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Modular office desks

Flexible desking

Successful businesses know that agile companies have to be ready to move fast. And this means making sure that all aspects of the company are created with the same flexibility in mind.

Large & small modular office desks

The modern office benefits from modular office desk systems that allow teams to be regrouped or made larger or smaller with minimal disruption and without sacrificing the brand design aesthetic or the comfort and ergonomic requirements of employees.

Modular desks with matching office storage

Combine your new modular furniture with matching storage and shelving, optional privacy screens and matching or contrasting task chairs from our huge range.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


What size modular office desk do I need?

Need to know how to work out the correct sized office desk for your open plan space?

Modular desk size guide

This simple guide will help you to make sure that your new modular office desks work in your newly refurbished office space. It shows the various sizes to seat two, four and six in comfort with the options of a screen and cable management.

Please leave at least 100 cm between the edge of the desk and the wall behind. Also consider doorways, windows and heaters. Measurements above refer to rectangular modular desks.

1 person small desk:

  • The minimum size of a desk is 100 cm in width and 60 cm in depth
  • This is a sufficient size for use with a laptop
  • Only suitable as a temporary desk

1 person desk:

  • The average size of a desk is 140 x 80 cm
  • This is a sufficient size for use with a desk top monitor and keyboard
  • Allows enough room for desk phone and sufficient cable management
  • See the Alpha-Q desk for options

2 person modular desk:

  • For a two person desk where the users sit facing each other the sizes start at 120 cm width x 160 cm depth
  • This allows room for a central fabric screen and cable management
  • The desk can also be added to to make a three or four person desk
  • See the Alpha black & oak desk for details

4 person modular desk:

  • The average size for a four person modular desk is 240 x 160 cm
  • A desk can be added to each end to change to a six person desk
  • The modular desk can be split into two person desks at a later date
  • See the Jac oak desk for details

6 person modular desk:

  • Sizes start at 360 x 160 am which leaves a space of 120 cm per person
  • Space per person can increase to 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm
  • This is one of the largest modular desks, any larger and the floor level becomes an issue
  • See the Alpa-U dark grey desk for details
Our range of modular office desks

Our range of modular office desks

Our range of modular office desks come in a selection of styles and designs to suit most office spaces. Every range of modular office furniture come in a wide selection of sizes, colours and details like screens and storage. The solid wood legs on the Alpha-B desk with give your office a more natural look and the the metal legs on the Alpha desk with be more practical and functional.

Features specific to modular desks include:

Larger desks can be split into smaller desks at a later date if requested

Colourful acoustic fabric screens can be added and removed

Special top sizes and shapes can be made

Choose from solid wood or metal legs

Range of tops finishes including white, grey, black and wood finishes

Cable routing along the desks to a wall socket

Hidden cable trays

Matching desk storage cabinets

Modular Office Desk FAQs

Modular Office Desk FAQs

What is the use of modular office furniture?

The main use of modular office furniture is that the desks are flexible and can be moved and rearranged at a later date. Smaller tops can be changed for larger top to make more room for staff and features like screen of monitor arms can be added.

For example:

  • Single desks can be added to the end of a long desk to make that extra bit of room
  • When you move the new office space might be a different shape so the desks will need to be arrange in a different configuration
  • Screen and other features can be moved and added at any point in the future
  • A long or rounded table can be added at the end of a desk for meetings



What is a modular office desk?

Modular - the system you can add to.

A modular office desk is a collection of matching furniture that, as the name implies, consists of ‘modules’ comprising desks, under-desk and matching storage units that can be connected, grouped together or arranged singly. Modular furniture allows you to create affordable, bespoke arrangements.

Why do I need a modular desk system?

A modular desk is a flexible desk.

A modular desk system uk allow teams and companies to grow, scale and even move premises without having to spend on furniture every time changes are made. With a modular system, desks, team seating and storage can be added and removed easily.

Why do employees prefer a modular desk?

Modular makes changes easy.

The flexibility of modular office furniture makes it popular with staff as well as purchasing departments. A modular office desk can be exactly configured to suit a team, and all employees will appreciate the matching storage options that come with these systems.

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