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Meeting Room Chairs

From the highest ranking executive to the new work experience kid, meetings bring us all together. Meeting room furniture needs to provide something for everyone.

Conference chairs for long or short meetings, chairs that stack, swivel or wheel away and chairs that suit all shapes and sizes. For people who prefer a high back, a low back or a moveable armrest.

Luckily our wide range of meeting room chairs includes everything from boardroom chairs to comfortable conference room chairs to space saving Cantilever Chairs, with logo and brand colour matching as required.

Like all of our office furniture, our meeting chairs have a matching range of meeting room tables. That should bring a unanimous ‘Yes’ vote from everyone around the table.

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  • Black Chair with Sled Skid Legs

    Babila-XL Black Meeting Chair


    Black seat with a sled or 4-leg base in red, black, green, orange or grey. Optional upholstered seat.
    62.5w | 54d | 79.5h cm

  • Velvet Meeting Room Chair

    Blume Artdeco Meeting Chair


    Artdeco styled seating with the option of a velvet, fabric or faux leather seat. Brass, black or bronze frame.
    53w | 54.5d | 81h cm

  • Book red retro meeting room chair

    Book Red Meeting Chair


    Colourful chair in white, beige, orange, black & blue. Stackable 10 chairs high.
    53w | 52d | 46h seat cm

  • catifa black sled chairs

    Catifa Black Conference Chair


    Scratch resistant seat comes in white, light blue, orange, red, beige, cobolt blue & black.
    56w | 53d | 45h seat cm

  • Catifa46 brightly coloured meeting room chair

    Catifa Fabric Meeting Chair


    Fabric seat with a glossy back in nine pastel colours including green, red, blue & yellow.
    56w | 53d | 45h seat cm

  • Pastel Meeting Chair

    Catifa Pastel Meeting Chair


    Stackable up to 10 chairs high in nine pastel colours including green, red, blue & yellow.
    56w | 53d | 45h seat cm

  • Cilla meeting chair

    Cilla Pastel Meeting Chair


    New designer chair with a retro style seat in a range of five pastel colours. Frame comes in black, white & chrome.
    61w | 55d | 83h | 44h seat cm

  • Eames Black Meeting Chair with Wood Legs

    Eames Chair with Wood Legs


    Seat comes in colour black, red, white, ocean, mouve grey, cream, white or mustard.
    46w | 55d | 43h seat cm

  • Black chair art-decco

    Fox Black Meeting Chair


    Art-decco style stacking meeting room in white, black, red, blue & sand. Solid ash or black ash arm detail.
    61w | 54d | 79h | 46.5h seat cm

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  • Log red and yellow meeting chair

    Log Red Meeting Chair


    New tub style chair. Seat colours include brown, blue, yellow, orange & red seat.
    56w | 54d | 46h seat cm

  • Black Meeting Chair made from Solid Wood

    Malmo Wood Meeting Chair


    Modern wood framed meeting chair with an upholstered seat in wool fabric, faux leather or real leather.
    56w | 52d | 79h | 48h seat cm

  • Noa black designer meeting chair with arm rests

    Noa Grey Meeting Chair


    Meeting chair in grey, brown, lime, blue, yellow, orange & red.
    52w | 54d | 46h seat cm

  • black chair with castors

    Ovy Meeting Chair with Wheels


    Meeting room chair with castors at the end of the legs. Choose from a large range of seat colours.
    66w | 58d | 45h seat cm

  • ovy grey, lime and blue cantilever modern meeting room chairs

    Ovy Stacking Chair


    Seat in red, green, light blue, dark blue, grey blue, sand, black, anthracite & grey fabric.
    66w | 58d | 45h seat cm

  • White Mesh Swivel Chair

    Ovy Swivel Meeting Chair


    Fully adjustable meeting chair which is suitable for long meeting & conferences. Choose from white or black & any seat colour.

