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Commercial cafe furniture suppliers

Whatever the size of your cafe or canteen, you’re sure to find something to fit with our selection of quality commercial cafe seating and commercial tables, with helpful leasing and finance options for commercial cafe furniture suppliers in the UK.

Cafe furniture space planning

Start with our space planning services and let us work with you to seat your customers in a way that is efficient, practical and stylish cafe furniture.

Our wholesale cafe chairs and cafe tables come in a range of bright, contemporary colours and styles, including hard wearing wood finishes.

Folding & stackable furniture

Our modern cafe furniture, restaurant furniture and coffee shop furniture are funky and functional and includes folding and stackable options for flexible spaces.




Consider stackable cafe chairs for maximum flexibility

Cafe Furniture FAQs

What is the best type of coffee shop furniture for easy cleaning?

  • Plastic cafe tables and chairs wholesale are always the easiest material to clean.
  • This type of cafe furniture material does not soak up moisture and is not easily stained.
  • Warm water and a non-abrasive detergent can be used to clean off everyday coffee shop furniture dirt and leave your cafe chairs wholesale looking clean.
  • Antibacterial sprays can be used on commercial cafe furniture but try on the underside of the seat to test for bleaching or discolouring.

How do you fold and stack a cafe or bistro table?

  1. Modern cafe tables with a folding top come with a large type hinge that is fixed to the tabletop and table base. There is a button or lever that can be pushed to release the mechanism.
  2. The table can be then tilted to a horizontal position so the tables can be pushed together. The angled legs allow the tables to be pushed flat against each other to minimise storage space.

As cafe furniture suppliers the Ypsilon folding table is the most popular option.

Is Spaceist furniture suitable for commercial spaces?

As wholesale cafe furniture suppliers our coffee shop furniture products are commercial grade and are selected by us because the bar furniture is designed especially for the specific demands and needs of busy commercial cafes, office breakout areas, schools and colleges.

  • We understand that cafe and bar furnishings need to be hard wearing as well as beautifully designed.
  • Our cafe furniture is designed to withstand constant daily use and regular cleaning.

Can I leave chairs stacked for long periods?

Yes you can! especially for outdoor chairs which should be stacked indoors over winter. Just make sure you do not exceed the maximum recommended.

Stacking top tip:

  • The danger is the bottom chair can be damaged if the weight is over its designed limit.
  • Make sure you clean the cafe furniture before stacking.
  • This will remove any dirt from the seat and back so the weight of the chairs above will not push the dirt into the surfaces.

How do I carry the stacked chairs indoors?

Always be careful when lifting heavy weights like 6 or 8 stackable chairs. Depending on the material the commercial tables and chairs are made from usually 3 or 4 chairs or 1 to 2 small tables are the maximum anyone should lift.

Stacking chair trolley with wheels

We have a selection of cafe tables and chairs for sale that fit on a stacking trolley so the seating can be stacked directly onto the trolley and moved indoors for overnight or winter storage. This will make it quicker and safer for everyone.

How do I clean cafe furniture?

  • Cafe tables and chairs wholesale, simply wipe them with a damp, non-abrasive or microfibre cloth.
  • Use a mild cleaner like washing up liquid diluted with water.
  • For a glass coffee shop table you can use a proprietary glass cleaner to remove grease and any finger marks.
  • Dry the furniture off with a soft cloth once cleaning is completed and it’s ready for use again tomorrow.
What types of cafe chairs for sale are there?

What types of cafe chairs for sale are there?

1. Plastic Chairs:

This type of cafe outdoor seating is economically priced, hard-wearing, suitable for outdoors, lightweight for easy moving and can be quickly cleaned and wiped down.

Suitable for commercial areas

Our cafe chairs and tables are usually available in a selection of bright colours including red, green, pink and blue. Our modern cafe furniture for sale is suitable for all commercial areas from schools, colleges staff canteens and hospitals.

2. Stacking Chairs:

Essential coffee shop furniture for any outdoor space where the furniture needs to be carried indoors to store overnight. Usually, fairly light and made from plastic or metal in a variety of modern styles and shapes.

Make life easier and use a purpose-built trolley to wheel the chairs around.

3. Wood or Wooden Chairs:

Usually more expensive than the average funky coffee shop chairs but has a warmer look and feel compared to cafe chairs wholesale in plastic and metal.

Indoor use only

Wood cafe chairs and tables for indoors only and usually not stackable a wood bistro chair looks great against a plainer interior.

4. Metal Chairs:

Long-lasting cafe chairs for sale for commercial use, suitable for outdoors and wipeable makes an aluminium or steel chair a practical choice for outdoor cafe seating areas. Compared to plastic or wood the designs can be more elaborate and refined.

Not suitable for very hot locations because the metal will heat up where plastic will not.

5. Recycled Plastic Chairs:

100% recycled plastic bistro chairs are still fairly new and only a few exist but the environmental impact must make them the first choice for anyone who only wants plastic cafe chairs and tables.

Stackable & wipeable chairs

The recycled plastic is from domestic and commercial users and the only downside is the colour is limited to grey. The new Remind bistro style cafe chairs and tables are made from 100% recycled plastic is stackable and wipeable.

6. Plywood Chairs:

This style of modern cafe furniture has been around for a while and is usually fairly plain in design. The cafe furniture for sale is made from plywood which is then bent into shape and mounted to a chromed metal frame.

Wood finishes

The banquette seating cafe furniture can be then painted in a bright colour or veneered in oak, walnut or beech wood.

What types of cafe tables are there?

What types of cafe tables are there?

1. Folding Tables:

A folding coffee shop table has a hinged top that simply flips up for storage - allowing the tables to be stacked together or easily moved.

Carry indoors every evening

Folding cafe tables and chairs are an essential item for cafe or event spaces with temporary outdoor areas or anywhere where tables need to be brought inside every evening.

2. Stacking Tables:

As the name implies, these are commercial cafe chairs and tables with either 3 or 4 legs that can simply be placed one on top of the other and stacked to minimise storage space or make cleaning floors easier.

Overnight storage

They are also great for spaces where cafe table chairs need to be covered up overnight or moved aside for winter storage.

3. Outdoor Tables:

Suitable for outdoor use all year round. The cafe commercial furniture must be specifically designed to withstand water damage and seasonal temperature variations.

Store when not in use

To prolong the life of your outdoor furniture and keep outdoor tables and chairs looking their best for longer, always cover them or store them indoors if they’re not in use during the winter months.

4. Central Base Tables:

The base of the cafe table chairs is placed in the centre of the table with a splayed leg supporting the top. Base sizes vary, depending on whether round or square, with square top bases having a larger footprint than round.

Rectangular tables

For rectangular tables, a longer central base or two bases are used to support the cafe commercial top.

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