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For the ultimate in teamwork or when you just really need to make the most of every square inch of office space without sacrificing comfort or style, check out our range of extra long office desks and extra large office bench desks.

Our extra long desks will seat from 4 people to 18 people and are as stylish and hard-wearing as you’d expect, with classic and modern finishes, cable management and matching storage available on all of our office workbenches.

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What types of bench desk are there?

Extra Long Desk FAQs

What is a tanker desk?

Otherwise known as a pedestal desk, a tanker desk is a large, free-standing desk. The work surface rests on two pedestals or cabinets, which will have room for storage.

What is a 2 person desk called?

A 2 person desk is called a double workstation desk and is ideal for crowded workplaces. A good 2 person desk should be sturdy, practical and should have enough storage space for an active office.

What is the standard height of a desk?

The height of a standard desk is 70 - 75 cm or 28”-30”. These size desks work well for people who are between 5’8” and 5’10”. We’re aware this size range doesn’t include everyone, and if you need specialist office desks, we offer a bespoke furniture design service, so you can find the perfect office desk for your business.

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