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Staffroom Furniture

Choosing the right furniture

Try and select furnishings that reflect these multiple needs and uses; comfortable furniture for relaxing rest breaks, ergonomic staff room chairs UK for working and marking, quiet spots for reading and pieces that can be moved or rearranged for meetings and conversation.

Booth seating for quiet areas

Practical booth seating adds space that can work for eating as well as working and can provide private space for one-on-one conversations. The fabric on the staff room chairs naturally reduces the way sound bounces off surfaces so creating quiet areas.

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Staff Room Furniture FAQs

Are your staff sofas modular?

Yes, the Modular sofa range is designed to be modular and suitable for school staff rooms. Each section of the sofa comes in different sizes from 80 cm, 120 cm and 180 cm wide. Combine these with a corner sofa seat, and you can make any configuration.

Bespoke sofa sizes

If you need something a bit special, the sofas can be made to a bespoke size to fit your school staff room exactly. Because all our staff room seating is made to order special sizes do not usually increase in price significantly.

How do I calculate the layout for the sofas?

  1. You will need a measuring tape and a roll of masking tape or similar.
  2. Measure the staff space you want to place the sofa and place the tape on the floor showing the exact width and depth.
  3. Continue around the room until the sofas fit comfortably.
  4. Remember you can make slight adjustments to the size of the couch before you order.

How long do the sofas last?

All the staff room furniture we sell is designed for commercial areas like schools, colleges, universities and offices. The materials used are of a commercial quality compared to a sofa you would buy in a high street.

5-year school furniture warranty

For this reason, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our furniture because we have hand-picked each piece and from experience know it will look good for years to come.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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