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It’s crucial to make a good impression with your office reception furniture. Your office reception furniture is the first thing that guests to your business will see. It’s important that your office reception area is a welcoming place that creates a great first impression.

Our reception furniture comes in a range of different finishes and sizes. We offer all different types of office furniture - from reception desks, reception sofas and reception chairs and tables, all perfect for your office reception area. Many of our office furniture models have USB charging points and plugs built in, and all of our designs can accommodate disabled employees and visitors.

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Reception Furniture FAQs

Reception Furniture FAQs

What is the standard size of a reception table?

The standard size of a reception desk is 150 - 180 cm long, or 60” - 72”. Although this is the standard size, this isn’t the only option available.

What are reception desks used for?

Reception desks are the first port of call for people visiting the business. Reception desks are a place for receptionists to work as well as the first place where visitors will go.

What is a reception counter?

A reception counter is the first thing that visitors will see when they come to your business. This is where people will meet for the first time, guests will be welcomed, phone calls are made and meetings are arranged here.

What is a reception table?

A reception table is a coffee table in the reception area - perfect for informal meetings.

How do I choose an office sofa?

The best sofas for your office are sofas that have a sturdy frame and are upholstered in durable material. It is also important that your office sofa can be easily cleaned. This guarantees that your sofa will last a number of years, and will still look good, even after a bit of wear and tear.

How much space do you need behind a reception desk?

There should be around 60” or 150cm behind a reception desk. This allows the receptionist to turn around and move behind the desk. You should also factor in whether storage behind the desk would require more space behind the reception desk.

Why is the reception area important?

The reception area is the first thing visitors will see of your business. While they wait for someone to meet them, visitors can learn more about the company’s background and culture. Your reception area should be a welcoming area, which will be beneficial for both visitors and employees alike.

What are the reception tables made of?

There are endless options for the material that your reception tables are made from, from glass to wood to metal, we have a wide range of different finishes at Spaceist. We have many options that will match our reception chairs too.

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