Round canteen tables

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Round Canteen Tables

Suitable for staff, student & social spaces

Looking for round canteen tables for a London school, college, university, cafe or office staff eating area? We have a huge range of furniture options for busy canteen, school dining halls and breakout areas - canteen chairs in plastic wood and metal, round and white canteen tables, benches and exterior canteen tables.

Canteen tables to seat 8 people

We have a space-efficient large round canteen table to seat 4, 6, and 8 adults or up to 10 children, in 120, 140 and 160 cm sizes. Select from variable table heights to suit adults, students and small children with hard-wearing laminate tops that are as easy to wipe clean as your kitchen worktop.

Bespoke sizes & brand colours

Just pick your round canteen table size and colour and remember to ask us about brand colour matching, furniture leasing and London and UK wide delivery and assembly.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Why do round tables make for more sociable spaces?

Why do round tables make for more sociable spaces?

Many years ago the round dining table was a sign of equality - a way to ensure that no one at the white canteen table and canteen chairs were more important than the others.

Long tables

Only the most formal college halls and booth seating spaces still adhere to the old concept of long tables with an important person at the head, and for good reason - they limit the conversation to your immediate seating partners, make sharing difficult in a dining area and create access difficulties when people have to take the long walk around them.

Informal school seating

In today’s schools, colleges and breakout areas, round canteen tables are a great way to allow people to eat together informally. Outside of mealtimes, when used for breakout spaces and workshopping, they allow easy conversation flow among groups of people.

Can round dining tables help to save space?

Can round dining tables help to save space?

For smaller eating and drinking spaces, it can be more practical to work with arrangements of smaller, round dining tables rather than one long bench table. Furniture can then be rearranged as required, or you can have the option of high and low tables for mixed spaces of adults and children.

No sharp edges

In crowded canteens and school dining halls, as well as making good use of precious space, the lack of corners and sharp edges on round canteen tables can be a real bonus too.

Hard-wearing tables

Choosing round canteen table styles with a single leg can increase legroom for diners. Our central table bases come in a sleek metal or practical black and white finishes and are hard-wearing enough to withstand any amount of foot traffic.

Why do I need commercial furniture for my canteen?

Why do I need commercial furniture for my canteen?

Canteen tables are the workhorse of the commercial space. They have to be tough enough to withstand daily eating and drinking, spillages, hot foods, high traffic and continuous cleaning.

100 colour finishes

Our design-led canteen furniture comes in ultra-tough laminate finishes in over 100 colours, so it can easily withstand even the most demanding diners and still look good enough to allow you to use the room for extra workspace when dinner’s over.

Canteen tables for universities

The university canteen tables have a durable finish make cleaning up a breeze too. And don’t forget to make full use of outside space, with equally stylish tables and bench seating that will make eating and drinking a real picnic.

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