March 31, 2015

Four furnishing styles for modern Art Gallery Cafes

Art galleries have become a local commodity allowing budding artists the chance to showcase their work to the public. As well as small creative hybrid art galleries within cafés to established museums and galleries, for decades people have enjoyed the…
March 27, 2015

Wine down Friday: Five Modern Wine Bars

Whether you are a fan of red, white, dry or sparkling, you do not need to be an expert to enjoy a good glass of wine. Specialising in wines from all over the world, specialist and rare wines and organic…
March 26, 2015

Lets Take this Outside: Unconventional Street Furniture

The streetscape, the urban landscape or the urban space is where people have been meeting, socialising and conducting business for centuries. The external spaces between buildings present just as many opportunities for serendipity and collaboration as our interior spaces. Street…
March 24, 2015

Spaceist presents Inspiration for furnishing Professional Learning Environments

Creating a professional space for training and education within a workplace environment may pose various challenges. As well as sophisticated furnishings that support agile and fluid learning, they need to provide space for usual working practices too. The space needs…
March 19, 2015

Table Tuck: Five Folding tables for Flexible use

The modern office uses certain space for multiple activities, with informal meetings and interactions taking place daily. Schools present a constant flow of learning in new environments, with the use of study and recreational spaces flowing into one. To match…
March 18, 2015

Industry Focus: Interior’s of Five Food and Beverage Workplaces

One of the largest networks of organisations, the food and beverage industry plays a pivotal role in bringing the consumer much of the food and drinks needed for nutrition and energy. The fast paced and ever changing nature of the…
March 13, 2015

8 Modern meeting room chairs to get you Talking

A vital part of working in teams and groups is communication. Meetings, however they hamper a busy schedule are a vital part of any organisation. To create a space that is both comfortable and practical, selecting the adequate furnishing can…
March 4, 2015

Industry Focus: Five Media and Digital Company’s Office Interiors

The range of work undertaken by a media agency can range from a new product launch to developing a new brand identity. For an industry working on such flexible and constantly developing briefs, the workplace must mirror a place for…
March 2, 2015

One chair, Five ways to style

Here at Spaceist, we work closely with our manufactures allowing us to provide a bespoke service for a wide range of products and items. One of these items includes the Tivoli wood cafe chair. With a variation of options, we…