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Reception Chairs

First impressions are very important for a business. By choosing stylish and quality office reception chairs in the right colour you can make a big impression. Our waiting room chair range includes swivel, tub and high-back booth seats. All our furniture has been selected for office use, comfort, quality and design by our in-house furniture designer.

Choose from 100's of fabric, faux-leather and leather for your modern reception chair. Our 100% wool is our most popular fabric because of its soft touch and natural stain resistance.

We offer a logo or brand colour matching service to all our customers. Send us a Pantone colour code and we will search our colour database for a matching fabric. For help finding your matching reception desk or reception sofa call one of our furniture consultants today.

  • Chair with plug socket in arm

    17 Leather Chair

    From £1557

    17 provides lounging comfort & cool aesthetics. Various colours in fabric, leather or faux leather.
    103w | 97d | 63h | 33h seat cm

  • Light grey chair

    18 Grey Reception Chair

    From £914

    The 18 is part of a modular range of seating. The range includes a two & three seater with or without arm rests.
    93w | 78d | 67h | 40h seat cm

  • spaceist 18 red leather reception chairs6

    18 Red Leather Chair

    From £1262

    The Eighteen is the standard armchair for a modern office area. Finishes include leather, fabric or faux leather.
    93w | 78d | 67h | 40h seat cm

  • High Back Chair

    19 High Back Reception Chair

    From £1311

    High back booth seat that is made in the UK to a very high specification. Choose from 100’s of colours.
    69w | 68.5d | 137.5h | 45h seat cm

  • Tub chair with a brass leg

    22 Brass Reception Chair

    From £527

    Tub seat with a sloped arm & brass sled leg. Choose from 100's of fabric or leather colours. Leg also comes in black, white & chrome.
    61w | 61d | 78h | 47h seat cm

  • Light Blue Reception Chair with a swivel seat

    22 Swivel Reception Chair | 4-star Base

    From £531

    Tub seat with a sloped arm & chrome swivel star base. Choose from 100’s of fabric or leather colours.
    61w | 61d | 78h | 47h seat cm

  • Three reception chairs

    22 Tub Chair

    From £491

    UK made high quality seating in red, orange, green, blue, black & grey.
    61w | 61d | 48h seat cm

  • Yellow chair in retro fabric

    22 Waiting Room Chair | Black Leg

    From £473

    Tub style seat with a cantilever leg in black, white or chrome. Choose from 100's of fabric & leather colours.
    61w | 61d | 78h | 47h seat cm

  • Black Reception Chair

    23 Black Chair | Wood Leg

    From £544

    UK made commercial office seating in fabric or leather. Matching side table.
    58w | 58d | 81h | 48h seat cm

  • Black Tub Chair + Table

    23 Black Waiting Room Chair

    From £513

    Need to match your new furniture to your logo colour? We have a library of 1000’s of colours.
    58w | 58d | 81h | 48h seat cm

  • Green + black chair

    26 Green Reception Chair

    From £1345

    High quality UK made which is suitable for corporate waiting areas. Brand colour matching service is available.
    88w | 88d | 70h | 42h seat cm

  • 34 red fabric office reception sofas

    34 Grey Reception Chair

    From £1300

    The 34 is a smart & modern waiting room seat with an attractive stainless steel leg feature.
    91w | 88d | 70h | 40h seat cm

  • Triangle spaced seating

    42 Geometric Seating

    From £689

    Geometric modular seating in fabric or faux-leather. The range comes in seven different shapes.
    Various sizes cm

  • 44 red fabric office reception chairs

    44 Swivel Armchair

    From £1467

    High visual impact & striking originality are the features of the 44. The swivel base has a self returning mechanism.
    80w | 90d | 95h | 35h seat cm

  • spaceist 55 colourful reception chairs

    55 Curvy Reception Chair

    From £582

    Curvy upholstered modular seating in red, orange, lime, green, blue & black.
    55w | 80d | 79h | 33h seat cm

  • 55 pink reception chairs

    59 Lobby Chair

    From £514

    Low & colourful seating in pink wool fabric. Seat colours include red, orange, blue, grey, black & lime green.
    73w | 74d | 72h | 39h seat cm

