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Long desks for modern offices

For the ultimate in teamwork or when you just really need to make the most of every square inch of office space without sacrificing comfort or style, check out our range of extra long office desks and extra large office bench desks.

Extra long desks suitable for up to 18 people

Our extra long desk will seat from 4 people to 18 people and are as stylish and hard-wearing as you’d expect, with classic and modern finishes, cable management and matching storage available on all of our office workbenches.



What types of bench desk are there?

Extra Long Desk FAQs

What types of long office desk systems are there?

1. Panel long desk

The front and sides of this extra long desk uk are enclosed with full length panels to keep things neat and tidy. Anything stored underneath the extra long desks, (like the rubbish bin), stays hidden out of sight.

2. Desk with storage

Custom modern long desks with storage units or shelving can be inserted in between the individual user spaces. Acoustic panels can be added to reduce noise and increase privacy in busy open plan spaces.

3. Metal desk

Perfect for modern or industrial spaces - this frame is fashioned from metal with a matching top. The extra long desk legs can be centrally positioned to make a 3 person long office desk, in loop style or the standard 4 legged option.

4. Wood desk

With legs and frames of solid wood or a hard-wearing wood finish these bring a softer, more natural look. The solid wood large office desk is a great environmental choice, especially when combined with plants.

How many people can I seat at an extra long office desk?

Modern extra long office desks are practical enough to accommodate all sorts of seating arrangements - from an intimate group of 4 to large teams of up to 20 people, but the size of many offices means that arrangements of 4, 6 and 8 person large office desks are most popular.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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