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Walnut Boardroom Table

Modern & contemporary

Wood boardroom tables and solid wood conference tables are always a popular choice due to their style and material longevity.

Sleek and modern, they suit all office spaces. If your meeting room furniture could do with an update, these office tables are an easy way to elevate your working space in a contemporary way.

Colour matching

Solid wood conference tables also allow you to really play with the other furniture in the room - want to inject some colour to your space?

This wooden conference table create a neutral focal point and complement most colour palettes, meaning you don’t have to hold back on your use of colour.



What are the best design choices for Executive Tables?

What are the best design choices for executive tables?

  1. Good design isn’t just for the home office. Clever use of materials and style allows you to bring an element of familiarity and comfort to your executive office space, without making things look unprofessional.
  2. Choose from a wide range of wooden finishes, including classic oak and walnut - timber as a material has an added biophilic benefit.
  3. Bring a little of the outdoors in, creating an inspiring and productive work environment. Keep seating arrangements flexible with wood boardroom tables that accommodate different arrangements.

Don’t forget about your choice of table legs for the perfect finishing touch - solid wood choices create a stylish and solid base for your new meeting table.

How can office furniture improve employee wellbeing?

How can office furniture improve employee wellbeing?

Happy employees are productive employees. It really is that simple. Legal responsibilities aside, good employers want to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

To help build successful teams and retain good staff. And today’s employees see these softer benefits as important perks.

  • An easy way to improve wellbeing starts with your choice of office design and furnishing choices. We’ve already mentioned the biophilic benefits of choosing a wooden boardroom table as your base material.
  • Not only does a wood meeting table provide a link to the natural world which can help to bring the feeling of the outside in, even for workers who aren’t close to windows.
  • Wooden finishes can also help to soften harsh commercial environments, helping to bring a touch of home comfort.
  • Try combining wooden finishes with plants, real or artificial, for a workplace that allows people to feel refreshed and relaxed, relieving stress.
Why are design details important?

Why are design details important?

One of our favourite things about wooden and timber furniture is the sheer variety of detail available.

The natural beauty of a wood conference table finishes may vary from one table to the next, yet all will harmonise with each other, allowing designers to get really creative while the essential beauty of the material still shines through.

Functional office tables

Wooden boardroom tables may seem traditional, but their style longevity can’t be denied. Modern designers have updated the humble table to create show-stopping modern versions that will elevate your every day.

Functional office furniture into design pieces and talking points, allowing your furniture to truly reflect your business and brand style.


And because we understand that commercial furnishings need to work hard too, all these tables will work brilliantly in high use environments, looking great and lasting for years.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

May 2022

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