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Bespoke reception desk

Reception areas can be some of the trickiest spaces to furnish - when you don’t have the luxury of a huge atrium that allows placement of a central reception desk with suitable privacy around and behind it, you’ll need to consider the benefits of bespoke reception desks.

Mix and match styles and finishes of your bespoke reception desk fronts, sides, counter tops and plinths to create a unique piece of bespoke reception furniture. Choose from a wide range of finishing touches for your new bespoke office reception desk like accent colours and LED lighting as well as monitor shelves, matching storage and built-in cable management.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Browse our range of bespoke reception desks

Browse our range of bespoke reception desks, including glass, metal and laminate reception desks. All the desk shown can be customised to fit your reception space exactly. DDA desks and extra features can be added in enhance the visitor and staff experience so the desk is unique to your company.

If you don't see the exact style or colour you are looking for we have a range of options that are available. Feel free to contact us for a free quote and drawing of your new bespoke reception desk. We can also supply a 3D visual for some of the desks.

Bespoke reception desk sizes

Bespoke reception desk sizes

If you favour a sleek glass design we have modular options that allow you to create bespoke reception desk sizes, with designer office furniture touches like LED down-lights and aluminium plinths and kick plates. For a modern, highly practical bespoke reception desks, you can’t beat a minimalist desks - and yes, it really does go with everything.

Custom bespoke office reception desk sizes

Custom bespoke office reception desk sizes

Bespoke office reception desks allow you to specify the exact shape and size that works best in your reception space, with options for countertops to be placed on the left or right as required and at standing height for counter service or lower bespoke reception desk heights for seated or wheelchair access.

Bespoke Reception Desk FAQs

Can I choose a bespoke colour?

Yes, you can. Bespoke office reception desks like our Atwork and Hi-line reception desks can in theory have any colour applied.

The reception desk is made from steel and can be finished in a large range of RAL standard colours to match a brand colour or paint scheme but if these colours are not suitable there are many other colours.

Because this bespoke reception furniture is made to order the office furniture colours choices are endless. For help choosing the right colour for reception furniture please email [email protected].

Can you supply a 2D drawing for my bespoke reception desk?

Yes, once you have finalised the bespoke reception desk size you need, the factory can then supply a 2D drawing showing the exact size of your bespoke office furniture so you can check the measurements before ordering. Some of the furniture comes with 3D visuals to help you decide.

What options can I add to the desk?

Bespoke office reception desks come with a range of options which include cable trays, cable holes, inset power sockets, monitor shelves and matching storage. Storage is also available in a bespoke office furniture size to fit your reception area perfectly.

What are the limitations on the size I can choose?

  • Bespoke reception furniture cannot be too small or too large because of manufacturing limitations.
  • If a bespoke reception desk is made too small there are stability issues and when the reception desks are too long there are levelling issues if your floor is uneven.
  • Bespoke reception counters should not be smaller than 120 cm in width and the maximum length is around 4 meters.
  • When installing the bespoke reception furniture the pieces come flat so can be carried into most tight reception areas.

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