesale outdoor cafe furniture is sold at competitive and fair prices. We have a range of furniture that will suit your budget and we only supply high quality outdoor cafe furniture so it lasts and will still look good in years to come. Achieving a chic, polished look for your outdoor space won’t have to break the bank with our chairs and tables.

Can I leave my outdoor seating outside all year long?

We would advise that you don’t leave your outdoor furniture outside all year long if not utilised. By bringing in your tables and chairs nightly and during the winter, you will maximise its lifespan. These easy-to-clean outdoor chairs are stackable plus a trolley can be ordered to move the chairs from an indoor storage cupboard to the outside.

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