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Office reception furniture

Upgrade your reception area with our collection of quality reception furniture, all available in customisable sizes, colours and designs.

Your reception area is the first thing visitors will see, which is why you need to make a good first impression.

Explore our selection of modern office furniture ranging from stylish sofas, to reception desks, and many more.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Types of Reception Furniture

Types of Reception Furniture

As your go-to office furniture supplier, we have carefully selected a range of high-quality reception furniture designed to meet your needs.

From modern reception desks and reception chairs to office sofas and general waiting room furniture, each item is designed to stand the test of busy commercial spaces.

1. Reception Desks

1. Reception Desks

Our diverse collection of reception desks are designed to create a professional, welcoming environment.

We offer a variety of desk shapes and sizes to fit your aesthetic:
If you’re looking to save some space, our corner reception desks are a great choice. Available in a range of colours from white, grey and wood finishes like oak and walnut.
For a more sleek look, our curved reception desks are a great choice to add a modern touch to your waiting area. Choose from a glossy finish, wood, or colourful front panels.

Looking for office furniture with electrical outlets to upgrade your desk? Our commercial desks can be upgraded with:

  • LED lighting
  • Cable management
  • USB sockets
  • Integrated storage
2. Modular Reception Seating

2. Modular Reception Seating

Whether it’s for a school, an office breakout seating area, or a commercial reception area, our modular reception seating options are designed to fit the size and layout of your space seamlessly.

We offer high-quality sofas, reception chairs and benches all available in different shapes and materials to suit your specific needs.

Choose from the tub, long, swivel, and high-backed reception chairs, then simply choose from our range of contract-grade fabric, faux leather and leather to complete the look.

3. Reception Tables

3. Reception Tables

Compliment your reception seating with our range of quality coffee tables and side tables to offer convenience to your visitors, each available in various shapes and colours.

From round, oval and square, to rectangle and oblong shaped coffee tables, you can choose the best fit for your area.

Each table is available in white, black, oak and walnut weever, allowing you to customise to suit your overall aesthetic.

Reception Furniture FAQs

Why is it important make sure your reception area looks inviting?

  1. The reception area is the first thing visitors will see of your business so the type of office furniture is important.
  2. While they wait for someone to meet them, visitors can learn more about the company’s background and culture.
  3. Your reception area and office furniture should be a welcoming area, which will be beneficial for both visitors and employees alike.

How do I choose the right office sofa?

  1. Measure: Start with measuring the space you have and then browse our selection of office sofas.
  2. Space: Try to leave at least 30 cm on each side of the reception sofas and keep away from heaters or radiators.
  3. Delivery access: Consider if there are any delivery access issues from the street entrance to your reception area. Especially if you are on the second, third or forth floor. Some sofas have removable armrests to make this access easier.
  4. Design: Selected a few reception sofas you like, that fit the space and are within budget.
  5. Materials: Decide what type of material you would like. For very high use areas consider a wipeable vinyl seat and fabric back. For executive sofas leather will be more suitable.
  6. Colour swatches: Contact Spaceist for commercial fabric, vinyl or leather colour swatches. Colours can include reds, blues, greens, oranges and light and dark colours like light grey, dark grey and tan.
  7. Power: Consider adding power and charging socket to the front, end or top of the armrest.
  8. Ordering: Once you are happy with your selection email us and we can process the order for you and delivery and install the sofa to you.

What is the standard size of a reception desk?

  • The standard size of a reception desk is 150 - 180 cm long.
  • This will seat one receptionist comfortably.
  • Although this is the standard size, this isn’t the only option available.
  • For help with reception desks sizes contact us at [email protected].

How much space do you need behind a reception desk?

  • You need to leave at least 100 cm from the desk to the wall behind.
  • This allows the receptionist to turn around and move behind the reception counter.
  • You should also factor in whether storage behind the reception desks.
  • Consider sliding or tambour door cabinets to reduce the space needed.

What materials are the reception desks made from?

There are three main materials a reception desk can be made from, glass, laminated wood and metal. Each material comes in several styles and shapes from straight, corner and U-shaped.

What is the most popular material?
The laminated wood material is the most popular because it is hard wearing and wipeable and is suitable for a busy reception.

What materials are office sofas made from?

  • Wood frame: Most commercial office sofas are made using a hard wood frame which is then upholstered in several different density upholstery foams.
  • Graded foams: Because the seat and back of the sofa have different wear rates the foams are graded for firmer foam on the seat and slightly softer on the back.
  • Fabric, faux leather or leather: This means the sofa will be comfortable and will last a long time. Once the foam has been fitted a contract grade faux leather, fabric or leather material is upholstered over the top.

Which reception furniture products are the most popular?

The most popular office reception furniture products are usually minimalist in design, light in colour and have functional options.

Our most popular reception desk
The Vale is one of reception desk our customer really like for the following reasons.

  • Good value for the size and deign features
  • Shapes include curved, circular, straight and corner
  • The front panel is glossy
  • Bespoke sizes are available
  • A low table for seated visitors can be added
  • The LED light comes as standard
  • Practical matching cabinets and drawers

Large curved clinic desk for two

Our most popular office sofa
The Modular office sofa range is very popular with clients including doctors, schools and offices. It is the most practical and flexible sofa system we have.

  • Any shape or size can be made
  • Upholstered in fabric, vinyl or leather
  • 1000’s of colours are available
  • Commercial quality finish and construction
  • Can be disconnected and moved around easily
  • Seat sections can be replaced if damaged

Orange grey sofa

How long does reception furniture take to order?

All our office reception furniture is made to order so there are no limitations on the choice of shape, size and colour.

Because of this most of our desks, sofas and reception chairs take around 6 weeks to order. This can vary depending on the product so please contact us for up to date order times.

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