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Round Cafe Tables

Seat 2, 4, 6 or 8 people

A round cafe table can seat 2, 4, 6 and 8 people for seriously sociable dining. Choose from a huge selection of styles to suit all interior design palettes, from cool, marble tops with stylish brass edge detailing, to copper and brass table that will gleam beautifully in soft lighting, to contemporary wood and laminate finishes and.

Outdoor dining

For outdoor dining options try our range of classic and practical metal outdoor cafe table and chairs that blend seamlessly with all London architecture. Our folding and stacking round table for cafe come with your choice of chrome, black or white bases and central base options.

Suitable for commercial areas

Gather round! Bring all your customers, students and staff around your cafe tables round in style - with our large, round tables suitable for cafes, schools, colleges and all office breakout and eating areas.



Why choose a round cafe table

Why choose a round cafe table?

  1. A small round cafe table and chairs are a classic for a good reason. Circular tables work well in small or larger sizes and can help to transform the feeling of a dining room from an industrial canteen to a series of smaller, more intimate zones that help to make people feel more comfortable.
  2. Solo diners don’t feel so intimidated by 3 blank sides, couples can get closer using a round cafe table and groups can easily see and hear everyone at the meal, allowing for better communication and a more relaxed atmosphere for everybody.
Round Orange Table

Are round cafe tables more flexible than square tables?

  • Small round cafe tables are truly flexible and help the energy in a room to flow in a more natural way.
  • It’s easy to rearrange round seating at will, without having to adhere to the more rigid arrangements of square and long tables.
  • Adding another place at the table is simple in the round, allowing venues and customers to benefit when an intimate dinner for two suddenly becomes a table for three.
  • Remember to stock up on extra cafe chairs from our range!
Round Cafe Table

What makes the round cafe table so popular?

The round cafe table is popular in eating places worldwide because it effortlessly brings people together, everywhere from offices and school canteens, to Parisian bistros and hip coffee shops.

Central leg tables

A useful feature of a round table for cafe is the sleek central base and tapering slender legs - not only do these both allow extra legroom for patrons but they also help to create a feeling of spaciousness in busy dining areas.

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