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Cafe furniture

Commercial cafe furniture suppliers

Whatever the size of your cafe or canteen, you’re sure to find furniture to fit with our selection of quality commercial cafe seating and commercial tables, plus helpful leasing and finance options from Spaceist - expert commercial cafe furniture suppliers in the UK.

Start with our space planning services and let us work with you to seat your customers stylishly and efficiently at your new cafe chairs and tables or coffee shop furniture. Our quality cafe furniture and wholesale furniture ranges are practical and beautifully designed. If you need matching outdoor cafe furniture browse our extensive range.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Types of Cafe Furniture

Cafe chairs

  • Our cafe chairs are specifically designed for modern commercial spaces like cafes, museums and breakout areas
  • Materials include plastic, eco plastic, wood and metals like aluminium
  • Choose from slatted, curved, plain and holed backs
  • For extra comfort add a fabric or vinyl seat pad
  • 5-year furniture warranty

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Catifa 46 pastel colour new

Outdoor cafe chairs

  • Made from weather-proof materials like plastic and metal
  • Vibrant, affordable and stylish designs
  • Eco plastic & 100% recycled plastic cafe chairs
  • Can be left outside all year round
  • Light weight materials
  • Stacking trolley for easy chair movement
  • 5-year warranty

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Cafe tables

  • Round, square and rectangular shaped tops
  • Central column base, weighted base and traditional 4-legs
  • Colourful tops with matching bases
  • Steel, laminate and wood top materials
  • 5-year warranty

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edge square green designer canteen table

Outdoor cafe tables

  • Modern and stylish designs
  • Anti-scratch and wipeable surfaces
  • Laminate, steel, aluminium and laminate materials
  • Weighted bases for permanent tables
  • Light-weight tables for easy movement
  • 5-year warranty

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Sustainable Cafe Furniture: How to Choose Eco-Friendly Options

Folding & stacking cafe tables

  • Small round folding tops with stackable features
  • Stackable 4-legged tables
  • Lightweight for easy moment
  • Aluminium, plastic, laminate and wood materials
  • 5-year warranty

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Nolita red outdoor folding cafe table

Features to look out for

Light weight materials

Light-weight materials

Light weight materials like plastic and aluminium can make moving commercial cafe furniture much easier. Products like the plastic Dom chairs and Ypsilon table are some of our lightest furniture.

Eco plastic chairs

Eco plastic chairs

Cafe chairs like the Enir which are made using 100% recycled domestic and commercial plastic and plastic chairs that are certified for low VOCs and minimal damage to the environment.

Drain holes

Drain holes

This is a handy features if you leave your chairs out overnight. It saves time having to dry each individual chair everyday.

Rounded corners

Rounded corners

This is a feature worth considering if you have tables positioned close together. The rounded corners make walking around the tables easier and are less likely to be knocked. Most 10 & 12 mm thick tops like the Inox black and Inox white have this feature.

Brass edge

Brass edge

Designer detail available on a range of table tops including the inox brass table which has a marble finish. Also available on other types of tops including a plain black finish.

Seat pad

Chairs with a seat pad

Important feature if your cafe customers are sitting on the coffee shop furniture for longer periods eating food or for meetings. Usually comprises of a thin pad that is either fixed to the seat or as a loose cushion.

Popular cafe furniture

If you are looking for a comfortable, stacking and durable cafe furniture the most popular chair is the Ara. For a chair with a bit more classic styling, the black Babila is a very popular choice with its shaped plastic seat and metal stacking frame.

If you have a larger budget the Catifa comes in a smart range of pastel colours and is probably the most stylish chair we sell.

Commercial cafe chairs

Spaceist commercial grade café chairs and cafe tables come in a range of bright, contemporary colours and styles, including hard-wearing wood finishes. Our cafe furniture designs range from funky to functional and include folding and stackable options for flexible spaces.

Some of our modern cafe furniture, contemporary furniture and commercial coffee-shop furniture is made in the UK, the rest in Europe.

Wholesale tables and chairs prices

If you require a large quantity of cafe tables or chairs we can supply you with wholesale prices to according to the quantity needed. This can be a one off purchase or can can be spread over a period of time.

