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White Reception Desk

Finding the right reception counter

Our designers and space planning experts will help you find the perfect reception counter or white reception desk for your reception area with drawers for your space from options including corner, circular and curved reception desks to standing reception furniture.

Modern reception desk design

The front panel of the modern reception desk come in glass, white, black, padded fabrics, metal, wood and even LED lights. Or tell us your bespoke design, size and colour requirements and we’ll advise using CAD drawings, images and colour swatches.




Reception Desk FAQs

What size reception desk do I need to seat 2 people?

For a grey desk with chairs that will be manned by a team of two, you’ll need a desk measuring at least 240 cm for straight desks and 300 cm for corner reception desks. This range of commercial reception furniture allows ample space for them to work together without getting in each other’s way, even at the busiest times.

Will I need a bespoke reception desk London?

If you have a small waiting room or awkwardly shaped reception area or wish to ensure that modern reception desk dimensions are kept to a minimum, then you will almost certainly need a bespoke reception desks London.

  • Our modern reception furniture is available in a wide range of shapes and the desk size can easily and affordably be made to order in bespoke sizes for perfectly fitting furniture.

Can the surface be wiped down or disinfected?

In any public area, and especially if the unit is located in a doctor’s surgery or clinic waiting room, then the modern reception desks will need to be hygienically cleaned. All of our commercial-grade furniture is designed to withstand the rigours of public space.

  1. Desks for reception are usually made from laminate,  the same material as a kitchen work surface, so are easily cleaned, as are glass surfaces.
  2. If the reception counter is regularly touched by visitors or is in a high traffic area avoid black desks and go for lighter colours like white and grey.

Do I need a countertop?

It’s not absolutely necessary for informal areas like agencies or if the receptionist is just giving directions in a high traffic area. A countertop is required for spaces like surgeries and doctor’s waiting rooms where confidential private or medical documents are used.

The height of the modern reception desk furniture can be made in a bespoke size on most of our ranges. Speak to one of our experts today 020 8840 6298.

How high should the desk be?

The standard height of a modern standing reception desk is around 110 cm to 115 cm for a salon reception desk, while the ideal top height for space where monitors and phones are used is normally around 75 cm high. For a bespoke height call our experts on 020 8840 6298.

  • You may wish to consider adding various levels of height to the space, with higher areas to allow privacy and security, or lower levels to allow maximum accessibility and to more easily accommodate wheelchair users.
  • Consider a black standing reception desk if you require a higher version.

Will I need a reception desk with storage cabinets?

That depends on who will be using the office reception desk. A doctor's waiting room will need sliding or tambour door storage cabinets for files and patient records.

  1. If you just need a space to store personal items like bags and keys then a pedestal drawer or cabinet would be more suitable.
  2. For coat and jacket storage you will need a high cabinet with a rail or hooks. Some of our curved reception desks come with integrated storage.
What is included with a reception desk?

What is included with the desk?

The level of integrated features on our range of reception desks will depend on the style of office reception furniture you choose. Popular features include:

Cable Management

This is a standard feature on most modern reception desks so cables are safely hidden away. Options include cable trays, grommet holes in the top surface of the desk for reception, cable hatches and desk to floor cable channels. Cable hatches are particularly useful for charging mobile phones or iPads.


LED lighting is usually a standard feature and more decorative options are available including colour changes to match a brand or gradual colour changes.

Power & USB chargers

These are optional extras for grey reception desks but necessary to allow quick access to plugs or charging points. Plug options include 3 pin UK plug socket, USB charging socket, HDMI, VGA and Ethernet RJ45. Most of the power units are modular and can be made using one, two, three or four sockets per unit.


  • Most reception counters have a range of matching cabinets which can be integrated, lockable and feature sliding doors or pedestal drawers.
  • Lockable cabinets can range from 80cm high up to 200cm high with bespoke widths and heights to fit those tricky spaces.
  • Cabinets can also include pull out hanging files, metal shelves for very heavy items and coat hooks for staff and visitors.
  • If you are looking for a reception desk with a chair look no further than our desk chair range >
What are reception desks made from?

What types of office reception desks are there?

1. Corner or L Shaped desks

Corner desks are part of our range of modern reception desks to create a corner for privacy or to provide extra workspace. Ideal for two people to share, they come in an L-shape configuration and the return can be either on the left or right-hand side when sitting at an office reception desk.

2. Straight desk

Where lobby space is at a premium a straight unit can often be the most suitable solution. The straight version is the most efficient and economical way to seat 2, 3 or 4 receptionists with room underneath for dedicated storage and cable management.

3. Circular reception counter

For clinic waiting room areas where the reception counter needs to be in the middle of the room or placed away from the walls a circular reception desk or round desk are a practical and modern reception desk furniture solution. They also work well as feature furnishing in a large and open plan, design-led workspaces.

4. U-Shaped desk

The U-shaped large unit is a wraparound design with a workspace to the front, left and right-hand sides of the user, allowing for ample storage space within. Their size and executive presence makes them most suitable for traditional corporate-style lobby areas and large rooms.

5. Standing desk

Standing reception desks are most suitable for busy spaces like a salon reception desk area, art gallery, museum, hotel, clinic and high-traffic areas with a constant flow of people, where the receptionist needs to be at the same height as the visitor. Consider a standing desk anywhere the user needs to frequently meet and greet.

6. Curved reception desk

A curved reception desk comes with a wave shaped front panel the full length of the desk or just an end section. The natural curve gives the desk design a softer feel compared to a straight or angular desk. In white, this style of desk is very suitable for health clinics, doctors and dentist waiting rooms.

7. Small desk

A compact or small reception desk is perfect for a salon, small doctors waiting room or an office reception area with not much room. As with most of our desks, we can produce in bespoke sizes to fit your room exactly

8. Bespoke counters

All our reception counters are made to order and can be made to your own bespoke reception desk size. Desk widths range from 150 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm to 240 cm. For a bespoke heights speak to our experts on 020 8840 6298.

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