Colourful bar stools

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  • Stool in Black with Round Seat

    Arki Adjustable Stool | Black


    Black height adjustable stool made from solid oak & metal. Frame colours include black, white or lacquered steel.
    50w | 50d | 65 to 75.5h seat cm

  • babar plastic bar stools

    Babar bar stool


    Plastic adjustable seat in red, black, white, light grey or chocolate. Brushed chrome base.
    65h | 77h seat cm

  • White stacking stool with back

    Babila stool


    Modern cost effective stool in white, yellow, sand, dark grey, orange-pink & black. Matching chair.
    51w | 48d | 66 or 76h seat cm

  • bombo red plastic bar stools

    Bombo bar stool


    Distinctive retro design. Tough, sculpted plastic seat. Elliptical steel foot-rest, chromed base.
    44w | 37d | 50-74h seat cm

  • catifa green plastic bar stools with chrome leg

    Catifa sled high stools


    Scratch resistant high stool in white, green, black, red, light beige, beige, yellow, pink & blue.
    62w | 54d | 64h or 76h seat cm

  • Red stool closeup

    Dom stool


    Simple and cost effective stacking stool in black, dark grey, light grey, white & red.
    44w | 42d | 65 or 76h seat cm

  • Blue high stools

    Flx stool


    Simple stool with a colourful or plain seat. The Flx is stackable 4 high and there is a matching chair.
    58w | 48d | 97 or 107h | 64 or 74h seat cm

  • gliss lime black tranlucent designer bar stools

    Gliss sled bar stools


    Plastic seat comes in clear, dark grey, lime and solid white or black. Matching cafe chair.
    53w | 55d | 65h or 77h seat cm

  • Kuadra white stacking bar stool

    Kuadra white stool


    Simple and economical white stool with a white seat & chrome frame.
    51w | 55d | 92h | 77h seat cm

  • mya plastic red black orange bar stools

    Mya Stacking Bar Stool


    Strong and hard wearing seat in black, red, white, sand or dark grey.
    44w | 57d | 75h seat cm

  • ST6N pink and black bar stools

    ST6N Wood Bar Stool


    Solid wood bar stool with a seat and back in black, fuchsia, pink, blue, white, brown or grey.
    43w | 53d | 63h or 80h seat cm

  • Volt dark grey + red bar stool

    Volt stool | NEW


    Simple & cost effective stool in white, black, dark grey, beige, blue, yellow, red & orange.
    47w | 48d | 66h or 76h seat cm

  • weet yellow red and black designer bar stools

    Weet bar stool


    Scratch resistant seat & glossy back in black, red, beige, dark grey, yellow, green & orange.
    52w | 52d | 65h or 75h seat cm

  • Weet orange stacking bar stool with a black leg

    Weet bar stool | orange


    Burnt orange bar stool with a scratch resistant seat and glossy back in white, black, beige & orange.
    52w | 52d | 65h or 75h seat cm

  • High staff stool with back rest

    Weet Bar Stool | Sled Leg


    Glossy & stacking high stool for cafe, breakout & public areas. Choose from 7 colours including red, orange, black & white.
    57w | 54d | 110h | 75h seat cm



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