  • PLC red and black meeting chairs

    PLC Black Stacking Chair


    Modern style chair with a red, white or grey steel rod frame & fabric seat and back.
    50w | 48d | 44h seat cm

  • Swivel Meeting Chair in Pink

    Rookie Adjustable Chair


    Modern swivel chair with an adjustable seat height and back rest. Matching high desk chair.
    48.5w | 42d | 36.5-51h seat cm

  • Eames Boardroom Table

    Shell Blue Meeting Chair


    Very high quality & comfortable meeting, conference and boardroom chair. Choose from a range of fabric and leather colours.
    62w | 56d | 81h | 44h seat

  • Unix cantilever chair in red mesh

    Unix Red Stacking Chair


    Cantilever meeting chair with soft grey or basic dark frame. Mesh in brick, nero, avocado or grey.
    55w | 58d | 41h seat cm

  • modern orange high back meeting room chairs

    Viggen High Back Chair


    High back retro meeting chair in red, green, orange, black or purple. Seat back in a contrasting colour.
    50w | 60d | 46h seat cm

  • Leather Executive Chair

    Vintage Directors Meeting Chair


    High quality directors meeting room chair or boardroom chair with a leather seat & castor swivel base.
    50w | 52d | 40-52.5h seat cm

  • Weet meeting chair with a brass frame and dark grey seat

    Weet Brass Chair with Armrests


    Brass leg with an upholstered seat & armrests. Brown, lime, blue, yellow, orange & red seat.
    58w | 53d | 81h | 46h seat cm

  • Weet black meeting room chair

    Weet Green Stacking Chair


    Simple plastic meeting chair in black, red, beige, dark grey, yellow, lime green or orange.
    54w | 53d | 81h | 46h seat cm


“We are very pleased with the furniture. The tables and chairs look great in the new cafe; very happy with the design and quality.”

ENGLISH HERITAGE – David Brown | Project Manager


Can the right chairs really keep staff more engaged during meetings?

Can the right conference chairs really keep staff more engaged during meetings? 

There’s nothing worse for concentration than being distracted by an uncomfortable chair whilst listening to a long speech, or trying not to scrape your knees under a too-low table while viewing a complex presentation. Whether it’s an all day meeting or a quick catch-up - your chairs need to be comfortable, functional and work in harmony with your existing furnishings.

We have a large selection of stylish upholstered and leather meeting and conference room chairs with something to suit all office designs - from space saving Cantilever Chairs to the highest spec Eames leather boardroom chairs.

Help keep your meeting attendees fully focused by pairing meeting room chairs with matching tables to create stylish, harmonious spaces with no distracting furniture clashes or awkwardly matched tables and chairs.

What are the benefits of lightweight meeting room chairs?

What are the benefits of lightweight meeting chairs? 

Modern meetings and interactive presentations mean moving around the room - very often without causing any distractions. Our lightweight chairs, like Catifa and Babila, allow you to do so with ease.

Chairs that stack, swivel or wheel mean less wasted time rearranging the furniture. And when space is an issue, these lightweight options can quickly and easily be arranged, rearranged and simply stacked away as required.

Are designer meeting room chairs comfortable?

Are designer meeting room chairs comfortable? 

Comfort can often be overlooked when considering meeting room furniture as many people focus first on design and best use of available space. Our designer meeting rooms allow you to combine style and comfort.

Whether you prefer a high back, a low back or a moveable armrest, there’s something to suit everyone and every room, whatever the size.

For example - our Cabin chairs are upholstered armchairs that combine style, comfort and function. But if stackability is more important in your space we have a wide variety of modern, flexible plastic meeting chairs that feel as good as they look.

Why do meeting room chair colours matter?

Why do conference room chair colours matter? 

Something to remember when choosing your conference room furniture is that it can often be the first impression that clients get of your business. When potential new clients are spending time in a space it needs to reflect your brand’s professionalism as well as its personality.

All of our boardroom chairs come in a variety of colour options, allowing you to create a space that really reflects your brand. Having lots of colour options also allows you to have some fun with your meeting room space: try having the same style of chair in varying colours or even changing up the frame colour like the Volt Chair. Alternatively, choose chairs in your corporate colours to underline your brand messaging at the critical new business stage.

Don’t forget to keep your stylish new meeting space clutter-free with freestanding office credenza storage units in a range of complementary colours.


Do I need armrests on a meeting room chair?

Armrests aren’t always required. We’d suggest that they are only needed for meetings longer than around 1 - 2 hours, when it’s likely that people will require arm support.

If longer meetings are the norm for you we recommend you consider adjustable chairs like our S+P adjustable meeting chair or the Ovy height adjustable chair.

How many meeting chairs do I need for a 240cm meeting table?

You can seat 8 people comfortably at a 240cm x 120cm meeting table. As a guide, you need to allow 80cm of space per person for seating, but remember this figure may increase if you’re planning on investing in larger boardroom chairs or adjustable chairs. For longer meetings, a little more space is always welcome.

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