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Welcome! It’s time to furnish your modern reception desk area and this is where first impressions really count.

As office reception furniture experts we understand that furniture in this space needs to be impressive, accessible, durable and flexible.

Modular & bespoke sofa options

Our expert office reception area seating planning will help you to enhance even the most awkwardly shaped spaces.

Our wide range of durable office furniture and modular reception sofas options will ensure that your company provides a warm welcome to all, whatever your budget.




Reception Furniture FAQs

Reception Furniture FAQs

What size reception desk do I need to seat 2 people?

For a grey reception desk with chairs that will be manned by a team of two, you’ll need a desk measuring at least 240 cm for straight desks and 300 cm for corner desks. This allows ample space for them to work together without getting in each other’s way, even at the busiest times.

Will a modern reception desk need to accommodate disabled visitors?

Yes! your office reception furniture should always accommodate wheelchair users and disabled visitors. A low table on or near the reception desk could be added if the desk height is not adjustable.

  1. If attached to the desk the table top will need to protrude from the front and should be around 75cm high.
  2. Exposed table corners should ideally be rounded and where possible have a contrasting edge colour to help visually impaired visitors.
  3. A bespoke reception desk might be a better option to suit your space and all of your visitors.

How do I match a logo or brand colour?

Matching your modern reception furniture to your brand colours or a specific logo is an easy way to create a seamless first impression in corporate spaces and can help to make a space feel professionally designed and even larger when colours are in harmony.

We don’t advise that you select colours on a computer screen which is why we provide material swatches for true colour matching.

Will I need plug or USB sockets for my office sofa?

These days it’s a rare visitor who doesn’t arrive equipped with electronic devices. The majority of people will be delighted to have the opportunity to charge their phones or laptops.

  • If your reception area is also used for client meetings or as an overflow workspace for staff then this connectivity will be essential.
  • An integrated fitted USB socket will charge most modern phones and laptops.
How is the reception furniture delivered?

How is the reception furniture delivered?

The straight and corner reception desks come flat in most cases for easier delivery and are then assembled and installed in the location of your choice by trained fitters. Reception seating is delivered assembled and ready to use.

Out of office hours delivery

To minimise disruption to your building reception talk to our experts about out of hours installation service - 020 8840 6298.

Where can you deliver to?

We can deliver your new office reception furniture anywhere in:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Ireland

So it’s never been easier to equip all of your UK locations and branches with reception furniture to reflect your brand styling - wherever they are based. We can also arrange for transport to Europe if required.

Our simple ordering process for standard modern reception desks

Our simple ordering process for standard modern reception desks

1. Select your size

First pick the size you want. Consider the size of your reception area, the number of people who will be working the desk, ways you expect people to approach it and the space needed to move around and behind it.

2. Select your Colour

The next step is to choose materials and colours in the style of your choice. Our reception desks come in glass, woods, whites, bright colours or as a plain grey corner office sofa. Option include padded fabric or LED lighting, so this bit could take a little time.

3. Accessorise

Now it’s time to get really creative. Add your preferred selection of accessories.

This could include useful:

  • Built-in power and data sockets
  • Fitted storage or shelving
  • Matching under-desk pedestals or filing cabinets
  • Receptionist chairs in toning or contrasting colours

4. Furniture production

Once you have reviewed and approved your order we send it to the factory, where it is made to order for you. Standard delivery time is normally between 4 - 6 weeks. If you need it faster, please let us know.

5. Delivery + Installation

Your new reception furniture can be delivered to anywhere in the UK at a time and date of your choosing (ask us if you need an out of hours delivery). Our trained fitters will assemble the desk so it is ready for you to use immediately.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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