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Library Study Table

Foldable study tables

In addition to a selection of comfortable chairs designed for reading, every school needs a long library table, foldable big study table or desks for students and researchers. A studying table can be long, round or even a folding study modular table, perfect for multi-purpose spaces.

Standing library study tables with charging points

Choose from standard height library table or high library study table, in standard or special sizes, with cable management and wall-facing options available. Study table users will be delighted to find rotating sockets, data points and charging points built into most models. Match with benches, stools, chairs and modular tables from our range.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Library Table FAQs

Why consider a foldable study table?

A foldable study table is great when space is at a premium or workspaces require the flexibility to be arranged for multiple purposes at short notice. A folding library table can be quickly and easily folded up and wheeled away.

Classic & modern library furniture

The long library table is a classic design and works brilliantly as a studying table as well as a meeting table or table for breakout spaces or dining areas. Complement your new library furniture with long benches, stools or chairs.

Can I add power sockets to the top?

Yes, there is a wide range of power sockets and USB-C sockets to choose from. These can be fitted flush with the top or can be placed on top or the underside of the top. The finishes include metal, white, black and some units come in bright colours.

Is the library furniture durable?

The library furniture uses a laminate material for the top surface. This is probably the hardest wearing material used on table tops. Laminate is wipeable, stain-resistant and has an anti scratch surface. The satin finish comes in a range of colours and wood finishes including oak, walnut and beech.

Are the wood finishes realistic?

The current school furniture manufacturing processes are very advanced and can achieve a very realistic laminate wood finish. To compare the different wood finishes we can send colour swatch samples to you can see the satin wood finishes.

Note: when viewing the wood finish swatch samples place them on a table and stand back. This will give you a more natural view of the colour.

How flexible are the tables?

The folding tables on wheels which include the AC and Talent are very flexible. The tables can be connected together then disconnected and then easily moved to a different location in the school library. The folding tables can also stacked together to minimise the space needed in a library storage cupboard. If you need more flexibility a modesty screen and power sockets can be added for a library training room or teaching area.

Are the tables light weight?

The folding tables on wheels that have a top 180 cm or smaller are light weight and can be easily moved by one person. School library furniture on wheels with a top larger than 200 cm will need two people to move.

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