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Modular seating

Bring people together in style, provide privacy or create cosy corners with fitted circular restaurant booth seating also for cafes and office breakout areas. Our modular, comfortable and hard wearing group seating solutions include modern, space saving back-to-back seating, high-back and modern circular seating.

Modern & stylish

Choose from a wide range of modern plain, vertical or horizontal panelled seats or traditional chesterfield-style buttoned back designs that will blend seamlessly with all restaurant styles. Want to maximise seating without compromising on style? Ask about our space planning services for bespoke bench seating, benches and matching tables.

What is the standard size?

  • The standard widths for seating most people in comfort range from 100cm to 140cm wide.
  • There are a range of different back heights to choose from, depending on whether the seating is intended for an open plan feel or more private space.



What are the benefits of booth seating?

What are the benefits of this type of seating?

Quite simply - round booth seating brings people together, stylishly, and saves space. All of our seating solutions are flexible, comfortable and practical, allowing you to maximise precious space with back-to-back restaurant booth seating. Fitted seating is a great way to create cosy corners in restaurants and comfortable spots in the office break room.

Can I add buttons to the seat?

Yes you can. The traditional chesterfield-style buttoned backs are available in all the sizes plus we also have a wide range of modern plain, vertical or horizontal panelled seating. Or check out our circular and high-backed benches for the ultimate in stylish group seatings.

All are available in wipe clean vinyl or contract-grade fabric so they’ll stay fresh and look great for longer.

Is booth seating multi-functional?

Is banquette seating multi-functional?

The real genius of this type of seating is its chameleon-like nature of being useful for both private meetings and open meetings. Naturally this type of seating invites collaboration, allowing groups of people to gather together with ease and in comfort - ideal for restaurants.

Can the seating be used in open plan offices?

This type of seating can be used to create cosy corners and private office areas - a boon in bust open-plan workspaces. Combine with our range of modern cafe furniture which includes matching canteen tables and chairs for a truly flexible office solution.

Is booth seating suitable for all dining spaces?

Is booth seating suitable for all dining spaces?

U-shaped seating lends itself perfectly to any dining space. Not only is it an incredibly economical use of space but it immediately adds comfort as well.

  • Our banquette and booth seating comes in a wide range of designs.
  • It works in all hospitality and commercial workplace settings.
  • Suitable for cafes to formal restaurant areas.
  • There really is no need to compromise on comfort or style.
What about booth seating for non-standard spaces?

What about for non-standard spaces?

Our seating range offers an extensive choice of height, detailing, fabrics and finishes. Within the range there is a choice of different heights and widths, meaning you don’t have to waste an inch of space.

We know that tastes differ from each individual to the next, which is why choice is so essential to create engaging spaces.

Can I choose a colour to match my restaurant?

Button styled seating, plain or stitched are just some of the designs for the panelled backs that are available in standard and bespoke colours. All of these options allow you to truly customise your restaurant seating to your preferences and style.

There’s real interior longevity with banquette seating meaning you won’t have to update your space for a long time to come.

Need help with space planning?

Need help with space planning?

Ask us about our space planning services for made to order furniture and we can help you to create a unique environment that uses every inch of space. Our seating is made in the EU and comes with the additional comfort of our 5-year warranty.

Booth Seating FAQs

Are there matching booth tables?

  • As the commercial furnishing experts we have a large range of modern, hard-wearing tables, all specially selected to match and compliment our range of seating.
  • We will be happy to advise on booth table options that work well together once you have selected your ideal booth.

Our Simple Ordering Process

At Spaceist, we understand that ordering large pieces of restaurant booth furniture like this can be a daunting prospect and our ordering process is designed to make it as simple for you as possible.

Rest assured that our many years of experience in supplying and fitting commercial furniture means that we will always make sure that the furniture you receive will exceed your expectations.

  1. Select your size
    Measurements first - tell us the exact size booth seating you need. Give us width and back heights. If you have a scaled drawing feel free to share it. And if you’re unsure, this is a great time to call us for help with space planning.
  2. Select your Colour
    Once your measurements are sorted it’s time to select a fabric or vinyl material in the colour of your choice. Already have a fabric in mind? That’s not a problem - we will just need to test the material for suitability.
  3. Quote
    Now we take all of this information and create a quotation for you. We will send it to you so that you can check that all the details are correct. We can also supply 2D drawings to make things perfectly clear.
  4. Production
    Once you have checked and approved your order we send it to the factory for production. Because our seating is made to your exact specifications, delivery is normally in 4 - 6 weeks. If you need it sooner please let us know.
  5. Delivery + Installation
    Your new furniture will be delivered to anywhere in London and around the UK at a date and time to suit you. Our trained fitters will then fully assemble and fit the booth into position so that your new furniture is ready to use immediately.

Can the furniture be made to fit my cafe or restaurant?

This type of bespoke bench seating can be much more flexible than you might think. At Spaceist, all of our circular restaurant booth seating is made to order and so can be tailored to fit your cafe or restaurant, (subject of course to structural limitations in a few very small and narrow spaces).

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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