  • Green & pink reception chairs

    59 Lobby Chair | Star Base

    From £567

    Lounge style lobby seating in wool fabric, wipeable faux leather or natural leather. Base colours include aluminium, chrome & black.
    73w | 74d | 72h | 39h seat cm

  • Dark blue chair with star base

    59 Reception Chair | High Back

    From £699

    High back seat from the 59 range which can be upholstered in hard wearing fabric, wipeable faux leather or leather.
    73w | 74d | 103h | 39h seat cm

  • 67 red reception chairs

    67 Red Reception Chair

    From £622

    The 67 is a compact seat is available in bright fabrics, leathers or faux leathers. Shown with the 93 sofa.
    67w | 67d | 54h | 38h seat cm

  • 86 high green reception chair

    86 Reception Chair

    From £620

    Designer tub seat in red, lime green, blue, purple, yellow, grey, black & pink plus over 100 fabric colours.
    68w | 67d | 111h | 43h seat

  • 85 blue leather reception chairs

    86 Swivel Reception Chair

    From £1019

    The 86 swivel seating is comfortable & highly robust piece of furniture. Choose from blue, red, black, green or orange.
    67w | 68d | 72h | 43h seat cm

  • Blue Reception Chair with a High Back

    Babila Blue Reception Chair

    From £526

    Modern high back seat with a sled style leg & upholstered seat in fabric, faux-leather or real leather.
    68w | 74d | 92h | 44h seat cm

  • Pink chair closeup

    Babila Reception Chair | Wood Leg

    From £591

    High back lobby seating with a curved armrest & solid wood legs. Choose from over 60 fabrics, faux leathers & real leathers.
    68w | 74d | 92h | 44h seat cm

  • Blue reception chair

    Babila Swivel High Back Chair

    From £617

    Design-led swivel seat with a high back & armrests. The Babila can be covered in fabric, faux-leather & real leather.
    68w | 74d | 92h | 44h seat cm

  • Pink bubble chair

    Buddy Curvy Reception Seating

    From £456

    Designer office seating in red, pink, blue, grey, black, white, brown & green. Matching sofa, ottoman & side table.
    55w | 62d | 40 or 45h seat cm

  • Tub Reception Chair

    Cabin Tub Chair | Wood Legs

    From £492

    Hard wearing tub style waiting room seating with a two-tone fabric seat in blue. Stained wood leg.
    56w | 47d | 77h | 46h seat cm

  • cape purple reception chairs

    Cape Purple Lobby Chair

    From £350

    Retro waiting room seating in purple, red, orange, lime and green plus many more fabric & faux leather colours.
    52w | 60d | 77h | 47h seat cm

  • eighty black red reception chairs

    Catifa 80 Chair | Swivel Base

    From £1136

    Stylish Italian seating in fabric, faux leather or leather. Colours include red, white, grey & black.
    80w | 69d | 69.5h | 38h seat cm

  • catifa80 red leather reception chiars

    Catifa 80 Leather Chair

    From £787

    Modern wide swivel seat in fabric, faux leather or real Italian leather.
    87w | 87d | 69h | 37.5h seat cm

  • Red + orange reception chair

    Catifa 80 Red Reception Chair

    From £704

    Stylish seat with a sled style leg in a red fabric. Matching side table shown.
    85w | 69d | 71.5h | 39.5h seat cm

  • Comet grey tub reception chair

    Comet Egg Chair

    From £614

    Egg shaped seat in orange, lime, red, purple, light blue or blue. Base in chrome, white, black & 60 RAL colours.
    64w | 71d | 79h | 46h seat cm

  • Float high back reception chair in green fabric

    Float Chair | High Back

    From £2450

    High back green booth seat in over 500 wool fabric colours. Matching reception sofa.
    90w | 90d | 130h | 43h seat

  • Grey flow library chairs

    Flow Low Reception Seating

    From £797

    Low rounded seating in orange, red, grey, purple, black & pink plus many other colours.
    88w | 94d | 81h | 42h seat cm

  • gliss white reception chairs

    Gliss White Waiting Chair

    From £173

    Designer glossy white seating with a white star or sled base.
    81w | 72d | 70h | 40h seat cm

