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Boardroom Tables

Boardroom tables may be modern, minimalist or traditional, but they should never be boring. As commercial furniture experts, we understand that boardroom, conference and executive furniture needs look good enough to make a powerful statement about your corporate identity as well as being hard wearing, robust and functional.

Our high quality glass boardroom tables and executive meeting tables can seat from 6 to 24 people and can be made to order to accommodate bespoke requirements. Or consider large modular tables for extra flexibility.

Choose from large round, rectangular and oval shapes to suit your individual space, with sleek rounded corner options and a range of hard wearing, stylish finishes including glass, black, white, oak and walnut wood veneer. Talk to us today for more information about bespoke and customisable boardroom table options, integrated power outlets and matching leather chairs.

  • Architec glass meeting and boardroom table

    Architec Glass Table

    Designer glass meeting room table with aluminium legs. Top colours include frosted, white, black & blue glass.
    320 x 120 | 480 x 120 | 483 x 160 cm

  • Ark black meeting table | NEW

    Minimalist black meeting table with black or oak legs. Top is made from 5mm hard wearing laminate.
    139 x 139 | 200 x 100 | 240 x 100 cm …

  • ark white meeting room tables

    Ark white meeting table

    Minimalist meeting table in white or black. 5mm hard wearing laminate top with a powder coated steel base.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 240 x 120 cm

  • Bond 14 person conference table

    Bond meeting table | 14 person

    Large conference table to seat fourteen people. Laminate top colours include white, grey & oak.
    240 x 100 | 360 x 120 | 475 x 120 cm

  • Contract boardroom table

    Classic Eames meeting room table. Top comes in white melamine or wood veneer.
    183 x 107 | 213 x 107 | 240 x 120 cm

  • eames round white meeting tables

    Contract round table

    Classic Eames round meeting table. Top comes in white melamine with a black edge.
    110Ø | 130Ø | 183Ø cm

  • Frame whiteexecutive meeting table

    Frame boardroom table

    Elegant white boardroom table with a laminate top & polished base. Top in white, light grey or black.
    240 x 105 | 295 x 120 cm

  • frame clear glass boardroom tables

    Frame glass boardroom table

    Glass boardroom table with a polished aluminium base. Glass top comes in clear, white or black.
    240 x 105 | 295 x 120 | 380 x 120 cm

  • jb white walnut edge boardroom tables

    JB-Waldo boardroom table

    Large white modular boardroom table with a solid walnut edge. Wood edge comes in oak, walnut, ash, beech or maple.
    375 x 150 cm

  • join long white meeting table

    Join boardroom table

    White boardroom table with a trestle style white base. Melamine top comes in white or light oak with a matching edge.
    240 x 120 | 320 x 100 cm …

  • 14 person angled table

    Meeti table | white

    Stylish angled meeting table in a range of 5 colours. This modular table can come in one, two or three pieces to seat 7, 14 & 23 people.
    240 | 480 | 720 cm

  • dark meeting table in two sections

    Meeti table | wood veneer

    Stylish angled meeting table in oak or wenge veneer. This modular table can come in one, two or three pieces to seat 7, 14 & 23 people.
    240 | 480 | 720 cm

  • Oak meeting room table designer

    Mitis boardroom table | oak

    Modern wood boardroom table with a 2mm real veneer top & solid legs. Choose from walnut, dark stained walnut, oak, whitened oak, walnut, ebony, dark grey & sienna grey.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • Walnut executive meeting table

    Mitis boardroom table | walnut

    Modern boardroom table with a 2mm real wood veneer top & solid wood legs. Choose from walnut, dark stained walnut, oak, whitened oak, walnut, ebony, dark grey & sienna grey.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • segno glass oval meeting tables

    Segno glass oval tables

    Designer glass oval meeting table with an polished base. Glass top comes in clear or black.
    200 x 100 | 250 x 120 cm

  • Executive meeting table walnut

    Woods Executive Table | Walnut Veneer

    Executive meeting table made with walnut real wood veneer & solid wood leg. Full cable management includes hatch, tray & cable sock.
    240 x 120 | 300 x 120 | 75h cm

You’re probably very careful about the people you let into your boardroom.

It shouldn’t be any different with the furniture you choose for the heart of your business. Boardrooms are often the first point of call for the people you want to make the best impression on - they’re where new business deals are brokered, problems are solved and big plans are made around the table.

When the most important things are at stake it’s imperative to ensure that your people and your visitors are welcomed into a great looking space where the furniture is comfortable and the standards of finish are high. It’s a cliche, but people make judgements about others within seconds and at an executive level where large sums of money or even livelihoods can be at stake there can be no good reason not to invest in the highest quality commercial furniture that truly reflects your company style. The first thing people will focus on as they enter a boardroom or conference room will be the table, and in a typical boardroom session they’re likely to be seated at it for some time. So it will get a lot of attention.


Boardroom meetings don’t tend to be short.

Supporting your boardroom table with comfortable chairs and clever touches like integrated power for presentations and charging will make things a lot easier for everyone. Our extensive range of boardroom tables will work beautifully with the executive chairs and meeting room storage from our huge range of commercial furniture.


All of our products are design-led and crafted to the highest standards.

Whether you’re looking for a table for 6 or an extending modular set up that gives you the flexibility to host large meetings, conferences or training without sacrificing precious everyday work space. Finishes are available to suit all corporate styles, from sleek modern laminates in brilliant white or bright colours, to designer glass tops that make large tables seem to fit easily into any sized room, to traditional warm wood and hard-wearing wooden veneers.

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