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Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Outdoor cafe & dining spaces

Make sure your outdoor cafe furniture is as smart as your interior decor, with our range of outside cafe tables and chairs. Whether creating the perfect first impression at the front of your building, or providing extra outdoor cafe seating for diners or stylish smoking areas, our outdoor cafe chairs and table sets are hard wearing and super stylish.

Stackable & folding outdoor furniture

Commercial outdoor cafe furniture for cafes and restaurants include plastic, metal or wooden tables, with stackable and foldable table options for fully flexible use of precious outdoor spaces. Our outdoor restaurant furniture comes in lightweight, moveable options or heavy and durable all-year-round designs.


  • All plastic yellow retro cafe chair

    All Outdoor Chair


    Retro-style all plastic outdoor chair in seven colours. This comfortable compact chair is very high quality.
    42w | 46d | 77h | 44.5h seat cm

  • Ara black cafe chair

    Ara Outdoor Cafe Chair


    Scratch resistant outdoor chair in white, black, dark grey, grey, blue, green, brown, sand, orange & red.
    60w | 56d | 83h | 46h seat cm

  • Ark round white industrial style cafe table

    Ark Round White Cafe Table


    Laminate top with a steel powder coated three leg central base.
    70Ø | 80Ø cm

  • Ark square industrial metal cafe table

    Ark Square White Cafe Table


    White with a three or four leg base. Bespoke top sizes available.
    70 x 70 | 80 x 80 cm

  • Black outdoor cafe chair

    Babila Black Tub Chair


    Economical & stylish black chair with seat in white, black, beige, grey, red-orange & yellow. Matching stool & table.
    55w | 52d | 46h seat cm

  • Black cafe table seats 6

    Bold 4 Person Black Cafe Table


    Laminate top comes in white, black, wenge, bleached oak or light grey. Suitable for outdoor use.
    140 x 80 | 160 x 80 cm

  • bold black tables with yellow cafe chairs

    Bold Black Table | Sir John Cass Hall


    Black round top with the optional anti-fingerprint finish. Suitable to seat two or four people.
    60Ø | 70Ø | 80Ø | 90Ø cm

  • Black outdoor cafe furniture

    Bold Cafe Table | Horniman Museum


    Square top in a white laminate with a black edge & black x-shape base.
    60 x 60 | 70 x 70 | 80 x 80 cm

  • Cafe table in black with T-leg

    Bold Push Together Table


    T-shape legs make it possible to push together to seat four, eight or twelve people.
    120 x 80 | 140 x 80 cm

  • Yellow Cafe Table

    Bold Yellow & Black Tables


    Large six person table with a Y-shaped base in coloured top & base of your choice.
    58.5Ø | 58 x 58 | 70 x 70 cm

  • Booki red blue and white designer cafe chairs

    Book Stacking Cafe Chair


    Polypropylene stacking chair in white, beige, orange, black and blue. Aluminium leg matches seat colour. Outdoor stacking chair.
    53w | 52d | 80h | 46h seat cm

  • White Chair with Holes in the Seat

    Book White Chair with Holes


    Polypropylene stacking chair in white, beige, orange, black and blue. Aluminium leg matches seat colour. Suitable for outdoor use.
    53w | 52d | 80h | 46h seat cm

  • Concrete cafe table with a black round top

    Concrete Outdoor Cafe Table | Round


    Concrete molded base with a galvanized stem and outdoor top. Top colours are white, grey and black.
    80Ø | 73h or 110h cm

  • Concrete square outdoor cafe table

    Concrete Outdoor Cafe Table | Square


    Heavy concrete base for permanent outdoor use. Can seat up top 4 people.
    70 x 70 | 73h or 110h cm

  • Daydream white and blue cafe chairs

    Daydream Translucent Chair


    Translucent poly-carbonate seat in white, black, red, blue or transparent. Stackable base in chrome, white or black.
    52w | 57d | 82h | 46h seat cm

  • Dom red and yellow cafe chair with arms

    Dom Yellow Cafe Chair


    Stacking outdoor & indoor chair in white, black, red, yellow, light grey, dark grey & green. Optional arms and perforated seat/back.
    52w | 53d | 81h | 46h seat cm

  • dream white designer cafe tables

    Dream Round Cafe Table


    Economical version of the Trumpet bar height. Base comes in white, black and silver finish.
    60Ø | 70Ø | 80Ø | 90Ø cm

  • eames red blue grey and black cafe chairs

    Eames Stackable Cafe Chair


    Plastic chair with a polypropylene seat in black, red, white, blue, grey or cream. Stacking base in chrome or silver.
    47w | 55d | 41h seat cm

  • easy white outdoor tables

    Easy stacking table


    Scratch resistant polypropylene shell in white or black. Stacks up to 5 tables high. Matching cafe chair.
    75 x 75 | 72h cm

  • Bar height round table in red

    Eliot high table


    New high bar table with a extruded aluminum base. Top materials include glass, marble, laminate and metal.
    60Ø | 60 x 60 cm

  • red folding table

    Eliot Red Folding Cafe Table


    Folding top in steel or solid laminate. The central base & top are suitable for outdoor use.
    70Ø | 60 x 60 cm

  • Rust colour square cafe table for outdoor use

    Fabb Rusty Metal Cafe Table


    Outdoor rusty style with a slightly texture satin finish. Square or rectangular top.
    70 x 70 | 80 x 80 cm

  • Fabb table range

    Fabb White Metal Cafe Table


    100% recycled steel top & legs come in white, grey, rust & lacquered metal.
    70 x 70 | 80 x 80 cm

