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School Reception Furniture

Welcome to our school reception furniture page!

Create a great first impression on the first day of school and every day of the year afterwards with well designed and welcoming school reception furniture. Our collection of school reception furniture includes reception desks and chairs, school office furniture, school storage and contract-standard soft seating.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


School reception desks and counters

School reception desks and counters

The school reception desk is likely to be the first thing that visitors see and forms a focal point for staff and students every day. The reception desk acts as an information hub and a meeting point for people who are unfamiliar with the building and is the first place that people will go to when they need help or advice.

Functional reception desks
Unlike some corporate reception desks, school reception desks need to be functional, first and foremost. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be well-designed and attractive pieces of furniture, but that they should primarily cater for the specific needs of educational establishments.

  • School reception desks with low counters may benefit from rounded edges. Consider a curved reception desk.
  • Reception counters should be of suitable heights for all students, teachers and visitors, including wheelchair users. This could mean a mix of high and low counters.
  • Highlighting the reception desk with contrasting colours or trims can help with visibility and accessibility.
School reception desks with secure storage

School reception desks with secure storage

There must be suitable secure storage in or near the reception desk for private and confidential papers as well as sufficient desk space to offer telephone answering, non-confidential administration, forms, leaflets and visitor information. Look for built-in or matching modular storage units.

School Reception Chairs

School Reception Chairs

The main types of chairs needed in most school and college receptions are:

  1. Task chairs for reception workers.
  2. Soft seating or waiting room chairs for visitors.

Reception sofas and soft seating
We offer a wide range of soft seating, from modern sofas and L-shaped corner units, to tub chairs and library chairs. All are available in hundreds of colours and many can be designed with your choice of armrests, leg colours and sizes, including bespoke sizes for those hard to fit spaces.

Colourful reception seating
It’s important to use colour wisely in busy or public facing areas. You might want to choose furniture that highlights your school colours or branding to help to create a more memorable first impression. Our contract chairs and sofas can even be colour matched for an exact shade. Consider accessibility too, brightly coloured chairs are easier to see and walk around.

Modular soft seating for school receptions
Modular soft seating for school receptions could include large sofas to maximise visitor seating, or a mix of sofas and chairs to seat individuals as well as groups. Our contract-grade soft seating comes with your choice of tough, easy to clean, commercial fabrics, designed to withstand anything the busiest school day can throw at them.

School Reception Storage

School Reception Storage

One important and often overlooked function of the school reception area is storage.

  • Make sure that there is sufficient storage for employee’s personal items, away from visitor traffic.
  • Dedicated storage will be required for stationery, marketing materials and office supplies.
  • Secure storage will be required for confidential papers, think low or high locking filing cabinets, lockable bookcase and under-counter pedestals with locking drawers.

Decorative storage and display cabinets for school receptions
As well as practical storage for administration, the school entrance space is a great place to display school trophies and achievements on bookshelves or display cabinets. A selection of student artwork on display is always popular, together with sporting trophies and other awards.

School Office Furniture

School Office Furniture

Often tucked away behind the reception desk, the school office forms the administrative hub of the building and may need to be tailored to a variety of regular tasks. Just like any commercial office, it requires contract-grade desks together with ergonomic task chairs and plentiful storage. Our collection of desks includes popular light woods and glossy white, as well a range of other colours in a choice of sizes.

Modular school office furniture
Our school office furniture range includes a variety of modular collections, so it’s possible to match back office furniture with the reception desk and display storage for a really streamlined look. This will also give you the flexibility to rearrange the spaces and bring things front or backstage as required, without incurring extra costs.

Conference and meeting tables for schools
We have a wide selection of boardroom and conference tables, all suitable for school meeting or training use. The majority of our meeting tables feature clever touches like built-in charging points and connectivity. Folding meeting tables allow you to free up precious space by easily folding and wheeling away large tables when not in everyday use.

School Reception Furniture Experts

School Reception Furniture Experts

Since 2006, Spaceist have been supplying quality, UK and EU-built contract furniture to schools and colleges, for all age groups. We’re also experts in catering for school canteens, dining areas and breakout spaces in colleges and universities.

Ask us today about school reception furniture, space planning and our UK-wide delivery service.


Does Spaceist school reception furniture come with a guarantee?

All Spaceist school reception furniture is sourced from expert commercial suppliers in the UK and EU and benefits from our 5 year warranty.

How can open-plan receptions accommodate confidential conversations?

The reception area should incorporate an area where conversations and telephone calls can be made privately, without being overheard by other visitors. Solutions to help in busy areas include acoustic desk screens and acoustic panels as well as high-back booth seating with sides and storage units that double as room dividers.

What reception furniture comes in bespoke sizes?

Most of our school reception furniture comes in bespoke sizes as it is made to order. This includes reception desks, office desks and meeting tables.

How can I easily showcase artworks and pictures in the school reception area?

By choosing smaller artworks and photographs and displaying them on display shelving, rather than on the walls, it’s possible to rotate your school reception displays frequently. You could even tailor them to specific visitor groups, like new intake open days or parent evenings.

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