  • Inga blue and black reception chair

    Inga Lounge Chair

    From £272

    Cost effective lounge seat in a range of colours. Leg comes in black, white or chromed steel.
    62w | 60d | 71h | 44.5h seat cm

  • largo pink and blue reception chairs

    Largo Tub Chair

    From £443

    Tub seat & chrome base with a faux leather seat in red, green, orange, black or grey plus many more colours.
    61w | 61d | 75h | 46h seat cm

  • little apollo reception chairs

    Little Apollo Lobby Chair

    From £POA

    Classic seating in red, green, orange, black or purple plus many more fabric & leather colours.
    68w | 61d | 84h | 46h seat cm

  • Log tub style reception chair in red, yellow and grey

    Log Tub Chair | Grey

    From £398

    Tub style seat in a grey wool fabric. Seat colours include red, lime green, brown & black fabric.
    56w | 54d | 78h | 46h seat cm

  • Log designer tan leather reception chair

    Log Tub Chair | Leather

    From £POA

    Leather wide tub seat in tan, brown & black. Also in fabric or faux leather.
    80w | 77d | 80h | 40h seat cm

  • Log wide reception chair in yellow

    Log Tub Chair | Wide

    From £582

    Tub style wide seat in yellow, red, lime green, brown & black. Can be covered in faux leather.
    80w | 77d | 80h | 40h seat cm

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“We are very pleased with the furniture. The tables and chairs look great in the new cafe; very happy with the design and quality.”

ENGLISH HERITAGE – David Brown | Project Manager


Did you know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression?

Did you know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression? 

Your greeting space is where clients, prospects and future employees make their initial judgements about your company. People waiting in reception have the time and opportunity to look around and it’s where new clients and contacts meet your company for the first time, so it’s critically important that what they see leaves a great impression.

Why should I try and make sure that my reception chairs will suit all shapes and sizes?

Why should I try and make sure that my reception chairs will suit all shapes and sizes? 

Modern chairs are multipurpose pieces of furniture that need to look great and feel comfortable. After all, the most stylish furniture in the world won’t be the memory that a new client takes away with him if his back still aches from spending a long time waiting in a badly designed furniture. Don’t forget to consider accessibility too - a range of matching seating options means that everyone who visits you can sit down in comfort and just as importantly, easily get up again.

Can making people comfortable help to create positive first impressions?

Can making people comfortable help to create positive first impressions? 

Reception spaces are where people can sometimes spend a lot of time waiting - and they may be nervous, irritable or even anticipating confrontation. Providing them with a welcoming, comfortable and beautifully designed space to gather their thoughts allows them to decompress and relax. By putting the extra effort into people’s first experience of your brand you can leave them psychologically primed to have a positive experience of you. 

Where can I get reception chairs in my corporate colours?

Where can I get reception chairs in my corporate colours? 

There is little point in having a huge logo on the wall and a colour coordinated reception desk if the rest of the furniture isn’t in complete harmony. Office reception chairs are available in a range of bespoke colours so that you can match your corporate colours exactly, for a seamless first impression.

Your waiting room area is the part of your commercial premises that needs to be most ‘on brand’. Devoid of personal effects and the clutter of working spaces, the space is the perfect place to showcase your corporate identity.


Can I add power points or USB sockets to my waiting room chair?

In reception areas or breakout spaces, integrated power and charging is essential to keep people connected and avoid trailing cables. Just make sure that the width and depth of your chair arm is sufficient to accommodate the power unit. This 18 Office Sofa is a great example of the type of unit that is suitable.

Are Spaceist able to supply modular reception seating?

The Oxo modular seating and the 55 curvy seating are both fantastic examples of the fun and functionality that modular seating units can bring to waiting areas or breakout spaces. These modular units can be used alone as statement pieces or easily pushed together to form 6, 8 or 10 seater sofas for larger groups.

How do I make my reception space more accessible?

Bright colours don’t just look good, they can be used to create high contrast to backgrounds and help visually or spatially impared visitors to navigate an unfamiliar space. For wheelchair users, allow an 80cm space and up to 150cm for turning circles. Integrate this spacing into the main seating area so visitors don’t feel excluded.

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