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Office storage

The most important feature of office storage cabinets is it needs to be functional, has a bespoke size to fit the space and hard wearing. The next office storage feature is the type of doors: hinged, a tambour or sliding doors. For narrow walkways sliding doors are more suitable. Movable shelves can also be an advantage. Then choose the design and colour, including white, grey, black and silver office storage.

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

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Types of office storage

Types of office storage

We offer a wide range of office storage cabinet solutions from minimalist white cabinets to black executive shelving. Choose from low or high cabinets or storage in bespoke sizes to fit your office space perfectly. Our high quality furniture comes from sustainable sources and responsible UK manufacturers.

Standard office storage sizes

The standard office storage cupboards include 80 cm and 90 cm wide units. The standard heights are 74 cm high (same height as the desk), 120, 160 and 200 cm high. The depth of the office storage units are around 40 cm.

Should I consider lockable office cupboards?

Should I consider lockable office cupboards?

Paper may be on the way out, but lockable office cupboards are not. With many of us working from laptops, tablets and mobile phones, sometimes all at once, people need appropriate office storage solutions, whether they’re full time or hot desking.

Key or combination locks

This is where modular locking office storage solutions come into its own. Our Frame Staff Lockers provide two lock combinations and can even be fitted with an acoustic sound-deadening panel so an office high cabinet can act as room dividers.

Wooden office storage

Wooden office storage

For a more traditional look wooden office storage cabinets might be more suitable. The hard wearing wood effect cabinets are available with drawers, doors and sliding doors. Because all office spaces are not the same the sizes are modular so can be changed to suit.

White office cabinets

White office cabinets

White cabinets are one of the most popular choices for most offices. Our range of simple and high quality office storage cupboards come in serval sizes and styles. As with most of our office storage cupboards the shelves are movable up and down to customise you cabinet interior.

Desk storage cabinets

Desk storage cabinets

There are few types of desk storage cabinets that are available to match your desk, these include:

  1. Under desk pedestal cabinet
    Small 40 cm wide drawer cabinet usually on wheels. You can select from 2 or 3 drawers which all are lockable.
  2. Integrated cabinet or shelving
    The office storage units are fixed to the desk either on one side or to replace one of the desk legs.
  3. Side storage
    Tall storage unit placed on the right or left of the desk with a pull-out door. Inside features include a pullout drawer and paper storage.
Colourful office storage

Colourful office storage

Colourful office storage units offer diversity and helps you find furniture in line with your brand colours. Choose from red, blue, green and black.

How can storage help to personalise workspaces?

How can storage help to personalise workspaces?

Modern office storage creates a welcoming atmosphere as well as allowing individuals to personalise their working space. Sliding or soft closing doors come with lockable modern office cabinets with single or multiple keys.

Staff lockers & coat hooks

Your teams will appreciate personal office storage units too - consider investing in lockable staff lockers or full-size cupboards and tall office cupboards with coat hooks and a clothes rail to keep everything tidy.

Under desk storage & accessories

Under desk storage & accessories

As well as traditional options like under desk pedestal, contemporary office storage furniture, storage on wheels, why not consider locking office cabinets, filing cabinets and full size cupboards with coat hooks and clothes rails?

Modern office cabinets in bespoke sizes

Modern office cabinets in bespoke sizes

Our full height, modern office cabinets with doors, office drawers and desk height office storage cupboards come in white, wood and colourful finishes, bespoke sizes and connectable options. Meeting room storage is also available with the same bespoke size options.

Office Storage FAQs

What are the advantages of using file cabinets for office storage?

The main advantage is you are maximising storage space because the folders and paper are stored vertically so the whole file cabinet drawer is filled compared to a storage cupboard with shelves.

How can I make the most of limited storage space in a small office?

Use desk storage cabinets this type of storage fits neatly under the desk top and can be made with three drawers or one drawer and a file drawer. If you need to maximise space even further you can replace one of the desk legs with a desk storage cabinet.

How can I organise my office supplies in a functional way?

The Alpha pull-out drawer storage is perfect for storing and accessing your office supplies. There is a pen tray at the top, two sizes of shelves and a file drawer which can be used for envelopes, paper for a printer and general stationary.

Do you sell sliding or tambour door cabinets?

Yes we do! When low office space cabinets with doors need to be placed closely behind a desk you will need tambour or a sliding door lockable office cabinet. An office cabinet with a lock is built the same as a standard office furniture cupboard but the only difference is the style of door. Most tambour door units are lockable and can match the desk style.

Can the modern office storage be used as a room divider?

Yes, it can!

  1. We have a range of modern office storage cabinets that can be used to divide your office into separate areas.
  2. The grey office storage cabinets are the same as the standard office space units and can be used back to back or with doors on one side.
  3. Lockable office cabinets are available with an optional sound-reducing back-panel for that finished look.
  4. Lockable office cupboards are available in 82 cm, 122 cm and 162 cm height and are available in white, grey or oak melamine.

What types of office storage cabinets are available?

There are many types of office storage cabinets available, from tall cabinets designed to fit against a wall and hold papers, to display cabinets, to low storage cabinets that can work as room dividers, underneath desks or as wall storage.

Are office storage cabinets easy to assemble?

Some office storage cabinets will be easier to assemble than others, depending on the design. Quality contract furniture suppliers like Spaceist will offer a full delivery and installation service, so there’s no need to worry about it.

Can office storage cabinets be locked for added security?

Yes, many office storage cabinets can be locked for added security. The locked storage cabinet can be a useful piece of furniture to consider for home workers as well as those in the office to ensure that information is protected.

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