Curved Reception Desks

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Curved Reception Desk

Why choose a curved reception desk?

A curved reception desk is perfect for a long room where the visitors are arriving from one end. The curved end is more inviting than a square flat panel and will make your reception area more inviting.

Curved desks suitable for clinics & doctors surgeries

The white curved reception desks are wipeable, hard-wearing and have the option of a reception desk with storage to file away all that paperwork. Add in integrated cable management and the commercial reception desks will work in any clinic or surgery.



Curved reception desks

1. Why do curved reception desks make it easier to engage with customers?

Scientific studies have shown that humans prefer curves and round reception desk shapes to straight lines and angular profiles. Evolution has conditioned us to find curved lines less anxiety-inducing than harsh angles. So people approaching a rounded reception desk may already be in a more positive frame of mind.

In addition, a curved reception desk front panel gives employees a greater area with which to engage with visitors, helping to keep wait times down.

2. How can curved office furniture help with space planning?

Curved and non-rectangular desks and tables enable you to make better use of available space where dedicated wall space for a traditional long corner reception desk is limited. They may also allow you to ergonomically seat additional staff in a smaller working area.

3. What are some other benefits of a curved reception desk?

Some curved reception desks for sale are available in modular units, allowing designers to create unique furniture shapes, perfect for awkward spaces or creating a statement. This flexibility enables businesses to bring together high and low counter tops to exact specifications, so the reception desk can be perfectly designed to suit your staff and your customer base.

4. How can I add impact to receptions or waiting areas?

Design-led businesses like creative studios and galleries always need to take aesthetics into account, especially in the reception space where first impressions are made. Choosing a curved or rounded reception counter or desk helps to turn a practical piece of furniture into a design statement.

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