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Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Commercial outdoor furniture

If you have any outdoor space, commercial outdoor furniture is simply a must-have! Outdoor cafe furniture, like outdoor cafe tables and outdoor cafe chairs, are the best way to really enjoy the warmer weather in the summer and spring.

Why should I invest in outdoor cafe furniture?

In the warmer months, this is when the cafe and restaurant businesses will be at their busiest, so if you can provide beautiful cafe outdoor seating, your establishment will be more in demand.

Outdoor restaurant furniture

Additionally, you should look towards providing outdoor restaurant furniture to accommodate smokers. Due to the law, smokers cannot sit inside and smoke, and with the provision of good quality outdoor furniture, you won’t be risking losing business.

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What features should I look for in outdoor cafe furniture?

What features should I look for in outdoor cafe furniture?

You should look for outdoor cafe table and chairs that perfectly represents and fits in with your business, but can also withstand the weather and the changing seasons.

Lightweight or heavier furniture?

You should also assess where your outdoor cafe furniture should be used. If it is going to be in a permanent location, you can opt for heavier furniture, but if your outdoor cafe furniture needs to be moved frequently, it’s a better option to go for lightweight stackable furniture.

At Spaceist, we primarily offer this type of outdoor furniture.

Movable tables & chairs

Individual outside cafe chairs and small outdoor tables can be easily moved and rearranged according to need, making your outdoor bistro spaces really versatile. Our range of commercial plastic outdoor furniture are wipe clean, hard wearing and stackable with the option of armrests.

What kind of outdoor furniture do we offer at Spaceist?

What kind of outdoor furniture do we offer at Spaceist?

At Spaceist, most of our commercial outdoor cafe and restaurant furniture is lightweight and stackable.

Our table and chair sets are both hard-wearing and easy to carry, making them perfect for withstanding the changing weather conditions and for moving them around your outdoor cafe table space whenever you like.

Chairs for cafes and outdoor restaurants

We offer outdoor tables and outdoor chairs for cafes and restaurants in plastic, metal and wood. All our outdoor restaurant tables and chairs are either stackable or foldable, so you can maximise your cafe outdoor seating space whenever you’re not using your outdoor furniture.

What different styles of outdoor cafe furniture do we stock?

What different styles of commercial outdoor furniture do we stock?

We have designed a wide variety of different styles perfect for your cafe’s or restaurant’s outdoor space. Our commercial outdoor furniture comes in a range of colours and styles, so you can match your cafe’s interior design perfectly!

Outdoor chairs with armrests

Our chairs also can come with armrests too, allowing you to have full control over the design of your outdoor cafe table space. To give you a wider choice all of our furniture is made to order.

Can I leave the furniture outside all year round?

  • We do advise though that, where possible, you bring in outdoor cafe chairs nightly and over the winter months in order to maximise their lifespan.
  • Most outdoor cafe furniture suitable for the UK is easily movable for maximum flexibility (we know that many pavement cafes have to bring their seating in each night).
  • Our commercial outdoor restaurant furniture is wipeable, stackable for easy cleaning and when alternative usage of the space is required.

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