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Executive Desks

Height adjustment & cable management

Investing in executive office furniture keeps your valued directors and senior management happy, productive and ready to make the right impression with office desks and storage with plug sockets and full cable management.

Finishes & bespoke desk sizes

Luxurious, hard-wearing director desk finishes include leather, oak and walnut wood, or sleek and stylish glass. A modern executive office desk with drawers can be customised to your exact size and colour requirements so there’s something to suit even the most demanding standards.

Quality & warranty

We offer a wide range of equally high-quality matching executive office furniture, executive desk chairs, meeting tables and storage options for a complete management office furnishing solution. All of our desks are made in the EU and come with the added comfort of our 5 year warranty.

  • CEO black executive office desk

    CEO Black Leather Desk


    Elegant executive desk in white, sand, red, brown, dark red, dark brown, black, cream & grey leather.
    240 x 90 cm

  • CEO black leather desk with side storage

    CEO Black Leather Desk | Peninsular


    Elegant CEO desk in white, sand, red, brown, dark red, dark brown, black, cream & grey leather.
    240 x 90 cm

  • CEO walnut desk with black storage

    CEO Desk with Modesty Screen


    Executive desk in walnut veneer with integrated cable management. Matching storage & meeting table.
    180 x 90 | 220 x 90 | 240 x 90 cm

  • CEO oak executive desk

    CEO Oak Veneer Desks


    Executive desk in oak veneer with integrated cable management. Matching storage & meeting table.
    180 x 90 | 220 x 90 | 240 x 90 cm

  • multipli ceo red executive corner desks

    CEO Red Leather Desk


    High-end executive desk in red leather. Integrated aluminium cable hatch and channel with white office cabinets.
    240 x 90 cm

  • CEO walnut executive desk

    CEO Walnut Veneer Desk


    Executive desk in walnut veneer with integrated cable management. Matching storage & meeting table.
    180 x 90 | 220 x 90 | 240 x 90 cm

  • Office with large oak desk + black storage

    Forty5 Large Executive Desk in Oak


    Large directors table comes in black, white, grey or oak. Includes full cable management.
    180 x 120 | 200 x 120 cm

  • Black Executive Desk

    Gravity Adjustable Directors Desk in Black


    Graphite directors table with a top that looks like it is defying gravity. Adjustable height is 75 to 115 cm.
    240w | 160d | 75-115h cm

  • Walnut Executive Desk

    Gravity Standing Directors Desk in Walnut


    Standing directors desk with a walnut, elm of graphite top. Anti-fingerprint graphite finish top.
    240w | 160d | 75-115h cm

  • high line green metal executive desks

    Hi-Metal CEO Desk


    The silver executive desk with green Hi-line cabinet. Desk can be finished in over 60 RAL colours.
    160 x 80 | 180 x 80 cm

  • Large Desk with Colourful Chairs

    Join Large White Directors Desk


    Large modern directors desk in white laminate with full cable management and integrated plug & USB sockets.
    240 x 100 | 240 x 120 cm

  • Black executive desk white top

    Longi Black Directors Desk


    Designer directors desk with a black, white, silver or polished aluminium leg. The top comes in white, oak, chestnut, dark oak or glass.
    160 x 80 | 200 x 100 cm

  • White + oak directors desk

    Longi Oak Directors Desk


    Modern directors desk with an oak top & white legs. The top also comes in white, chestnut, dark oak or glass.
    160 x 80 | 200 x 100 cm

  • Modern oak venner executive desk

    Multipli Thick Oak Desk


    High-quality executive desk in light oak veneer. Integrated aluminium cable hatch and channel.
    220 x 90 | 240 x 90 cm

  • segno glass oval executive desks

    Segno Oval Executive Desk


    Designer oval glass office table with a chrome base. Also with a white or black table legs.
    200 x 100 | 250 x 120 cm

  • uno white glossy executive desk

    Uno Curved Directors Desk


    Curvy glossy directors desk in white, black, light blue, dark blue, light green, yellow and pink. Integrated cable management.
    220w | 100d | 75h cm

  • Woods Directors Desk

    Woods Oak Directors Desk


    Directors desk with a solid wood leg, veneer top & full cable management.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 cm

  • Executive desk walnut

    Woods Walnut Executive Desk


    Corner directors desk in walnut veneer & solid wood leg. The desk can be free-standing or supplied with matching supporting storage.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 cm

  • curvy zero black reception desk

    Zero Glossy Black Desk


    Organic curvy executive desk in glossy white, black, blue, lime green, yellow and pink. Integrated cable management.
    210w | 90d | 75h cm



What exactly is an Executive Desk?

What is an Executive Desk?

  1. An executive office desk tend to be larger, which is why they’re generally associated with executives who work in individual or bigger offices and people who work in more private spaces.
  2. Even in the most modern paperless offices, management level employees often have a greater need for personal and secure storage, for commercially sensitive information or perhaps employee’s private data.
  3. So another advantage of ceo office furniture is that many of them are sizeable enough to seamlessly incorporate useful storage solutions like lockable cupboards and filing cabinets.
  4. The majority of our executive corner desks come with matching storage and are designed to work with our extensive range of chairs so that all levels of management can be catered for.
Where can I find designer style Executive or Director’s Desks?

Do you sell modern executive or director’s desks?

Yes we do! There’s more to gaining the title of director’s or black executive desk than just size. Modern, high-spec materials and quality craftsmanship are critical.

Spaceist’s huge range of executive office desks and boardroom level furnishings combine the best of commercial design with quality build and the highest standards of finishing.

  • Your top management team are the front face of your company - and are more likely to take meetings, see clients at a managers desk and be the first point of contact for new prospects and collaborators.
  • People judge on first impressions, so the surroundings of the management suite need to reflect your brand and your individual company style, be that traditional and sedate or cutting edge modern.
Why do smart businesses need to invest in Executive furniture?

Why do businesses need to invest in executive furniture?

There are two good reasons to invest in executive desks and matching furnishings. Your high level staff will expect them as part of their overall reward package, and higher grade office furnishings work extremely well as a way to add a touch of class to your entire workspace.

Make sure that all of your office furniture is of the highest possible standard, in terms of workmanship and design, motivates everyone.

Who are Executive Desks for?

Who are executive desks for?

The commonly named ‘Executive Desk’ doesn’t literally just have to be for management - these days it’s a term that’s taken to mean something a little classier than the norm, perhaps with more luxurious finishing touches like leather and glass.

With the right executive corner desk and chair you can make everyone in your company feel like an executive - and become just as engaged and productive.

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