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Bespoke reception desks

Finding the right desk

Reception areas can be some of the trickiest spaces to furnish - when you don’t have the luxury of a huge atrium that allows placement of a central desk with suitable privacy around and behind it, you’ll need to consider the benefits of a bespoke reception desk.

Pick your own size & height

Bespoke office reception desks allow you to specify the exact shape and size that works best in your reception space, with options for countertops to be placed on the left or right as required and at standing height for counter service or lower heights for seated or wheelchair access.

Lighting & matching storage

Mix and match styles and finishes of desk fronts, sides, counter tops and plinths to create a unique piece of reception furniture. Choose from a wide range of finishing touches like accent colours and LED lighting as well as monitor shelves, matching storage and built-in cable management.



Bespoke Office Reception Desk FAQs

Can I choose a bespoke colour?

For a bespoke office reception desk please see our Atwork and Hi-line reception desks. These reception desks are made from steel and can be finished in a large range of RAL colours to match a brand colour or paint scheme. For more information on RAL colours please email [email protected].

Can you supply a 2D drawing for my bespoke reception desk?

Once you have finalised the size you need the factory will then supply a 2D drawing showing the exact size so you can check the measurements before ordering. Some of the bespoke reception desks come with a 3D visual to help you decide.

What options can I add to the desk?

A reception desk bespoke come with a range of options which include cable trays, cable holes, inset power sockets, monitor shelves and matching storage. The storage is also available in a bespoke size to fit your reception area perfectly.

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