  • chrome + marble cafe table

    Flux Cafe Table | Polished Aluminium


    New outdoor cafe table with a polished stainless steel base. A choice of glass, marble, laminate or metal tops.
    70 x 70 | 80 x 80 | 70Ø | 80Ø cm

  • Green + marble cafe table

    Flux Outdoor Cafe Table


    New modern outdoor cafe table with a three of four star base. Choose from a large range of colours including polished stainless steel.
    70 x 70 | 80 x 80 | 60Ø | 70Ø cm

  • grace curvy orange and white designer cafe chairs

    Grace Cafe Chair


    Colourful plastic indoor and outdoor chair. Seat comes in black, red, white, orange or lime green.
    55w | 53d | 76.5h | 46h seat cm

  • Icon Black Cafe Table


    Cone shaped black cafe table. Top comes in white, black or grey laminate. Polypropylene base colour matches top.
    70 x 70 | 90 x 90 cm

  • Inox rust finish cafe table base

    Inox Rusty Cafe Table


    Rust style Cor-Ten steel base. Square top comes in black, white or weathered finish laminate.
    60 x 60 | 70 x 70 | 80 x 80 | 90 x 90 cm

  • White marble top with black chair

    Inox White Marble Cafe Table


    White marble cafe table with a powder coated base in black. Choose from a range of plain & colourful bases.
    70 x 70 | 90 x 90 cm

  • Intrigo green curvy cafe chair

    Intrigo Aluminium Outdoor Chair


    Aluminium outdoor aluminium chair in white, light grey, orange/red, dark red, brown, dark green, black & green.
    59w | 53d | 80h | 46h seat cm

  • jump black outdoor tables

    Jump Black Cafe Table


    Black stacking cafe table with a laminate top & leg in black, white or aluminium. Stacks 5 tables high.
    70 x 70 | 80 x 80 | 120 x 80 cm

  • jump outdoor table range

    Jump Round Stacking Table


    Black outdoor round table with a hard wearing laminate top & three leg base. Stacks 5 tables high.
    70Ø | 80Ø | 90Ø cm

  • laj star base white designer cafe tables

    Laj White Cafe Table


    Modern X style base with a round or square laminate top in black or white. Can be used outdoors.
    70Ø | 90Ø cm

  • Mya outdoor white cafe chairs

    Mya Outdoor Cafe Chair


    Hard wearing outdoor chair in black, red, white, sand or dark grey. Base comes in same colour as seat or aluminium.
    47w | 55d | 79h | 45h seat cm

  • Nolita red outdoor folding cafe table

    Nolita Folding Cafe Table


    Folding metal outdoor cafe table in white, yellow, orange-pink, red, brown, dark grey or blue.
    70Ø cm

  • Nolita white square industrial style cafe table

    Nolita Outdoor Cafe Table


    Metal outdoor cafe table in white, yellow, orange-pink, red, brown, dark grey & blue.
    70 x 70 cm

  • Nolita red and yellow steel cafe chair

    Nolita Slatted Metal Cafe Chair


    Colourful metal outdoor chair in white, yellow, orange-pink, red, brown, dark grey & blue.
    55w | 53d | 78h | 46.5h seat cm

  • panton green grey red white and orange modern cafe chairs

    Panton Retro Chair


    Stacking S-shaped polypropylene shell with a scratch resistant seat in black, white, ice grey, tangerine, red or moss green.
    50w | 61d | 83h | 41h seat cm

  • pop red blue green orange cafe chair

    Poly Colourful Cafe Chair


    Economical outdoor stacking chair in white, lime, cream, yellow, orange, red, sky blue, royal blue or grey polypropylene.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • pop yellow modern cafe chairs

    Poly Yellow Chair | Sir John Cass Hall


    Stackable yellow chair that is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.
    50w | 51d | 79h | 46h seat cm

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What materials are best for using outdoors?

Outdoor Cafe Furniture FAQs

What types of outdoor furniture are there?

Commercial outdoor cafe furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, with options to suit all spaces.

  • We have a wide variety of outdoor tables and chairs for eating and drinking, but have you thought about the additional possibilities of outdoor canteen tables for larger crowds?
  • For an outdoor dinning experience have a look at our outdoor restaurant tables and chairs
  • These can be combined with matching benches for group seating or high bar stools for bar-height table arrangements.
  • Specially designed for outdoor use

Movable tables & chairs

Individual outside cafe chairs and small tables can be easily moved and rearranged according to need, making your outdoor bistro spaces really versatile. Our range of commercial plastic furniture are wipe clean, hard wearing and stackable with the option of armrests.

Can I leave the furniture outside all year round?

  • We do advise though that, where possible, you bring in outdoor cafe chairs nightly and over the winter months in order to maximise their lifespan.
  • Most outdoor cafe furniture suitable for the UK is easily moveable for maximum flexibility (we know that many pavement cafes have to bring their seating in each night).
  • All the commercial plastic outdoor furniture is wipeable, stackable for easy cleaning and when alternative usage of the space is required.

Is your furniture stackable?

The majority of our chairs are stackable, allowing you to clear up outdoor cafe furniture quickly and safely to store overnight. To make life even simpler, stacking outdoor table options include the elegant white Snow, the aptly named Easy or the iconic Air table with matching coloured chairs.

Do you sell heavy cafe tables that are not easily moved?

While some people are keen to ensure that their outdoor restaurant furniture is easy to move, many people investing in outdoor cafe furniture pieces are actually looking for the opposite - sturdy furniture that won’t budge, never mind the weather.

If you require more solid furnishings, why not consider the Concrete range, featuring a stylish table with a central block of concrete supporting the table column and top.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

June 2021

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