Strength tested cafe chairs

Our bistro tables and chairs have been independently strength-tested by CATAS. There are three chair tests which include:

  1. Seat and back static load text EN 1728:2000 (seat load 2000 N / back force 700 N - number of cycles 10) - no defects
  2. Seat and back fatigue test EN 1728:2000
  3. Arm fatigue test EN 1728:2000

The test has been carried out according to table 1 of EN 15373:2007, Level 3 SEVERE

Cafe Furniture FAQs

What is another name for cafe tables?

Commercial cafe tables are also known as bistro tables. These are the small, round tables that you would typically associate with traditional French cafe furniture.

What is the standard size of a bistro table?

Bistro tables are traditionally small, with a 24” (60 cm) round table top and a height of 30” (76 cm).

What cafe furniture can be used outside?

  • Cafe furniture intended for outside use should be made from suitable outdoor cafe furniture materials that are resistant to rain, cold weather and sun damage.
  • Suitable materials include polypropylene, aluminium, stainless steel or metals treated for outdoor use plus hardwoods like teak.
  • Some outdoor tables and chairs are made from a combination of these materials.

Is Spaceist cafe furniture suitable for commercial spaces?

Yes, all our furniture products are made to a commercial standrard and are selected by us to be suitable for business use.

Spaceist furniture is designed especially for the specific demands and needs of commercial businesses like cafes, office breakout areas as well as public spaces like schools and colleges.

We understand that a wholesale chair or sofa for commercial use needs to be hard-wearing as well as beautifully designed. Our cafe furniture is designed to withstand constant daily use and regular cleaning.

All cafe table chairs (in fact all chairs for sale) come with a five year warranty.

What is the best type of material for easy cleaning?

Plastic cafe chairs and tables are some of the easiest cafe furniture products to clean.

  • Wipe down your high quality furniture for cafes with a damp, non-abrasive microfiber cloth.
  • Antibacterial sprays can be used on commercial cafe furniture, but try them first on the underside of the cafe table and chairs to test for bleaching or discolouring.
  • Plastic coffee shop tables and chairs do not soak up moisture and are not easily stained.
  • Warm water and a non-abrasive detergent can be used regularly to clean dirt off cafe seating, leaving your cafe chairs looking like new.

Can I leave chairs stacked for long periods?

Yes, you can leave chairs stacked for long periods of time, (provided they are suitable for stacking of course). As expert suppliers of coffee shop tables and chairs, we usually recommend stackable options for cafe seating, especially for chairs in covered outdoor areas which should be stacked indoors over winter if not being used. This will lengthen the life of the chairs considerably.

Stacking tips:

  • Do not exceed the maximum recommended weight when stacking tables and chairs. The bottom chair or table can be damaged if the total stack weight exceeds the recommended limit.
  • Make sure you clean the furniture before stacking. This will remove any dirt from the seats and backs so the weight of the chairs and tables above will not grind the dirt into the surfaces below.

How do I carry the stacked chairs indoors?

A stacking chair trolley with wheels is the most suitable way to move chairs indoors

  • Most stacking cafe chairs can be stacked 8+ high.
  • This means that they can be stacked directly onto the trolley and easily moved indoors for overnight or winter storage, making the whole process faster and safer.

Always be careful when moving heavy weights like six or eight stackable chairs. We’d recommend that you don’t try to lift more than three or four chairs or one or two tables at a time.

How do you fold and stack a cafe table?

  • There is a button or lever under the commercial cafe tables that can be pushed to release the mechanism and allow the table top to tilt up so that the tables can be pushed together.
  • Cleverly angled legs allow the folded tables to be pushed flat against each other to minimise storage space.

One of our most popular folding tables is the Ypsilon. The base is made from light-weight aluminium and the metal base is very light.

Is a wood table top suitable for coffee shop use?

Yes, if the wood cafe furniture has been properly sealed with a varnish or oil it is suitable for coffee shop use. As professional wholesale furniture suppliers, we generally suggest a wood-effect contract laminate for commercial tables and chairs - a practical choice for cafe seating in even the busiest coffee shops as well as high-impact spaces like hospitals or clinics.

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